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A balance between simplicity and the robustness of a powerful project management solution backed up by a team of real people who understand the real value of SaaS. Software and service!

Perfect for a variety of verticals from in-house marketing teams to creative agency and IT consultants.

ProWorkflow redefines centralized project collaboration through transparency for executives, project managers, team members, contractors and clients into not only one platform but one view. File sharing, time and expense tracking, resource management and gantt charts, ProWorkflow has it all!

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 Great Flexibility for a Project Management Tool

I've used this tool before, a few years back. They've made some improvements since then (and have more in the works to come). I'm impressed it is so versatile and fits just as well with my new company's workflow as my previous. Customer service is stellar, and it's pretty intuitive to navigate ...

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Reviewed 25 avril 2016 by


 Excellent - after using and testing many PM systems

Made for web designs, developers and anyone that has a lot going on! Here's a quote "Nathan and I rarely get excited about project management software but..... we are enjoying ourselves!!!!!" Proworkflow makes an easy and fun job of everything. From creating quotes, to easily converting ...

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Reviewed 2 février 2016 by

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À partir de: $10.00/mois
Modèle: Abonnement, Essai Gratuit

Solo: $10 per staff user per month
- designed for Freelancers
Professional: $20 per staff user per month
- most popular
Advanced: $30 per staff user per month
- perfect for Enterprise

Client and Contractor access is free on all plans.
Professional and Advanced plans include unlimited active projects.

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À partir de: $15.00/mois
Modèle: Abonnement, Essai Gratuit


À partir de: $49.00/mois
Modèle: Abonnement, Essai Gratuit, Freemium


Modèle: Abonnement, Essai Gratuit, Freemium

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  • Centralized Project Collaboration
  • Flexiible Project Templates
  • Easy Task scheduling and tracking
  • Availability tool
  • Branding & configuration
  • Contact & company search
  • Permission based access
  • Messaging & file sharing
  • Time tracker widgets for desktop
  • Notifications & alerts
  • Timesheet entry options
  • Quotes & invoices
  • Gantt style timeline
  • Import Contacts from template
  • Mobile & iPhone application
  • Individual & overview reports
  • Open API
  • Free training and support


Project Management:
Manage projects through interactive timelines and company wide overviews. Plan projects by looking at staff availability to gauge realistic deadlines. Get the job on done on time, every time.

Task Management:
Create in-depth task lists with sub tasks breaking down the structure of a project. Drag and drop to delegate and assign tasks to staff members. Prioritize your to-do list and keep communications all in one place. Recreate similar lists of tasks through powerful templates.

Budgeting and Tracking Time:
Streamline processes through budgeting and tracking time on tasks and projects. Create quotes based on budgeted time on projects and tasks. Invoice based on actual time spent.

Resource Management:
Forecast staff resource and plan realistic project scopes. Look into how individual staff workload is affected in real time as you go.

Keep all file sharing and communications in one place, on one page. Structured visibility to ensure the right people see the right things at the right time.

Business insight:
Robust reporting to help you identify and make real decisions that add real value to your business. Dedicated support to help you create personalized custom reports, showing you the answers your company is asking.

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Analyse Produit

Developed more than a decade ago with the goal of supporting the internal workflows and communication needs of growing organizations, ProWorkflow has expanded to become an all-in-one platform for businesses that need project management solutions. The cloud-based project management system works to reduce waste and operational inefficiencies within organizations, with time tracking, task management, and other tools that facilitate collaboration between managers, staff, clients, and contractors.

Small and mid-size businesses can use ProWorkflow to collect detailed work records, while also organizing jobs and delegating tasks in an efficient manner. The platform’s Timeline and Availability tool gives users the ability to review and reschedule projects with the click of a button, while mobile features for smartphones and tablets satisfy the demands of organization leaders who are always on the go.

Qu'est-ce que ProWorkflow ?

