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Month-based task management software for marketing campaigns

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Brian M.
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Great Software to Manage Our Marketing Campaigns

Publié le 18/02/2016
Provenance de l'avis : Capterra

We started off with Workado on their free 14 day trial. Within in the first couple hours, their customer support sent us an email asking how we liked it, and if we've run into any issues! We got to play around with it a bit over the 14 days, and felt it was a very accommodating tool for our business. We have multiple clients that we do different things for, and being able to add each thing for each different client made it easy to keep track of the progress out painters were making on each project. If anyone's falling behind, the companies show up in red and allows us to take action and help that employee out.

Before this product, we were just writing things down, and trying to keep our calendar updated every day. Now we just load a new month, add tasks that need to be done, and remove them when we're done with that client!

The only con I would say we have is since they are a newer company, their still working on some of the minor bugs. I've found one and sent it to them and they replied back within the hour and told us they were going to have that fixed. The following day it was fixed!

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