Solution de gestion de projet, gestion des ressources, comptabilité et CRM pour agences de publicité

4.2/5 (44 avis)

WorkBook - Présentation

WorkBook est doté de nombreuses fonctionnalités et est extrêmement convivial. Il fonctionne aussi bien sur Mac que sur PC.

Suivi d'activité
Progression du pipeline
Conversion de pipelines en projets
Intégration de messagerie

Listes de tâches et planification des ressources
Planification à l'aide de diagrammes de Gantt
Feuille de temps et application iPhone pour la saisie des heures
Saisie des dépenses et du kilométrage
Estimation des coûts/devis
Bons de commande
Gestion des documents

Comptes fournisseurs/clients
Plan comptable
Travaux en cours
Workflow d'approbation des factures fournisseurs
Budgétisation des finances
Taxe de vente américaine/canadienne
Paiements par chèques
Paiements bancaires
Rapprochement bancaire
Module de gestion des abonnements (facturation automatisée)

WorkBook peut également être intégré à d'autres systèmes financiers si vous préférez utiliser un système existant au lieu du système de comptabilité intégré.

WorkBook est conforme aux réglementations SOX.


À partir de
20,00 €/mois
Types de licence
version d'essai gratuite
Licence unique
Rapport qualité-prix


Type d'entreprise


Disponible dans les pays suivants

Asie, Australie, Brésil, Canada, Chine et 5 autres, Europe, Allemagne, Inde, Japon, Amérique latine


danois, néerlandais, anglais, finnois, allemand et 3 autres, norvégien, espagnol, suédois

WorkBook - Avis

Note globale
82% d'avis positifs
Très bien
Martin C.
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overall, very positive.

Logiciel utilisé tous les jours pendant plus de deux ans
Publié le 28/06/2018
Provenance de l'avis : Capterra


excellent resource planning and project management, good summary information for PMs. easy to use. HTML interface is much better than Silverlight now.


a lot of the reports are unclear, where figures are derived from. There are too many of them to be of real use. It would be great if reports were tailored to company requirements as part of set up.

As an engineering firm and not an agency, we feel that sometimes our core requirements are disregarded, or overlooked.

Note détaillée

Rapport qualité-prix
Simplicité d'utilisation
Support client

Erik T.
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Publié le 27/05/2015
Provenance de l'avis : Capterra

We have used 3 different PM-tools previously and about 20 trial versions of different PM-tools previously before Workbook. No other tool keeps their promise like WorkBook when it comes of being the full solution. Most other tools can't even do half of the features that WorkBook handles. They really have an extensive solution for all parts of our business; from CRM, to Cost calculations, Quotation, resource planning, time reporting, flex-hour handling to billing and accounting and analysis all in the same interface. The platform also handles global multi-regional clients and billing in a good way. A need for us since we are handling clients with multiple debtors scattered across different countries. I know no other platform which handles that without being a very expensive custom made platform. WorkBook easily handles different regions with individual currency, payment cycles and VAT rules, making a lot of the process automated. Just set up your client sub debtors and it's all there.

Cons: WorkBook is very extensive, so I would not recommend this product to smaller companies. WorkBook suits companies where there's a resource available for handling Admin / Traffic of such a tool. So if you don't have that setup, then it is not a tool for you. In other words, probably a solution for minimum 10+ employee companies.

Summary: WorkBook is the only one out there we found that handles pretty much everything you need for Admin of an enterprise and at an attractive price. But it is not for micro-companies with 3-10 employees.

Note détaillée

Simplicité d'utilisation
Support client

Dolan H.
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UK Agency Review

Publié le 27/05/2015
Provenance de l'avis : Capterra

We were looking for an intergrated CRM / Pipeline / Job Costing and finance system. We had conducted intensive research on the options available on the market. Our challenge was to have realtime information that allowed us to react swiftly and in an accurately informed way to work in process, not only on the external spend but the recording of time and the financial impact it was having on the project and therefore the company.

Workbook was a last minute option and we decided to have a demo in order to confirm our original choice but that demo changed our opinion and workbook proved it had arrived at a place the other systems were looking to achieve.

It is intuitive and easy to use that the key component areas of timesheets and budgets that the majority of staff use have been adopted enthusiastically. The move from our old systems hasn;t been without teething problems but customer service has been great and they have responded to all the requests and challenges we have thrown at them. There are still some challenges around certain elements in the finance section, the replacement of Sage 100 in our case, but these are now under development as thier model is to constantly seek to improve the product.

