Outil d'analyse piloté par IA avec traitement du langage naturel

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Easy to setup and use on a daily basis

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Publié le 04/02/2020
Provenance de l'avis : Capterra

We just like the ease of use and the speed we are using it to track our revenue , clicks , search performance , we have connected to at least 15 datasets, and are able to search through them quickly and intuitively. We also have setup the typical dashboards just like on other software and have then scheduled on monthly and weekly basis, but the main thing we like is the search- like interface .


We’ve been using Answerdock for just over a year now and we like the ease of use. We are a data heavy company where we monitor traffic , leads , clicks , and a bunch of other metrics . It just became exhausting to fit all of these on a dashboard. Now whenever we have questions we just have the answerdock tab open and we type the search and get answers easily. I liked that it connected easily to tables in our DB (mysql) and our google analytics account. We also get daily alerts about anomalies in our data. And we are able to investigate easily why sometimes we have spikes and dips in any of our metrics.


Clearly there are some more visualizations that they can add like the Sankey or funnel charts.

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