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Panorama Necto est un logiciel de business intelligence en libre-service exploitant un moteur qui simplifie automatiquement l'exploration et l'analyse pour les utilisateurs professionnels. Il permet des réponses meilleures et plus rapides, venant améliorer à la fois la productivité et les décisions. Panorama Necto est alimenté par une plateforme unifiée et gouvernée qui met en valeur la visualisation des données et utilise sa fonctionnalité unique de collaboration orientée données.

Panorama Necto est un outil suggestif, qui suggère automatiquement aux utilisateurs professionnels où trouver des informations, tout en présentant ces dernières de manière visuelle et clairement compréhensible. Le moteur de recommandation de Necto suit, analyse et crée des liens entre les données, les profils d'utilisateurs, les intérêts des utilisateurs et d'autres comportements des utilisateurs, pour permettre de meilleures connexions avec tous les utilisateurs. Les suggestions de données, tendances et idées pertinentes constituent un processus continu qui permet une collaboration de haut niveau avec les bonnes personnes.

Panorama Necto est un outil entièrement évolutif pouvant être adopté à l'échelle de l'entreprise. Grâce au déploiement d'une solution décisionnelle unifiée, les données n'existent jamais dans des silos, ce qui facilite le contrôle et la gestion par le service informatique et permet d'offrir une version unique de la vérité. Necto utilise le concept de tableaux de bord (tableaux de bord dynamiques et riches) pour permettre aux utilisateurs d'analyser, de visualiser, de suivre les performances, de découvrir des informations cachées et de collaborer avec des collègues, le tout dans une seule fenêtre de navigateur, pour tout type d'utilisateur.


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Très bien
Sidharth D.
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One of the best self service BI tools. Real fun to use and explore

Publié le 03/08/2015
Provenance de l'avis : GetApp

I highly recommend this tool for any business that wishes for quicker and qualitative analysis of their data. This tool is hosted over web and can connect to any industry standard backend packages that we know. It is really intelligent enough to manage the metadata and hence giving a wider and more intuitive options to use the data for creating charts and graphs.
You can do everything that you wish through simply drag and drop and few clicks. This makes a user to understand the data really quick and in a more efficient manner. Everything is quick, easy and intuitive to develop, be it a simple bar graph that gives category wise measures or a trend analysis of historical data or a gauge to understand the thresholds, anything.
The best part is that it a very simple mechanism to share the analysis and invite others to contribute to it. A collaborative BI platform in real sense.
Its ability to treat and visualize the data is simply amazing and there might be countable such options available currently apart from Necto. Slicing and dicing of data is really quick. It also provides customizable text area to place the interesting insights. I have worked on several tools before but Necto is a real game changer. It would be amazing to see what new features it evolves with. Again a highly recommended tool for holistic and self-service BI.


Connects to any data (most backend packages as per industry standards)
Understands the nature of data and the metadata really well. Treats the data on the fly and creates smart visualizations.
Creates basic data arrangements easily without waiting for the users to instruct. For an example, given a date field it creates a calendar hierarchy by default.
Comes with lot of option to modify and build the smart infographic. Uses innovative pictures and charts to create the dashboards
Provides a centrally hosted collaborative platform to share your work to a wider audience but only of your choice. The role based access is really amazing
It has smart computing abilities to deliver some of the complex analytical requirements such as what-if analysis, pinpointing the actual issues and side by side comparison of business factors.
Helps you identify why you are succeeding and where you should shift your focus to.
The maps are amazing and they just don’t act as control points rather you can populate various measures on them making it really efficient to understand the business in geographical info graph
All in all a really great tool to work on and absolute value for money.


Ability to handle bigdata and advance data modelling capbilities.

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Support client

Shazin S.
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An innovation!!

Publié le 14/04/2015
Provenance de l'avis : SoftwareAdvice


I have been evaluating tools within our organization to be suggested to different clients which are less technical and more business user oriented for fast first hand analytics. I came across one such tool with the name Necto.

I was thrilled with the capabilities of astonishingly ready to build and simplified, modern and in-cell infographics that can be used by just right clicking on the attributes. Another feature that I think stood out in this tool is of it being suggestive which leads to automated analysis and recommendations. I also observed that it uses crowdsourcing to recommend workboards. This tool also gives a feature of it being collaborative in decision making experience wherein one can directly connect with the associates within the enterprise from within the tool.


Performance in case of huge datasets needs to be further analyzed.

A good application for basic analysts but more advanced features needs to be released by the vendor for power users in coming versions.

Cost of implementing multiple analytical tools for different sect of users should be considered.

Technical documentaion needs to be evolved with time.

