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X0PA ROOM is a video interview platform designed to help government organizations, educational institutions, and businesses of all sizes leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to conduct assessments and screen candidates. Administrators can customize the interface by adding corporate logos or banners to establish brand identity with clients and set up time limits or deadlines for test completion.

X0PA ROOM allows hiring managers to invite candidates in bulk by importing Microsoft Excel sheets, use the anti-cheat functionality to detect plagiarism, and add audio, video, or text questions to assessments. Organizations can enable or disable exam retakes and configure multiple-choice questionnaires to rank or filter applicants based on custom cut-off criteria. Candidates can also use a one-time password (OTP) to secure interview login processes, replay or review responses, and receive email notifications upon assessment completion.

X0PA ROOM facilitates integration with various third-party software providers such as Microsoft, SAP, and more. Employers can also gain visibility into job application statuses - with options for 'draft', 'completed,' or 'pending' - and overall candidate distribution based on ratings, among other metrics on an analytics dashboard.

Options de tarification dès :

450,00 $US/mois

  • Essai gratuit
  • Abonnement


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Options de tarification dès :

450,00 $US/mois

  • Essai gratuit
  • Abonnement


X0PA ROOM test assessments
X0PA ROOM candidate assessment
X0PA ROOM analytics
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Capture d'écran pour X0PA ROOM : X0PA ROOM test assessments Capture d'écran pour X0PA ROOM : X0PA ROOM candidate assessment Capture d'écran pour X0PA ROOM : X0PA ROOM analytics


Nombre total de fonctionnalités pour X0PA ROOM : 23

  • API
  • Alertes/Notifications
  • Collaboration entre plusieurs utilisateurs
  • Création de tests et de quizz
  • Enquêtes et feedback
  • Gestion des candidatures
  • Gestion des candidatures à l'emploi
  • Gestion des évaluations
  • Intégrations de tiers
  • Notation
  • Notes/avis
  • Outils de collaboration
  • Questions personnalisables
  • Rapports et analyses
  • Recherche/Filtre
  • Stratégie de marque personnalisable
  • Suivi des statuts
  • Supervision
  • Support vidéo
  • Tableau de bord d'activités
  • Tests de compétences
  • Visualisation de données
  • Évaluations individuelles



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  • À partir de: 450,00 $US/mois
  • Type de licence: Abonnement
  • Essai gratuit: Non disponible

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Microsoft Teams

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Service client/e-mail, FAQ/forums

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