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UpRaise is an agile performance management tool natively developed as a JIRA app (previously known as add-on). The paltform extends JIRA to manage OKR goals, exchange continuous feedback, and even conduct performance reviews. By bringing all of this into JIRA, users are able to efficiently connect strategy with execution, including additional context to help increase the accuracy of the review process. UpRaise is available for cloud, on-premise as well as data center version and can be integrated with HRMS, Slack, and REST APIs.

Users are able to set objectives with Upraise and link them to JIRA issues as key results. Automated progress tracking allows for accurate predictions based on the progress contributed by team members real time. Timeline views and punch-in densities bring along insights about the team’s behavior. The data which the team produces is used for generating reports that recommend actions proactively.

UpRaise allows for continuous feedback to act as a seamless extension of the company's culture with customizable feedback tags. Feedback could be made as formal, or informal ratings such ie. ‘You rock!’. Leader boards and social scores help foster a communicative culture. Users can also generate reports for HR teams to figure out managers and team members who default on policy of frequent communication.

Conduct performance reviews within JIRA, contextualized by the tasks and continuous feedback in UpRaise. Achievements or weaknesses can be highlighted and all data can be linked together including objectives, continuous feedback and engagement for improved performance reviews.

UpRaise - Principaux avantages

  • UpRaise is very flexible and user-friendly tool that enables organizations to set goals as per their company culture.

  • Complete flexibility in performance review form builder with four different types of forms and 360-degree continuous feedback.

  • UpRaise provides users with the tools that integrate into daily workflows to help maintain the team’s focus.

  • UpRaise helps managers coach in real time to motivate teams and keep their morale high.

  • Use UpRaise to imbibe a culture of openness and communication within the entire team for improved transparency.

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    Objectives alignment & tracking
    Set objectives and link them to JIRA issues
    Generate actionable reports
    360° feedback
    UpRaise's form builder
    Set, align & track goals
    Company dashboard
    Give & request feedback
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    Capture d'écran pour UpRaise : Objectives alignment & tracking Capture d'écran pour UpRaise : Set objectives and link them to JIRA issues Capture d'écran pour UpRaise : Generate actionable reports Capture d'écran pour UpRaise : 360° feedback Capture d'écran pour UpRaise : UpRaise's form builder Capture d'écran pour UpRaise : Set, align & track goals Capture d'écran pour UpRaise : Company dashboard Capture d'écran pour UpRaise : Give & request feedback Capture d'écran pour UpRaise : Evaluations


    Nombre total de fonctionnalités pour UpRaise : 38

    • API
    • Analyse en temps réel
    • Analyse visuelle
    • Auto-évaluation
    • Configuration et suivi des objectifs
    • Données en temps réel
    • Définition des priorités
    • Enquêtes et feedback
    • Feedback à 360 degrés
    • Formulaires personnalisables
    • Gestion des commentaires
    • Gestion des commentaires négatifs
    • Gestion des flux de travail
    • Gestion des modèles
    • Gestion des objectifs
    • Gestion des performances
    • Gestion des tâches
    • Gestion des évaluations de la performance
    • Historique des évaluations
    • Mesure des performances
    • Mesures de la performance pondérée
    • Modèles personnalisables
    • Notes/avis
    • Personnalisation
    • Planification stratégique
    • Plans de développement individuel
    • Portail libre-service
    • Rapports et statistiques
    • Suivi continu de la performance
    • Suivi de la progression
    • Suivi des cycles d'évaluation
    • Suivi des indicateurs clés de performance
    • Tableau de bord personnalisable
    • Visualisation de données
    • Workflow configurable
    • Évaluation des compétences
    • Évaluation des performances
    • Évaluation par les pairs


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    Types de licences disponibles pour UpRaise :

    • À partir de: 10,00 $US/mois
    • Type de licence: Abonnement
    • Essai gratuit: Disponible

    Prices vary according to JIRA version and number of users. Up to 10 Users: $10/month flat 1-100 Users: $2.5/user/month 101-250 Users: additional $1.5/user/month 251-2000 Users: additional $0.5/user/month

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    Auto-entrepreneur, 2-10, 11-50, 51-200, 201-500, 501-1 000, 1 001+

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    Jira, Slack

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    Service client/e-mail, FAQ/forums, Base de connaissances, Support téléphonique, Service de support 24/7 (réponse directe), Chat

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