ProWorkflow is an online project management solution for small to mid-size businesses. The platform has been designed to include features for managing workflows and tracking time, which are two common struggles faced by growing organizations. Users can assign start and due dates for particular tasks, they can allocate certain amounts of time, and they can generate detailed reports showing how close their employees are to meeting those estimates. A time tracker widget is available to make tracking time even easier for people who use Mac or Windows.

ProWorkflow is most frequently used by businesses in the technology, creative, marketing, government, community, education, and health industries. Production managers, executives, employees, clients, and contractors all benefit from this platform, as they can become more efficient in their roles when they take advantage of the project management features that the app provides. For example, ProWorkflow gives managers an easy way to record work content for multiple projects and delegate tasks to the most capable employees. Its App Store is available to extend the functionality of the platform, as well.

Fonctionnalités Clés


ProWorkflow uses a Gantt drag-and-drop interface to easily schedule (and reschedule) both projects and tasks. Individual items can be placed on a project Gantt chart, where workload calculations are seamlessly run to ensure all team members are working at optimum efficiency. Color-coded bars are used to demonstrate which projects and tasks are in progress, completed, or past due.

In the event that a particular project or task is running behind schedule, you can revisit your timeline and quickly reschedule certain tasks or due dates. ProWorkflow gives you the flexibility to move single items or multiple items at one time, while comprehensive filters limit the noise and bring you the information you need.


Timesheets are used to track time, and they play an integral role in the ProWorkflow platform. Users can track time and move time entries into different positions with drag-and-drop functionality. They can also enter bulk time records. Timesheet reports can be printed or exported at a moment’s notice.

To use Timesheets, just select any task and drag the task onto the Timesheet. That action will allow you to track time and record time records. Manually start and stop the timer as you make your way through the workday, and ProWorkflow will automatically allocate the time you’ve spent on the specific project or task. ProWorkflow also makes it possible to set working hours and generate summary reports.

Project Dashboard

ProWorkflow keeps all project information on one dashboard, which makes it easier for users to quickly find the details they need. Project dashboards can be viewed by assigned employees, clients, and contractors. They can be setup to include tasks, time tracking, messages, files, quotes, and invoices.

From your dashboard, you can manage resources, time, and cost. You can also access ProWorkflow’s messaging tool, which allows you to collaborate securely with clients or contractors through the cloud. Clients can also submit Project Requests through ProWorkflow, however you still maintain total control over how projects are managed and tasks are assigned.


In today’s work environment, mobile solutions are a requirement. ProWorkflow gives professionals a way to manage projects and tasks from their smartphones and tablets. In addition to basic project management features, users also have access to time tracking and task management tools.

Download shared files and send messages to colleagues about the status of any tasks you’re working on through ProWorkflow’s mobile messaging system. Reporting tools allow you to track the status of projects and view upcoming projects while you’re on the road or before you agree to add anything more to your plate. You can also track time, approve project requests, download files, and access contact details for clients through your mobile device.


With the ProWorkflow API, organizations have the flexibility to create their own custom apps and integrate existing ones. ProWorkflow’s App Store includes a number of useful tools to extend the functionality of the platform. ProWorkflow also integrates with popular third-party business apps like Quickbooks, Xero, and Invoice Plugin Quotes.


Multiple pricing plans are available to meet the needs of businesses. ProWorkflow’s most lightweight plan is its Solo plan, which costs $10 per month, per user. The Professional plan costs $20 per month, per user. The Advanced plan costs $30 per month, per user. A 14-day free trial is available for new users with no credit card required.


  • Collaborate on tasks with clients and contractors
  • Manage company projects remotely
  • Plan projects and tasks by assigning start dates and allocating time.
  • Create invoices from time records
  • Give employees access to information pertaining to allocated tasks


Qui est l'utilisateur type de ProWorkflow ?

  • Experience level: All experience levels
  • Industry: Technology, creative, marketing, government, community, education, and health
  • Business size: Small businesses and mid-size businesses
  • Departments/roles: Production managers, executives, employees, clients, and contractors
  • Budget/point: Starting at $10 per month
  • Example customers: NV Interactive, Fourth, Lines In Design, Euphoria Telecom
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