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Gestion des documents en ligne et système de collaboration web pour les secteurs de la construction, de l'ingénierie et de la gestion des installations.

Gestion des documents : gérez le flux de vos dessins, modèles BIM et 3D, contrats, calendriers ou toute autre documentation d'une manière sûre et efficace entre tous les participants au projet.

Communication de projet : votre correspondance et vos documents racontent l'histoire de ce qui se passe sur votre projet. Avec Aconex, vous ne finissez pas avec la correspondance en un seul endroit et les documents dans un autre parce qu'ils sont intégrés.

Gestion des processus : étant donné que tous les participants utilisent un seul système, la gestion des processus est accessible à l'échelle du projet. Aconex gère les processus standard du secteur autour des dialogues RFI, des appels d'offres et des soumissions et la gestion des données des fournisseurs et des informations sur les coûts.


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Antonette C.
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Aconex is a great platform and repository of project documentations.

Logiciel utilisé tous les jours pendant plus de deux ans
Publié le 07/02/2018
Provenance de l'avis : Capterra


- Easy to search/find documents especially drawings with the most current versions
- The fact that you can see messages from/to other team members is useful when you have large teams especially if a team member leaves the project
- Documents and mails cannot be deleted for accuracy of project records
- Unlimited project users can be added to use the system once the Organization has registered


- Expensive
- Not widely used by Subtrades/Owners so there is more training required. Other systems such as Procore are more widely used and don't require as much training
- The fact that messages/notifications can't be grouped as conversations in Outlook makes reading all of the messages very tedious and time consuming
- Tracking & closing of RFI's is difficult due to how the status is recorded ie, if the Engineer responds asking for some additional information on an RFI so that they can respond, the system automatically indicated that the RFI has been responded to; it is not possible to generate report in order to know Organizations the RFIs been distributed to using other mail types
- Tracking and generating report for received and issued drawings and packages is difficult, it is crucial to be able to have accurate transmittal information that can easily be generated on a daily basis for document management / project records without having the need to maintain a manual log especially for Contractors managing upstream and downstream flow of information (documents from which Organization and to which Organizations the documents have been issued to with complete document and transmittal details)

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Kris L.
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Solid Project Management Platform

Logiciel utilisé tous les jours pendant Version d’essai gratuite
Publié le 13/11/2017
Provenance de l'avis : SoftwareAdvice

If you're an EPC company it'd be hard to go wrong with Aconex. We ended up selecting another platform, but it was a fierce competition. In the end, we opted for one with more market-ready integrations with other tools that we currently have in place (to avoid more siloes) and that also had a UI/UX that was more intuitive for creating processes and finding files/records (viz. a modular-tool setup). There were other considerations, but bottom line, Aconex is a solid platform that really offers a wealth of value for standardizing and automating key processes. They'll definitely be around for a while.


- Clean UI/UX experience
- Configurable workflows created on front-end by user
- Metadata based system allows for rich tagging and organization of files (Document Register) and other types of correspondence (Mail Types)
- Views can be saved (and shared) for filtered searches that take place a lot (e.g. RFIs or Pending RFIs)
- Mail types offer extreme configurability to formalize/standardize certain types of exchanges between parties that require user input or approval (e.g. Daily Logs, Meeting Minutes, RFIs)
- Can pay per user or go with unlimited user option and pay a percentage/fee based on how much company commits to running through Aconex for set period of time; having options are nice though
- Reinvest 20% into R&D
- Support Central contains outstanding documentation
- Great mobile apps with wide-functionality


