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Seeladora is a cloud-based platform that helps non-profits manage donations and maintain case documentation. The fully configurable platform offers modules for managing cases, volunteers, donors, learning, events, and food pantry items.

Clients can use the self-service portal to request services, submit case records, track progress, and receive notifications on upcoming appointments or file changes. Seeladora lets volunteers maintain personal profiles, create ad-hoc or regular scheduled shifts, and accept assignments from event leaders. Event coordinators can also use Seeladora to send vouchers to event attendees by email, create program shifts, make facility reservations, and track giveaway items acquired at events.

Team members can follow-up and connect with contributors through email, phone, or personal cards, as well as track time, services, and payment amounts associated with donations. It also enables staff members to maintain inventory post donations, map items to donors, and send stock alerts to store managers. Seeladora also offers a learning module, which allows trainers to create class templates for curriculums, assign tasks, measure student performance through grade books, and track class attendance.


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Seeladora bed check-in
Seeladora new assessment
Seeladora program level configuration
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Nombre total de fonctionnalités pour Seeladora : 59

  • Alertes et remontée des problèmes
  • Alertes/Notifications
  • Assignation de demandes
  • Autorisations basées sur les rôles
  • Bibliothèque de contenu
  • Billetterie des événements
  • Catégorisation/regroupement
  • Certification et licences
  • Champs personnalisables
  • Configuration et suivi des objectifs
  • Création de cours
  • Formulaires personnalisables
  • Gestion de l'apprentissage
  • Gestion de la communication
  • Gestion de la configuration
  • Gestion de la formation
  • Gestion de la protection de l'enfance
  • Gestion des bénévoles
  • Gestion des cas
  • Gestion des clients
  • Gestion des contacts
  • Gestion des documents
  • Gestion des enquêtes et sondages
  • Gestion des formulaires
  • Gestion des performances
  • Gestion des programmes
  • Gestion des rendez-vous
  • Gestion des références
  • Gestion des réservations
  • Gestion des stocks
  • Gestion des stocks
  • Gestion des tâches
  • Gestion des événements
  • Lecture de codes-barres et de tickets
  • Mesure des performances
  • Notes de cas
  • Personnalisation
  • Planification
  • Planification des cours
  • Planification des installations
  • Planification des rendez-vous
  • Planification des événements
  • Portail client
  • Rappels
  • Rapports et analyses
  • Rapports et statistiques
  • Scan de cartes d'identité
  • Stockage de documents
  • Stockage sécurisé des données
  • Suivi comportemental
  • Suivi de l'inventaire
  • Suivi de la progression des tâches
  • Suivi des certifications
  • Suivi des compétences
  • Suivi des présences
  • Suivi du temps
  • Suivi du temps des employés
  • Suivi et analyse de l'utilisation
  • Évaluation des risques


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Irene T.
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Seeladora is a great platform that is affordable and easy to use!

Publié le 10/05/2018


Seeladora is great for case management; it's easy to document client notes, gather demographics, collect reports on agency cases, etc. The best part is that it costs significantly less than other software systems and the customer service is fantastic. If you have any questions or need troubleshooting assistance, you're guaranteed to receive a response within 24 hours (but most of the time you'll receive a response a lot quicker, sometimes within the hour).


It took some time navigating Seeladora in the beginning but once you get used to the software, it is very easy to use. It took as much time to learn Seeladora as it did any other new software Id' have to learn.

Christine H.
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"Complete" Agency Management System

Publié le 23/02/2015

Seeladora -- it is definitely today's platform for providing organizations with a complete agency...

Seeladora -- it is definitely today's platform for providing organizations with a complete agency management system. Now in our 3rd year of use I can't impress enough the ease of use, increased efficiency, and time saving for staff. And storytelling has never been easier because the data is there resulting in amazing pieces of information to be used in all forms of communication pieces. We're using all the available modules and continually are amazed with the newest features that are readily produced.

Ranging from tracking information and referrals, donor touches, volunteer management, inventory system, great reporting system and more. And the amazing thing is that the developer "listens" and responds to featured requests. It's like having your personal developer on staff. Yes, the Seeladora Team cares about giving the best support possible. They live up to their motto of giving back to the community. I highly recmmend Seeladora!

Réponse de Seeladora

Thanks so much for your wonderful support. We only get better with great customers like you!

Condell G.
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Note globale

  • Simplicité d'utilisation
  • Support client

Comprehensive and affordable

Publié le 02/02/2016

We have been using Seeladora for the last year and a half. We have tried several other programs but...

We have been using Seeladora for the last year and a half. We have tried several other programs but haven't found any of them to be as comprehensive and easy to use. It can also be easily customized. We use it for client inquiries, client tracking, volunteer management and donor management. It replaced several databases and spreadsheets for us and replaced our old, cumbersome paper filing system. This has really saved us time and increased our efficiency. The event voucher feature made our last big special event a breeze. Best of all, the company is responsive to our questions, concerns and requests and doesn't make us feel "stupid" for asking. The report features could be easier to use, but the developer has been consistently working to make them better. It is an affordable alternative for small and medium sized assistance agencies.

Réponse de Seeladora

Thank you so much for the positive feedback!

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