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Jeff henley
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Impressive integration with Google Apps

Publié le 18/07/2012
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I run a small financial services company and have been on what seems to be a never-ending search for a CRM that both me and my sales team can agree on. We've tried MS Dynamics, Salesforce, Zoho, etc. None of them worked for various reasons. Our criteria for a CRM was very simple: 1) integration with email and calendar (for us it is Google Apps); 2) simple to use; and 3) relatively inexpensive.

We finally found Mogo and it met all three criteria. The integration with our Google Apps mail makes it really easy to pull conversation histories or create leads directly from an email. The layout is a big plus to me as well. Rather than have a ton of tabs with a ton of windows, Mogo just gives you a simple layout so you can easily find the data you are looking for.

Lastly, the price of Mogo provides a lot more "bang for the buck" than comparably priced solutions. Sure, Salesforce has a plan that is around the same price as Mogo, BUT it comes with very very limited features. Mogo gives you all the functions it offers for one price. Since I've been a customer, they've also rolled out this real time Twitter feed which I think is great. They didn't try and charge me for taking advantage of this new feature. I hope they continue this trend of rolling out new features while maintaining the same price.

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Great CRM for Google Apps

Publié le 26/07/2012
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CRM is a crowded market place. I stumbled upon mogocrm when searching for Google Apps CRM.
I wasn’t quite sure about the claims of mogo’s integrations in the beginning. I was nicely surprised by the deep integration with several of the Google Apps such as email, contacts and calendar. I can even access my Ad words, Analytics, Docs and Sites from within mogo. I use mogo primarily for lead generation. It has a great feature of directly collecting the leads from our website into mogo. The most I liked about mogo is it tells me if I am connected with the prospect in anyway using LinkedIn. On top it also tells me if anyone in our company worked with this prospect in the past or now. I am not a sales executive. I am sure our sales executives love about the instantaneous commission calculations in an opportunity.
It doesn’t allow to add with Gmail. Google Apps enterprise account is mandatory. I hope they would allow Gmail users to add mogo soon.
It doesn’t have B2C (Business to consumers) template. Yes, you can use the current application even for B2C business model companies but requires some work around.