- Takes some mental training to know which Register to go look in, whether that's the Document or Mail Register. In my experience, this was because currently, our company stores RFIs as documents/files, whereas Aconex treats them as a Mail Type; so looking for an RFI requires searching in the Mail Register (since it's a type of correspondence) not the Document Register (note: Aconex can also handle RFI process as a document, I believe buy sending it around via Workflows, in which case it *would* be a file located in the Document Register)
- Meta data is the smartest way to organize big data however it *does* require a solid tagging system; some companies may not have this (but I'm sure Aconex would assist with this setup)
- A few Auzzy-isms are distracting to look over (e.g. Tender vs. Bid)
- Has technical potential to integrate with other software/tools through APIs but not many market-ready connections that can be demonstrated
- Almost handles entirety of project life-cycle, but a little weak on POs (i.e. not a P2P tool, Procure to Pay) and integrating the Connected Cost tool with other ERPs (note: see previous remark, it *is* technically feasible)

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Elissa G.
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Great to see Aconex continue to improve their products.

Logiciel utilisé tous les jours pendant plus de deux ans
Publié le 26/02/2018
Provenance de l'avis : Capterra


* Always get the latest version of drawings
* Can track previous versions of drawings
* Nothing can ever be deleted
* Being able to view all the mail that has been sent and received from your company
* Do not have to save anything on your own hard drive
* Reporting tools are very useful
* Being able to create excel spreadsheets from Document Register
* Can access Aconex from any electronic device which has the internet
* Project Directory list
* Global Directory list
* Mutiple File Upload
* Being able to set up Projects how you want.
* List of projects to be able to access easily - when invited onto
* Organising mail into Types - makes it easier to sort.
* Multiple fields to search for documentation and drawings eg. Subject, Date, From Organisation, Recipients etc.
* Help instructions and videos are excellent.
* Help Desk is excellent


* Issues with teaching consultants and sub-contractors on how to upload documents into the document register- ie. education
* Sometimes time delay in viewing and downloads
* Site going down.
* Generally happy with the product.
* 95% of the time the Aconex Helpdesk are very knowledgeable. However occasionally I have come across someone that is not sure about an answer but all operators have always been very friendly and helpful.

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Ana luisa N.
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Aconex fully complies with internal needs and also allows the organization to be up-to-date with ISO

Logiciel utilisé tous les jours pendant plus de deux ans
Publié le 20/03/2018
Provenance de l'avis : Capterra

The best practices in the documentary field for my daily job.


Document management is a key aspect for the efficiency and productivity of organizations and ACONEX has been fundamental for the magnitude of the project in which I currently work.
Aconex fully complies with internal needs and also allows the organization to be up-to-date with ISO 30300 and the best practices in the documentary field.
Documentary management how "the strategies, tools and methods used to capture, organize, store, preserve and disseminate content and documents related to organizational processes, is much easier to achieve with the vital support generated by having Aconex with this tool .


It is difficult for me to trace - match the documents to each other for topics.
While there is a chance to download spredsheets, the is quite limit the report, could be better considering something like dashboard or something similar for all the categories of the documents.

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Tonja S.
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Excellent collaboration tool

Logiciel utilisé tous les jours pendant plus de deux ans
Publié le 12/01/2018
Provenance de l'avis : Capterra

This software is very powerful for collaboration and workflow.


Aconex is easily to get up and running and is also relatively easy to use. The custom mail form functionality combined with the ability to set automatic distribution lists for different mail types has been a very powerful tool for corresponding on contractual items.


Aconex is a large company with all users utilizing the same interface. Because of this Aconex is very easy to implement. The down side is that proprietary nomenclature or specific document "Types" may or may not be allowed. In our case, we wanted a general document type for "Meetings" where we use a cascade to further delineate whether the document is a Agenda, Presentation, Handout, Notes etc.. Aconex has a type set up for "Meeting Notes" which we felt was too specific and did not address agendas and other meeting material. Aconex escalated the request to have a Type = Meetings or Meeting Material and our request was denied.

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Gestion sécurisée des documents - Communications et formulaires avancés - Gestion des maquettes dans un environnement de données commun - Gestion des coûts intégrée - Processus de qualité et de sécurité - Service et support inégalés

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Box, Dropbox, Microsoft Outlook, ShapeDo, SharePoint, snagR

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