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isoTracker is a cloud-based complaints management system that allows organizations to record, track and resolve customer complaints through investigation routing, action issuing, and response escalation. Additional modules can expand the solution into a complete quality management system (QMS) that includes document control, audit management and training.

isoTracker's Complaints Management platform provides a centralized interface for recording and tracking complaints from any location, whether at the desk while responding to a customer’s call, or out in the field via mobile device. Complaints can be entered by any user and then routed to qualified complaints administrators to be assigned based on the complaint’s type and product. The quick search feature helps quickly identify the complainant and the subject from pre-loaded lists. Users are also able to to attach internal and external documents to each case.

Complaints can be routed for investigation to a variety of users, such as a manufacturing site for specific analysis. Users are able to record all non-conformances and identify each relevant root cause. Complaints may also be routed for corrective action and preventive action at any stage of the process, and the administrator may restart an investigation if results are viewed as insufficient. The complete history of a complaint is available throughout the complaint handling process, even after the case has been closed.

Organizations can inform complainants of progress at each stage using modifiable pre-saved templates. isoTracker’s messaging system sends in-built task notifications and reminders to employees whenever a task needs to be actioned. Users can also request feedback from a complainant about the resolution process after the complaint has been resolved or closed.

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isoTracker Complaints Management - Principaux avantages

  • isoTracker helps ensure consistency of customer interaction with access to each complaint's history, including status updates on complaint progress, and the actions that have been taken.

  • Track trends in customer issues within isoTracker by recording all investigation results and performing a root cause analysis.

  • Effectively deal with customer concerns or complaints by having them reviewed by an administrator before entering them into the complaints workflow, and assigning a relevant staff member.

  • Automatically escalate complaints if a response has not been received within a pre-assigned due date.

  • With isoTracker, users can send a request for feedback from complainants about the resolution process after the issue has been closed.

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    Record and track customer complaints and route complaints for investigation
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    Nombre total de fonctionnalités pour isoTracker Complaints Management : 22

    • Alertes et remontée des problèmes
    • Assurance qualité
    • Collecte de commentaires
    • Contrôle de qualité
    • Enquêtes et feedback
    • Fonctionnalité de recherche
    • Gestion des affectations
    • Gestion des documents
    • Gestion des délais
    • Gestion des flux de travail
    • Gestion des tâches
    • Historique des clients
    • Historique des contacts
    • Mesures correctives
    • Modèles d'e-mails
    • Notifications automatiques
    • Rappels
    • Routage des demandes
    • Réceptions
    • Suivi de l'historique
    • Suivi de la progression
    • Sécurité SSL



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    Fonctionnalités du logiciel isoTracker Complaints Management :

    • Assign corrective & preventive actions
    • Assignment management
    • Attach internal documents
    • Built-in task notifications
    • Complaint's history
    • Corrective actions (CAPA)
    • Document control
    • Due date tracking
    • Email templates
    • Escalation
    • Investigation results recording
    • Messaging system
    • Notifications
    • Online customer complaint recording and tracking
    • Pre-loaded lists
    • Quality assurance management
    • Quick search
    • Reminders
    • Reports
    • Request feedback
    • Root cause analysis recording
    • Routing
    • Status progress tracking
    • Workflow

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