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Great start to the industry

Publié le 21/11/2014
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I would recommend Carta for mobile shops or small stores that don't require too much information. It is so clean and user-friendly, you can get in, do your business, and out quickly. I much prefer it's simplicity over other solutions. Some things need attention as per below but this is a great start and very proud of the team for what they achieved so far. Well done. I look forward to seeing it grow - but not too much, it's simplicity is something to be admired.


Very user-friendly
Great social interface
Custom fields is a big plus
Simple but customisable tax
Visual transparency for customer orders - great for customers to track every step of their order
Event notifications
Mobile friendly


Inability to part-pay a purchase (although it isn't an accounting system this could be useful)
No reporting - only dashboard display
Not multi-currency
No API or plugin to Accounting
No costings on purchases
No stock-taking report

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Publié le 31/08/2017
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Publié le 20/02/2017
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