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Créez et suivez facilement des pages en ligne pour partager des informations, attirer l'attention et obtenir des résultats.


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Très bien
John M.
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Populr.me - an extremely effective way to share information for your deals

Publié le 24/07/2014
Provenance de l'avis : GetApp

I love Populr and and use it more and more often.

I'd been looking for something like this forever and was ecstatic (not exaggerating) when I came across it. I use it to organize and distribute due diligence information for the small corporate finance deals I work on and it is very effective for that. The only alternative was outrageously expensive and complicated “deal room” software that targets law firms and investment banks doing large scale M&A.

I currently use a slightly modified version of one of the most basic templates offered, which is perfect for my needs - 10 or 20 documents grouped by type or subject matter in an attractive, organized fashion.

My clients, who pay me to find financing for their projects, like it and so do the potential investors I share the projects with. And I like being notified whenever they open the Pop.

I have looked at other Populr.me templates and their uses and I plan to adapt one or more as soon as I can for marketing my services to potential clients. There is a lot more I can do with Populr.me and I intend to.


• Attractive and varied templates that are easy to modify and use
• Uniformly positive reactions from recipients
• Great way to distribute information.
• Alternative to DropBox, ShareFile, static webpages, Deal Room Software


• The Help Pages could use some Help.

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Fast and easy

Logiciel utilisé tous les jours pendant plus de deux ans
Publié le 09/03/2019
Provenance de l'avis : GetApp


it is super fast and easy when making a page


i find adding a little bit widget confusing

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Simplicité d'utilisation

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Pops Rock - Plain and Simple

Publié le 02/10/2013
Provenance de l'avis : GetApp

I used to write emails to prospects. Often I wouldn't hear back or the reply would be a polite, 'we'll call you'.

Now I send Pops... they call me on the phone. They book me.

The power of using a Pop to introduce a product or service is remarkable. It takes the message from ordinary, to insane.

I've tested - heavily in fact - the conversion rate with both cold and warm leads and the Pop wins every time. Even when the answer is 'no', it's a much nicer 'no'.

If someone has a good reason for not using Pops, could you tell me? I can't see the downside.

Favorite Feature: "Duplicate". Man... I have a few templates and changing an entire proposal or 'Welcome' takes less than a minute.

It has eliminated cancellations from my membership site. By using a Tracker URL I know when they are opened and I can't hardly believe how often people go back to see what they got as a Welcome once they join.

Great product... Among the best (and this from a guy that uses a LOT of products).

Barry Friedman


Easy to use
Easy to duplicate
Embed videos easily
Customize as fast as you can type
Beautiful templates


I wish I had at least one... I don't.

Christopher rippie
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Populr: An Amazing Little Gem From Nashville

Publié le 21/11/2013
Provenance de l'avis : GetApp

We have kicked the tires on quite a many single pages site builders. From inflexible flier based templates to full blown "Code-Em-Up" site builders, each offers a differentiating layer of capability and potential.

Populr falls smack in the middle of that field and provides the perfect blend of simplicity and creative flexibility allowing both developers and non-developers alike a chance to produce some truly incredible online pages.

Great things come out of Nashville, TN, and Populr is yet another fine example of just that. This young start-up is primed to shine and change the entire Micro publishing landscape in the process.


The simple click and edit builder also features an embed tool that lets the more seasoned professional integrate some very powerful third party solutions into the page while amateurs will also find it quite easy create truly amazing one page sites.


While you won't find a gigantic selection of themes just yet, the ones offered do provide a wide level of flexibility and differentiation. More themed templates are being developed at the time of this review.

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Simple, easy to use and click-type of website creator

Logiciel utilisé toutes les semaines pendant 6 à 12 mois
Publié le 26/08/2018
Provenance de l'avis : Capterra


Populr is a website creating software that I usually use to create more advertising for our company. Populr allows me to arrange my articles, company photos, company details and other important data regarding our company in a click-drag type of layout arrangement. It made website creating easy for those who have no experience in website coding.


Minimal design and formatting choices which limits creativity but the present formatting possibilities are also amazing with so possibilities for design. Besides that, everything is great and the user interface is user-friendly.

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Populr - Prix

À partir de
20,00 $US/mois
Types de licence
version d'essai gratuite
Rapport qualité-prix

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Populr - FAQ

Voici quelques-unes des questions fréquentes sur Populr.

Q. Quels sont les types de licence disponibles pour Populr ?

Types de licences disponibles pour Populr :

À partir de: 20,00 $US/mois

Type de licence: Gratuit, Abonnement

version d'essai gratuite: Disponible

Q. Quelles sont les principales fonctionnalités du logiciel Populr ?

Nous n'avons pas d'informations sur les fonctionnalités de Populr.

Q. Qui utilise Populr ?

Utilisateurs habituels du logiciel Populr :

Auto-entrepreneurs, Grandes entreprises, Entreprises de taille moyenne, Non Profit, Administration publique, PME

Q. Dans quelles langues Populr est-il disponible ?

Langues dans lesquelles Populr est disponible :


Q. Quels sont les types de licence disponibles pour Populr ?

Types de licences disponibles pour Populr:

Gratuit, Abonnement

Q. Populr prend-il en charge les appareils mobiles ?

Nous n'avons pas d'informations sur les appareils pris en charge par Populr.

Q. Avec quelles applications Populr peut-il s'intégrer ?

Nous n'avons pas d'informations sur les intégrations offertes par Populr.

Q. Quelles sont les ressources d'aide disponibles pour Populr ?

Ressources d'aide disponibles pour Populr :

FAQ, Base de connaissances, Support en ligne, Tutoriels vidéo

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