Plateforme d'automatisation des charges de travail pour entreprises de toutes tailles

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Sergey M.
Secteur d'activité: Hôtellerie
Taille de l'entreprise: 1 001-5 000 employés
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Powerful automation

Logiciel utilisé tous les jours pendant 1 à 5 mois
Publié le 15/08/2019
Provenance de l'avis : Capterra

The software itself is very powerful and allows you to automate a lot of things, that you didn't even think, could be automated. It can even perform jobs based on the emails, received into the monitored inbox. In addition to that, the software support team is very friendly and knowledgable. They helped me a lot with a number of problems / errors via remote sessions.


It seems that this product has no limits. I have only used it for several months, and was able to automate a great number of manual processes. Easy to use, once you get a concept of schedule / job relationship. I am a big fan of automation. OpCon so far has been the best application that I've worked with


Not for everyone. You have to have scripting knowledge and sometimes get creative, think outside of the box, to get the job done. But if you possess those skills, you'd be amazed what this software can do for you.

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