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Bitbucket est la solution Git pour les équipes professionnelles.

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Obtenez tout votre travail dans Bitbucket, une solution Git pour les équipes professionnelles. Collaborez avec votre équipe sur votre code avec des discussions directement dans le code source avec des commentaires en ligne ou en discutant et en passant en revue les modifications via des demandes pull.

Référentiels de stockage privés illimités

Référentiels de stockage privés illimités gratuits pour sauvegarder vos versions et collaborer sur votre code.

L'intégration à Jira

L'intégration à Jira associe chaque validation à un bug Jira ou à une tâche de développement ; ou bien transférez automatiquement les problèmes Jira lorsque vous travaillez dans Bitbucket.

Continuous Delivery intégré

Pipelines est intégré dans Bitbucket Cloud, ce qui vous offre une visibilité de bout en bout, du codage au déploiement.


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A Smooth and Savvy Git Repository -

Logiciel utilisé Autre pendant plus d'un an
Publié le 12/04/2018
Provenance de l'avis : SoftwareAdvice

Atlassian Bitbucket is a smooth, intuitive, low-profile and very capable git repository. It functions exactly how you would want it to and can be considered a solid alternative, or addition to GitHub. The user interface and functionality have been markedly improved from previous versions, which were slightly less forgiving for newer developers. It was always a good product, and now it is even better, with continuous improvement and wonderful new beta features being added regularly. I love this platform and I'm anticipating the opportunity to test out the new features and see where they will go in the future.


Atlassian Bitbucket has a clean, user friendly interface. You can store full code, team projects, as well as code snippets, and search your code. There is support for large files. Bitbucket has easily accessible links with tutorials and tricks to get started, even at the very basic beginner level. It is fully collaborative for development teams with variable needs. The best advantage of this platform over GitHub is it allows for private code repositories in the free model. You can control access to your code with public or private repos, and even fine tune access control with additional rules and extensions on the premium mode. There are tons of excellent integrations, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Python, Visual Studio, Circle CI. and more. New beta features seem to be added regularly. The free model is great and the upgrades are reasonably priced. This is a well-rounded, excellently performing, continuously expanding code hosting platform that is well-suited to support your individual or team projects.


Previously, there was a slight learning curve in the processes, but this has been smoothed out. There are no real cons that I can think of, except that the open-source social celebrity aspects of GitHub are not a prominent feature here. However, if you are not looking for these aspects, you will likely be very happy with all of the features which are included to support your building endeavors.

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The best way to manage git repositories for businesses

Logiciel utilisé tous les jours pendant plus de deux ans
Publié le 18/09/2017
Provenance de l'avis : Capterra

It allowed us to organize the work of our development team, dividing each task into a different branch.

Our development team was able to work with GIT in a more intuitive way. The breakthrough curve for new employees also drastically decreased allowing them to adapt to our workflow more efficiently.


One of the strengths of Bitbucket is its ease of use and its great integration with the Atlassian environment. In our company we integrated it with the JIRA incident handler and it worked very well.

With Bitbucket you can configure the permissions of each team member, this is of great help so that only authorized people can modify the most important branches of the project. It is also very easy to adapt the software to the company workflow.

By integrating it with JIRA, we can create a branch for each issue that must be handled by our development team. At the end of an incident you can create a "pull request" so that other team members can review the job.

It is an essential software for us and we recommend it extensively.


Although it sounds hard to believe, our team has not found a single negative point for Bitbucket. So far it has proved to work according to our expectations.

Perhaps we could say that for very large teams the costs rise very fast, so in some cases this can be considered as something negative.

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Web data repository that allows optimal management, planning and code collaboration.

Logiciel utilisé tous les jours pendant 6 à 12 mois
Publié le 26/06/2018
Provenance de l'avis : Capterra


1- Bitbucket is a web repository that provides optimal management and planning of the code of a project, while integrating versioning tools (Git), which provides greater integrity of the project information.
Including Git in the web repository, it is possible for the developer to be more easily aware of the changes used in the different modules of the project, as well as to make better use of the time spent on the work performed.
2- In addition, Bitbucket offers the alternative of including collaborators in the code that is being worked on, giving the possibility of establishing permission on the same collaborators and on the different branches of the versioned project.
3- This tool also allows creating unlimited private repositories for free and it is also possible to create different development groups on these repositories depending on the characteristics of the project.
4-In addition, Bitbucket allows the development of code both from the web and from the IDE of the developer's preference. It is possible to import the project initially from the IDE and perform code updates from the web, all thanks to the inclusion of Git in the repository. In this sense Bitbucket grants great freedom of management of code development and remote collaboration of other developers.


1- Bitbucket is not intuitive, which can hinder the use of this tool when interacting with it at the beginning.
2- It does not have an official client for Linux, leaving it out of the support of the tool.

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A solid code repository/versioning system with all the right features

Logiciel utilisé tous les jours pendant plus de deux ans
Publié le 27/08/2018
Provenance de l'avis : Capterra

I use Bitbucket on a daily basis to manage and interact with 50+ repositories within my teams for various projects.


I love how simple Bitbucket is to create a new repository, get code into it, and start working with a standardized git system. The code review tools make it easy to call out other users for comments, make inline recommendations, as well as keep a high level general discussion. Bitbucket can also integrate with Bamboo and Slack, which makes for a robust build and notification system for your CI/CD pipeline without needing to install Jenkins. You can also setup SSH keys and groups to ensure the appropriate team members get access to your code. On a final note, Bitbucket allows you to have private repositories under their free plan, which github does not. This can be valuable for startups getting off the ground.


Occasionally the Bitbucket service has some degraded performance and accessibility times without a clear explanation as to why. The Bitbucket team does a good job and communicating these issues to the public. The occurrence of these issues is sporadic, but not frequent enough to be a major hinderance to work.

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Simple and Good UI - Very good integration with other attlassain products like JIRA and Confluence.

Logiciel utilisé tous les jours pendant plus de deux ans
Publié le 12/03/2018
Provenance de l'avis : Capterra

It is a very good version controlling system to maintain our code with proper reviews and comments, after reviewing the code we can reject and again we can approve without any difficulties.


1) It is having a very good version controlling system and with this we can commit the code and review and also check for the history. Inline discussions of code which allows for easy collaboration. This allows our senior developers to mentor newer developers and coach them in better ways to code.
2) It works perfectly as a remote repository, and it as a good UI and also I can have unlimited private repositories.
3. The ultimate thing is I can able to view Bitbucket information directly in JIRA has been a great help to me to do the things much faster.


Its hard to say anything negative about Bitbucket . There is a very little amount of a learning curve is required to the developers who doesn't have familiar with source control platforms.
It is a little kind of difficult to setup you encryption keys in the beginning because there are so many things that you see in the UI.

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Bitbucket - Fonctionnalités

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  • Sécurité SSL
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Bitbucket - FAQ

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Q. Quels sont les types de licence disponibles pour Bitbucket ?

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Q. Qui utilise Bitbucket ?

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Auto-entrepreneurs, Grandes entreprises, Entreprises de taille moyenne, Organismes à but non lucratif, Administration publique, PME

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Q. Avec quelles applications Bitbucket peut-il s'intégrer ?

Applications s'intégrant à Bitbucket :

Airbrake, Bitium, Broadsoft Team-One, CA Flowdock, Cube, Datadog, Glip, MeisterTask, Slack, Sprintly

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