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Aetiol by JGS is a highly specialized cloud-based software solution designed for Pharmaceutical, Clinical Research, Medical and Healthcare industry deployment. The system crucially spans Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and Pharmaceuticals Marketing Surveillance (PMS) functionality for the safe and secure collection of clinical trials data. By integrating EDC and CTMS into a single online real time system, Aetiol centralizes the sharing of consistent data to streamline processes and fully support pre and post drug marketing surveillance.

Benefits include an elastic database structure with simple built-in data verification tools, high-level security with 128-bit encryption and comprehensive reporting options. Intuitive navigation is achieved via customizable homepages, screens mirroring paper CRF and user-defined data entry requirements. Compliant to 21 CFR Part 11 and boasting detailed audit trailing; Aetiol supports multiple user accounts and access levels while monitoring operations for a flexible reporting system. Real time standard metrics can be leveraged to produce any sponsor-defined reports presented in a number of accessible formats including Excel spreadsheet.

Aetiol - Principaux avantages

  • Aetiol is a centralized web-based solution catering to pre-clinical and clinical trials, pre and post Marketing Surveillance, Pharmaceutical sales and marketing.
  • With an emphasis on Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Aetiol offers strong server-stored data protection with 128-bit encryption and customizable user access.
  • Data verification capabilities include abnormal value checking on input plus automatic data query approval, automatic query generation and more.
  • Intuitive navigation features allow for broad customization options including homepages and screens that can be redesigned in terms of layout or branding.
  • Adherent to 21 CFR Part 11 with extensive auditing tools, an integrated report system also provides real-time metrics monitoring and data exporting.
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    • Classification des documents
    • Comptes d'utilisateur multiples
    • Conforme HIPAA
    • Gestion des audits
    • Gestion des formulaires
    • Gestion des études cliniques
    • Imagerie de documents
    • Monitoring
    • Personnalisation
    • Piste d'audit
    • Rapports en temps réel
    • Requête ad hoc
    • Saisie de données à distance
    • Saisie décentralisée
    • Saisie et transfert de données
    • Suivi des dossiers
    • Surveillance en temps réel
    • Sécurité SSL
    • Vérification de données



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