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TeamWox Groupware is an application designed for organizing group work in different companies. The system will help your clients to optimize business processes, make them more transparent, and speed up decision making based on complete and accurate information.

Besides that, TeamWox Groupware stores all the information on your clients and the history of relationship with them, different internal documents, tasks and discussions. Now all these data are concentrated in a single place and are available to the end user from any location in the world.

TeamWox Groupware is initially focused on small and medium size business (SMB). It comprises the principles of simplicity and convenience, and low cost of ownership. The important feature of TeamWox Groupware is its quick installation. The system doesn’t require any third-party programs, and you can start working in it immediately, “right here, right now”. The system installation won’t take much time, so you’ll be able to proceed immediately to the most important step, i.e. the system introduction.

TeamWox contains all that is necessary to provide the efficient operation of any SMB company. The system includes:

Personnel Department, Tasks, Documents, Email, Organizations and Contacts, Board, Search, Reports, Chat and Online Assistant, Service Desk, Accounting, IP PBX, TeamWox SDK (Software Development Kit, a package for developing your own applications).

Options de tarification dès :

15,00 $US/mois

  • Essai gratuit
  • Version gratuite
  • Abonnement
  • Open source

TeamWox - Principaux avantages

TeamWox is a groupware system designed to optimize the business management. This is a web application including Team and Task management, Document Workflow, CRM, Service Desk and IP PBX tools.


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Disponible dans les pays suivants

Australie, Canada, Chine, Allemagne, Royaume-Uni et 3 autres, Inde, Japon, États-Unis


allemand, anglais, arabe, chinois, chinois traditionnel et 15 autres, coréen, espagnol, finnois, français, hongrois, indonésien, italien, japonais, polonais, portugais, russe, suédois, tchèque, turc, ukrainien

Options de tarification dès :

15,00 $US/mois

  • Essai gratuit
  • Version gratuite
  • Abonnement
  • Open source


Team Management
Home Page of the collaboration software
Team management
Service desk
CRM, lead management, sales funnel
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Capture d'écran pour TeamWox : Team Management Capture d'écran pour TeamWox : Home Page of the collaboration software Capture d'écran pour TeamWox : Team management Capture d'écran pour TeamWox : Service desk Capture d'écran pour TeamWox : CRM, lead management, sales funnel


Nombre total de fonctionnalités pour TeamWox : 23

  • API
  • Accès hors ligne
  • Archivage et rétention
  • Brainstorming
  • Classification des documents
  • Comptabilité
  • Contrôles/Permissions d'accès
  • Conversion de fichier
  • Correction en temps réel
  • Discussions et forums
  • Gestion de contenu
  • Gestion de la communication
  • Gestion de versions
  • Gestion des calendriers
  • Gestion des clients
  • Gestion des contacts
  • Gestion des documents
  • Gestion des tâches
  • Génération de documents
  • Mesure des performances
  • Outils de collaboration
  • Partage des fichiers
  • Recherche en texte intégral


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5 /5
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Sergey P.
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Note globale

  • Simplicité d'utilisation
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TeamWox is da best!

Publié le 18/08/2009

TW is very good system. I'm lovin it.

TW is very good system. I'm lovin it.


TeamWox optimizes many production processes in company. Nonproductive operations are excluded from the routine work, many other operations become more effective. My staff stops spending time on bureaucracy, they are ordered faster and their reports on the execution of your instructions or requests come sooner. I spend much less time on monitoring the activities of your subordinates, on understanding the latest developments in the company or on searching the necessary data.


With TeamWox, me and my staff can do more within the same period of time. This ensures growth in the productivity of each individual employee and of the company as a whole, while the costs of performing various operations are reduced. As a result, gradually optimizing its production processes, your company becomes more efficient and competitive.

TeamWox - FAQ

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Types de licences disponibles pour TeamWox :

  • À partir de: 15,00 $US/mois
  • Type de licence: Gratuit, Abonnement, Open source
  • Essai gratuit: Non disponible

Try the free-of-charge on-premises for up to 10 users or two-month Trial SaaS version. On-premises version: TeamWox is free for up to 10 users, up to 25 users - 3 400 USD, up to 50 users - 6 700 USD, unlimited - 10 000 USD. SaaS version: Request a free two-month version of TeamWox. At the end of the trial period, you will be able to extend your subscription. The cost is $15 per user per month.

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Utilisateurs habituels du logiciel TeamWox :

Auto-entrepreneur, 2-10, 11-50, 51-200, 201-500, 501-1 000

Langues dans lesquelles TeamWox est disponible :

allemand, anglais, arabe, chinois, chinois traditionnel, coréen, espagnol, finnois, français, hongrois, indonésien, italien, japonais, polonais, portugais, russe, suédois, tchèque, turc, ukrainien

Appareils pris en charge par TeamWox :

Android (mobile)

Nous n'avons pas d'informations sur les intégrations offertes par TeamWox.

Ressources d'aide disponibles pour TeamWox :

Service client/e-mail, FAQ/forums, Base de connaissances, Support téléphonique, Service de support 24/7 (réponse directe), Chat

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