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Ranabrata R.
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Social Collaborating Self Service BI Tool

Publié le 17/07/2015
Provenance de l'avis : Capterra

Interactive and eye catchy graphs and widgets.
Real time conditional notifications on related KPI's to the users.
95% Covering the requirement of Self Service BI & Ad hoc Reporting
Better Visualization Components
Exception handling capabilities and capability to connect to multiple data source systems.
In all a nice conglomeration for flexibility to the developer and end user friendly tool
A fully web based BI tool
Easy UI
Easy Data Acquisition
Easy sending notifications in case of data issues
Built-in social BI capabilities: context sensitive discussions and annotations linked to relevant data
Contextual & suggestive data and search results
Data mash-up in one view: Access Corporate BI & Ad-hoc data sources and model together on the fly using in-memory technology
Many applications works together in a self-service mode.
You can add more user in a group for a discussions like a social media.
The interactive infographics dynamically reflect business changes.
Users can create their own infographics to visualize trends in the data.
Starting discussions, subscribing to users, searching all features are easy.
Its performance and social capabilities is very good.

Multiple database connections,
Reporting without need of technical expertise

Needsimprovement for big data analysis
Needs more support for predictive and forecast analysis.
Reporting customization features are limited to some extent, which might be a problem for advanced users.

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Support client

Andrew B.
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using multiple datasets in single dashboards is very powerful

Logiciel utilisé tous les jours pendant plus de deux ans
Publié le 18/11/2017
Provenance de l'avis : SoftwareAdvice


Ability for non IT specialists to build powerful and sophisticated dashboard. Linking up drillthrough report easy to do.


In workboard navigation options a bit drop downs menus and table/graphical selections that interface with slicer would be great

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Abhishek P.
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Next Gen BI Tool Best in Class Data Discovery and Virtualization

Publié le 03/09/2015
Provenance de l'avis : Capterra

The very first thing that comes in mind about Necto - Panorama Software is its scalability and it is ready made for enterprise deployment, with very minimal efforts.

Excellent in memory performance, return results with clicks, matchless click to collaborate features, just initiate discussion on data points and context, connect relevant users and dashboards and explore suggestive auto insight. Panorama Necto provides governed and guided data discovery platform. The auto-generated dashboards feature is a very good starting point for data discovery. Simple and vibrant infographic can be customized to a cell level. It has handy collaborating feature to initiate discussions with relevant users. Good performance.

Pros: 1. Auto-generated dashboards feature 2. Easy to used and highly customized info-graphics options. 3. Tools is user friendly. 4. Error notification feature is useful. 5. Handy collaborating feature to initiate discussions with relevant users.
Though It's new BI tool in the market, we are getting good community support for users and tutorials for beginners. We highly recommend this product. Additionally it supports an infographic display for information review which is unlike most of its competitors. Business users can use Panorama Necto 14's self-service data discovery and visualization capability to uncover hidden insight, present vital data, and track performance using interactive

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Support client

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Panorama Necto - Fonctionnalités

  • Analyse en temps réel
  • Analyse visuelle
  • Business Intelligence
  • Création de tableaux de bord
  • Données en temps réel
  • Importation et exportation de données
  • Monitoring
  • Outils de collaboration
  • Rapports ad hoc
  • Rapports en temps réel
  • Rapports personnalisables
  • Tableau de bord d'activités
  • Visualisation de données

  • API
  • Analyse des tendances
  • Filtrage des données
  • Graphiques
  • Interface glisser-déposer
  • Intégration de tiers
  • Rapports et statistiques

Panorama Necto - FAQ

Voici quelques-unes des questions fréquentes sur Panorama Necto.

Q. Quels sont les types de licence disponibles pour Panorama Necto ?

Types de licences disponibles pour Panorama Necto :

Type de licence: Licence unique, Abonnement

version d'essai gratuite: Disponible

Q. Quelles sont les principales fonctionnalités du logiciel Panorama Necto ?

Nous n'avons pas d'informations sur les fonctionnalités de Panorama Necto.

Q. Qui utilise Panorama Necto ?

Utilisateurs habituels du logiciel Panorama Necto :

Grandes entreprises, Entreprises de taille moyenne, PME

Q. Dans quelles langues Panorama Necto est-il disponible ?

Langues dans lesquelles Panorama Necto est disponible :


Q. Quels sont les types de licence disponibles pour Panorama Necto ?

Types de licences disponibles pour Panorama Necto:

Licence unique, Abonnement

Q. Panorama Necto prend-il en charge les appareils mobiles ?

Nous n'avons pas d'informations sur les appareils pris en charge par Panorama Necto.

Q. Avec quelles applications Panorama Necto peut-il s'intégrer ?

Applications s'intégrant à Panorama Necto :

Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Visual Studio Online, Salesforce Sales Cloud

Q. Quelles sont les ressources d'aide disponibles pour Panorama Necto ?

Ressources d'aide disponibles pour Panorama Necto :

FAQ, Forum, Base de connaissances, Support en ligne, Support téléphonique, Tutoriels vidéo

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