L'outil d'extraction de données et de web scraping le plus puissant jamais commercialisé !

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Dexi peut faire tout ce que vous pouvez faire dans votre navigateur. La limite, c'est votre imagination !

Les robots Dexi ne vous permettent pas seulement de lire les données d'une page web. Le robot "standard" et le plus puissant de (pour le web scraping), Extractor robots, vous permet d'effectuer des connexions et des recherches, de sélectionner des éléments dans des listes déroulantes et des dates dans des calendriers, de survole des éléments, pour que les éléments apparaissent, de boucle et paginer à travers les résultats et d'extraire les résultats que vous voulez, texte brut ou binaire, formatés comme vous le souhaitez. Les robots extracteurs sont également compatibles avec XML.

Dans, les robots extracteurs de conception sont réalisés avec un éditeur simple et puissant affichant la page web dans la partie supérieure et une "console de développeur" à laquelle vous êtes habitué dans votre navigateur préféré dans la partie inférieure.

Les utilisateurs peuvent facilement créer des flux de données à l'aide des outils ETL (Extract Transform Load) de et du moteur de transformation de données. Les capacités de traitement de données de offrent aux utilisateurs la souplesse nécessaire pour transformer, manipule, agréger ou combiner des données. prend également en charge les processus de débogage et de déduplication, permettant aux utilisateurs d'identifier et de résoudre les problèmes, ainsi que de gérer la déduplication des données automatiquement.

Le péage de data mining intelligent de (logiciel d'extraction de données) permet aux utilisateurs d'extraire des données derrière un contenu protégé par mot de passe. Les utilisateurs ont la possibilité d'obtenir des informations précises sur les prix ou la disponibilité en traitant les données en temps réel. aide les banques, les détaillants, les gouvernements et les industries technologiques à effectuer des vérifications d'antécédents, à surveille les marques et à effectuer des recherches.


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Overall, a very impressive web automation framework.

Logiciel utilisé tous les jours pendant 6 à 12 mois
Publié le 08/11/2017
Provenance de l'avis : Capterra

Mass data extraction.


* The visual editor makes web automation accessible to people who aren't familiar with coding.
* All web automation "robots" that you build are run by Dexi, you won't have to set up a server/scheduler by yourself.
* Support for many 3rd party services (captcha solvers, cloud storage, etc) which you can easily integrate into your robots.

Web automation is far from as simple as people think. I have plenty of experience working with various automation frameworks (Selenium, mostly), so I'm well aware of how difficult these things can be at times. So I'm rather impressed with what the Dexi team has managed to put together here.

While the support team can be a bit slow to respond at times (and this is coming from someone on the priciest account tier), they definitely know their stuff. Any problems you encounter in Dexi can usually be solved by them, though the time it takes for said solution varies a lot (anything from one day to over a month).

It's not a perfect service, but it's constantly being improved, and I'm excited to see what an awesome product Dexi will be in the future. For now, it definitely meets the minimum requirements that one would expect from a web automation framework.


* Lacks some advanced functionality that you'd find in other automation frameworks.
* The "Dexi" browser has many quirks that you have to account for when building robots it is by no means 1:1 with a common browser like Chrome.
* Documentation could be a lot better.
* API endpoints are a bit lacking.
* Various UI annoyances, especially in the robot editor.

The robot editor in Dexi is both a blessing and a curse. If you're not used to working with web automation, you'll find it a lot more useful than having to write code, but if you're well-versed in Selenium for example, you'll definitely experience some frustration at times.

Dexi has an API, which is good and all, but there's many things that could be done via their API that there's no support for right now. For example, retrieving artefacts from a failed execution (logs, screenshots).

There's also the fact that your bots aren't being executed in "normal" browser, but rather Dexi's custom browser. This means that actions you can perform with no problem in your own web browser may not work the same way when you try them out in a Dexi robot. And if you do encounter this, and there's no other way to execute the action you're trying to perform, you're completely out of luck, and have to contact the Dexi support team for assistance.

I realize that my usage of this software is probably a bit more advanced than the average user, so these complaints may not apply to your use case. Dexi is, overall, a good service.

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Ben S.
Traduire avec Google Translate

Intuitive tool. Easy for non-programmers. Infinite possibilities for tech savvy. Delivers results.

Logiciel utilisé toutes les semaines pendant plus d'un an
Publié le 21/08/2018
Provenance de l'avis : Capterra


After researching many different software tools, and testing several, I found is the only one that could achieve everything I needed.

