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EarlyWorks is an Australian based childcare documentation and programming system which simplifies and streamlines all aspects of childcare planning and management across the organization. Childcare managers, administrators and educators are provided with features for child files and portfolios, daily or weekly journals, photo and document sharing, tasks and events, quality improvement plans, family engagement, and more.

EarlyWorks enables users to utilize a variety of childcare observation styles for individuals or groups including learning journeys, running records, child notes, anecdotal records, jottings, photo journals, time samples, and more. Users can generate planned or spontaneous programs and cater experiences to each child, which can be linked back to observations. Families are able to see their children engaged in learning experiences via daily or weekly photo journal entries via the EarlyWorks platform, and can share photos and documents to educators by uploading them from home.

Educators can view each child’s current learning and progression towards goals with a click, and access their individual documentation in one place. As each child’s EarlyWorks profile grows, it becomes a comprehensive learning summary complete with family input and communications. Families are able to access real-time information on their children’s bottle times and quantities, meals, portion sizes, nappy changes, sleep times, and more through their EarlyWorks portfolio online, as well as view important documents such as policies and handbooks at any time, via any connected device.

Childcare managers, administrators and educators can view all upcoming tasks and events via the calendar such as excursions, birthdays, and special events, as well as any important compliance tasks such as first aid box checks. Customized dashboards provide insights on a room by room level, and can be tailored to the requirements of specific roles such as team leaders, managers, and educator assistants. EarlyWorks also enables users to generate their organization’s entire quality improvement plan (QIP) in a click, and create regular reflections of pedagogy for support in continuous improvement.

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29,92 $AU/mois

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EarlyWorks - Principaux avantages

  • Ensure that each child’s learning and development is accurately assessed through an ongoing cycle of planning, documenting and evaluating and a variety of observation styles.

  • Generate quality improvement plans (QIP) based on the data already entered within EarlyWorks with a click of a button, with evidence to support.

  • Create daily or weekly photo journal entries to enable families to see their children engaged in learning experiences. Photos and documents can also be uploaded and shared between parents and educators.

  • Customize dashboards, alerts and notifications to ensure all programming is transparent to all levels of management on a room by room level.

  • Keep track of tasks, birthdays, special events, and excursions with EarlyWorks’ event calendar. Pre-populated tasks, such as first aid box and evacuation bag checks, help organizations to stay compliant.
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    Options de tarification dès :

    29,92 $AU/mois

    • Version gratuite
    • Essai gratuit
    • Abonnement

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    Nombre total de fonctionnalités pour EarlyWorks : 14

    • Alertes/Notifications
    • Base de données de membres
    • Calendrier des événements
    • Gestion des calendriers
    • Gestion des communications
    • Gestion des dossiers
    • Gestion des employés
    • Gestion des repas et de la nutrition
    • Portail client
    • Portail libre-service
    • Portail parent
    • Rapports quotidiens
    • Stockage de documents
    • Tableau de bord d'activités



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    Denise R.
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    • Secteur d'activité : Gestion de l'enseignement
    • Taille de l'entreprise : 11-50 employés
    • Logiciel utilisé tous les jours pendant 6 à 12 mois
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    Fantastic time saver

    Publié le 04/09/2018

    We have been working with it now for just on a year and i have had experience with 3 other programs...

    We have been working with it now for just on a year and i have had experience with 3 other programs previously. It not only runs rings around the other programs with functionality, but it is easy to use. My senior educators that have been in the industry like myself for long periods of time have been able to get around it with minimal support and training. And training has been fantastic. one on one and group and they answer the phone all the time. I Love it


    It covers all aspects of programming required of our Early years educators, it sets up reminders so that no aspect is forgotten.


    Haven't found much I don't like yet with the system. maybe an online manual for those like me that have to train new staff in the use of it so that i don't forget parts.

    Réponse de EarlyWorks

    Dear Denise

    Thank you so much for taking the time to review EarlyWorks. It is much appreciated. We work extremely hard to make EarlyWorks the best product it can be, so it is heartening to receive such positive feedback. It is particularly encouraging when it comes from someone so knowledgeable and passionate about Early Childhood Education.

    A link to the User Guide (https://getearlyworks.com.au/help) is available from the website (under the Support menu option) and within the application (Question Mark icon on the top right) However, as always, if you have any questions please feel free to phone or email us at any time.

    Thanks again

    EarlyWorks - FAQ

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    • À partir de : 29,92 $AU/mois
    • Type de licence : Abonnement
    • Version d’essai gratuite : Disponible

    EarlyWorks charges a simple standard fee of $1.45 per month per child. Minimum charge per month is $29.95. Once-off $99 setup fee.

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    Auto-entrepreneur, 2-10, 11-50, 51-200, 201-500, 501-1 000, 1 001+

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    Android (mobile), iPhone (mobile), iPad (mobile)

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    Support téléphonique

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