Importantly we now have the data from projects at our fingertips and this has proved invaluable and will in the long term it will have a positive financial effect on our business.

I would recommend this to any business that is fast moving, needs to record time accurately and respond to clients changes and needs quickly.

Note détaillée

Simplicité d'utilisation
Support client

Tomasz W.
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Extraordinary tool with good support

Publié le 27/05/2015
Provenance de l'avis : Capterra

We've been running our consulting and accounting business for over 20 years. Most of the time we used various project management, time tracking and billing systems. Last year we decided to introduce WorkBook and replace the previous system we used.

As we knew what we needed, the implementation was fast (approx. 5 working days). The new solution was easily accepted by all people in our organization and we didn't experience any challenges in this area, opposite to previous systems.

Some features that were important for us:
- multi-language interface,
- invoicing in many currencies and languages,
- direct access to the database allowing easy creation of own reports and integration with other systems we use,
- easy administration,
- ticket system for quality management system,
- conversations that are very useful not only for communication, but also making reports of the minutes and tracking various project activities.

When we started using the Polish interface we found many translations inaccurate or even funny. We were not very happy about it, however the translation tool allows us not only to adjust the translations to the Polish language, whenever we find a mistake, but also to the nomenclature we use internally.

The only thing we miss is a wiki module that would allow to describe the internal processes and tracking their changes.

The customer service answers very fast, what is not to overestimate these days - 5 stars in each category.

Note détaillée

Simplicité d'utilisation
Support client

Fred P.
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The right decision

Logiciel utilisé tous les jours pendant plus d'un an
Publié le 17/03/2019
Provenance de l'avis : Capterra

Overall we are very pleased with the decision we made


Multiple functionality is streamlines a day-to-day workflow and allows us to analyse what’s going on from so many angles


Learning to use this software took far too long and was not well administered. People teaching uscdidn’t seem to have a grasp on our business. No this happened a year or two before Deltek took over, I was not administered by them.

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WorkBook - Prix

À partir de
20,00 €/mois
Types de licence
version d'essai gratuite
Licence unique
Rapport qualité-prix

WorkBook - Fonctionnalités

  • API
  • Diagrammes de Gantt
  • Feuilles de temps
  • Gestion de projets
  • Gestion des tâches
  • Interface glisser-déposer
  • Notifications automatiques
  • Outils de collaboration
  • Planification de projets
  • Planification des tâches
  • Projections
  • Suivi de la progression

  • Hiérarchisation
  • Intégration de tiers
  • Projets multiples
  • Suivi des activités
  • Suivi des projets
  • Suivi des tâches
  • Suivi du temps des projets
  • Tableau de bord d'activités

WorkBook - FAQ

Voici quelques-unes des questions fréquentes sur WorkBook.

Q. Quels sont les types de licence disponibles pour WorkBook ?

Types de licences disponibles pour WorkBook :

À partir de: 20,00 €/mois

Type de licence: Licence unique, Abonnement

version d'essai gratuite: Disponible

Q. Quelles sont les principales fonctionnalités du logiciel WorkBook ?

Nous n'avons pas d'informations sur les fonctionnalités de WorkBook.

Q. Qui utilise WorkBook ?

Utilisateurs habituels du logiciel WorkBook :

Grandes entreprises, Entreprises de taille moyenne

Q. Dans quelles langues WorkBook est-il disponible ?

Langues dans lesquelles WorkBook est disponible :

danois, néerlandais, anglais, finnois, allemand, norvégien, espagnol, suédois

Q. Quels sont les types de licence disponibles pour WorkBook ?

Types de licences disponibles pour WorkBook:

Licence unique, Abonnement

Q. WorkBook prend-il en charge les appareils mobiles ?

Appareils pris en charge par WorkBook :


Q. Avec quelles applications WorkBook peut-il s'intégrer ?

Applications s'intégrant à WorkBook :

ActiveCampaign, ActiveCampaign, Dropbox, Dynamics 365, G Suite, Google Drive, Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the Cloud, RepliconPPM, SAP Financials OnDemand, Storagepipe

Q. Quelles sont les ressources d'aide disponibles pour WorkBook ?

Ressources d'aide disponibles pour WorkBook :

FAQ, Forum, Base de connaissances, Support en ligne, Support téléphonique, Tutoriels vidéo

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