It has a modular interface that's incredibly adaptable to building out just about any custom tool (or tools) a user may need. As I'm personally not a programmer, and have never had an aptitude for SQL, what Dexi offers is right within my comfort zone. Yes, there are advanced features and capabilities to the tool that go well beyond my understanding. In that sense, I'm driving the Lamborgini at 30 miles per hour. However, Dexi gets me where I need to go, while for others I'm sure it can do a whole lot more.

I would encourage anyone considering the software to do what I did, and give the free trial a spin. Definitely watch a couple tutorial videos on the site or YouTube, and that will help get you going. There is also an online knowledge base covering just about every relevant topic. Lastly, I've found the technicians at Dexi are very helpful in answering questions, and have quickly gotten me "unstuck" in the rare instances I found myself circling the drain.

Overall, I give top marks. A++ and can't recommend enough.


I honestly don't have any major issues with the software.

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Youssef M.
Traduire avec Google Translate

Awesome software indeed

Publié le 16/06/2015
Provenance de l'avis : Capterra

The website is really great. if you are a beginner in scraping and web crawling, this is the tool that will convert you from Zero to Hero in scraping and crawling. great for beginners and experts.

- Easy to use GUI
- Integration with Amazon S3 -- Box -- DropBox -- (S)FTP -- Google Drive -- Web Hooks
- Formats: CSV (.csv) -- JSON (.json) -- Excel `97 (.xls) -- Excel XML 2003 (.xls) -- Excel Spreadsheet (.xlsx) -- XML (.xml)
- Run executions on schedules.
- Free account will give you:
Robots: (Unlimited)
Users: (Unlimited)
Run time: 24 hours
Requests: (Unlimited)
Page visits: (Unlimited)
Traffic: (Unlimited)
- They also have a great customer support.

- Help and support page on the site don't cover everything. waiting for a better documentations.

Réponse de

Hi Youssef.
Thank you very much and thank you for an honest review. We have taking your comment on documentation onboard and made some improvements.

Kind regards, Jacob Laurvigen

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Simplicité d'utilisation
Support client

Joseph S.
Traduire avec Google Translate was a lifesaver!

Logiciel utilisé Autre pendant 1 à 5 mois
Publié le 22/02/2018
Provenance de l'avis : Capterra


Ease of use: I am not a developer but their interface, tutorials and customer service made it pretty intuitive. I was in a hurry, so after building half of the robot I hired them. The price was reasonable and I had a lot of other work to do, so it was a win-win.
Support: Sales and support were attentive and helpful. I couldn't ask for a better experience.
Reasonable pricing: I started to do the work myself and even though I was figuring it out, I decided to have them finish the robot build because the price was so reasonable.


The user experience of building could have been slightly smoother, but as a non-developer I was able to get things moving after watching a few short videos.

Réponse de

Hi Joseph.
Thank you for your review and the kind words.

Kind regards, Jacob Laurvigen

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Rapport qualité-prix
Simplicité d'utilisation
Support client

Hamid S.
Traduire avec Google Translate

This is a great product with an outstanding customer support

Publié le 02/07/2015
Provenance de l'avis : Capterra

I have used CloudScrape to download data from a specific website that does not primarily and easily provide download links. I found this product after two weeks of examining different options, including some of the well known commercial softwares. What made me choose it was the great customer support. They provided me every support I requested and even added some features to their product to even better deliver what I wanted. Moreover, it is very used friendly and easy to use for any person. It was also very fast. I would recommend considering it as a serious option for online data scraping tasks.

Réponse de

Hi Hamid.
Thank you for the top marked review. We really appreciate this.

Kind regards, Jacob Laurvigen

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Simplicité d'utilisation
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119,00 $US/mois
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  • API
  • Données en temps réel
  • Intégration de tiers
  • Monitoring
  • Tableau de bord d'activités

  • Analyse en temps réel
  • Analyse visuelle
  • Business Intelligence
  • Création de tableaux de bord
  • Filtrage des données
  • Graphiques
  • Importation et exportation de données
  • Interface glisser-déposer
  • Outils de collaboration
  • Présentation graphique des données
  • Rapports ad hoc
  • Rapports en temps réel
  • Rapports et statistiques
  • Rapports personnalisables
  • Visualisation de données - FAQ

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