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Stitch is an inventory and order management platform built for modern, high-growth brands. We help you sell efficiently across multiple channels, respond quickly to operational demands, and control your inventory from one place. With Stitch, you get a partner and platform focused on forward-thinking retail, helping you focus on building your business.

Stitch centralizes your inventory, sales, and fulfillment data into a single dashboard, offering 30+ real-time reports and forecasting insights for smarter purchasing, allocations, and pricing decisions.

Seamlessly integrate Stitch with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Shopify Plus, Bigcommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, Square, Quickbooks Online, Xero, inDinero, ShipStation, Shipwire, DCL Logistics, Shipping Easy, Stripe, Scout, and More!

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Sammy Hadriye

Looks easy but takes a lot of learning how things work

Reviewed 2015-06-25
Source: Capterra

Got this software to connect multiple platforms that i have with one inventory system. I actually shopped the market through a good amount of inventory management softwares. I had a few key points in mind that i needed, and Stitch Labs seemed to have it all, and looked pretty easy to use. Based on the marketing that i have seen them do. It seemed like they are constantly changing and growing, so i thought it would be the best bet. Some things i found that became a big liability for me when working with them: Cons: 1. Customer service is in California i believe, so any response i needed immediately i needed to wait until about 12 - 1 pm (i am located EST) 2. Their platform was very complicated to use on the simplest term. I am pretty tech savvy and have about 10 or so softwares that i use on a daily basis and i kept finding myself having to contact customer support. 3. Besides for Shopify, they aren't really fully integrated. They are basically a shadow of what is going on in the platform. So really they are good for reporting in that sense, but not solving the issue of inventory really. ( what i mean by that, they only receive information from platforms about products and inventory, they dont send back information. Only Shopify, do they send information back to the platform. So your still stuck to working and managing however many platforms you have.) Overall, the feeling that i get from the platform is that it was built by programers and developers, and their mindset as to how to manage things. Where as you would want an inventory management platform to be built with an inventory managers mindset. Yeah, they hit every point they say they do but how do they hit each point is a big deal. A lot of times i feel like im scratching my right ear with my left hand while working with their platform. Which is a big waste of time, and gets me and my employees very confused. Pros: 1. When you do get customer service, their are very respectful and helpful. 2. They are a growing company. 3. They do hit every point they say they do. I just wish they had the most simplistic/fundamental inventory management things done simply. A lot of other people do it, im sure they can.

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Anonymous Reviewer

Lots of holes with this software

Reviewed 2017-02-02
Source: GetApp

I have recently joined a company as a financial consultant and have 25+ years using varied operating software (ERP, stand-alone, cloud-based, inventory...). The company I consult for is a distribution company that has several sales channels (3 Shopify and 1 Amazon) selling into both B-to-B and B-to-C customer base. Stitch software seems to work well on the inventory movement side with the syncing from the sales channels as well as shipping the units via ShipStation. issues there... However, on the reporting side and syncing to an integrated accounting solution (we currently use Xero) is where the "holes" begin. Be ready to have the accounting team spend countless hours trying to reconcile Stitch to your accounting system... FIRST ISSUE: is with the closing of a sales order - there are 4 action buttons (pack, ship, invoice, and pay) that need to be completed in order to close the order. At that point, the order (invoice) is synced with Xero. This may work for most B-to-C activity but will not work with B-to-B (selling into wholesalers. Most payment terms offered to wholesalers are net terms (30, 60, 90...). So...the order cannot be closed out until payment is received which will be 1-2 accounting periods later. So the revenue recognition will not be accurate. Companies that carry inventory should confirm to using the accrual method of accounting, not the cash method. Stitch says there is a way to manually close an order...but again this involves a lot of review and the manual closing of several orders. My issue is that Stitch should recognize a sale once the order is shipped, not when the invoice is paid... This is accounting as it's basic (if you're utilizing the accrual method). SECOND ISSUE: we have also encountered numerous syncing issues. You always need to review your accounting software for missed invoices synching from Stitch. It is now Feb 2, 2017, and issue with invoices not synching since Jan 27th...So that will need to be address and reconciliation will need to take place. This issue seems to occur every month, thus, there's a lot of time wasted trying to connect with customer support to rectify the issue. THIRD ISSUE: is that Stitch does not have a "true" sales report. They have 2 basic "sales" reports (Sales by Product and Sales by Variant). Both reports have date parameters so you run a date specific report. The issue is that the Stitch sales report include both OPEN and CLOSED orders. It states it is a sales report but it will never tie back to your sales amount posted in your integrated accounting software. You can get close with the reconciliation but will need to manually back out the open sales order data. Our team here has spent countless times communicating our issues with customer service (either through email, chat or telephone). Quite often if we contact them 2-3 times on the same issue, we may receive 2-3 conflicting solutions. leave the communication more confused than when you started (in this case it was on reconciling sales using existing Stitch reporting). FOURTH ISSUE: COGS. Stitch pushes a manual entry of COGS information to the integrated accounting software only 1-TIME per month. It should show up in your Accounting software as a "draft" journal entry ready for review and posting. We have not seen this monthly journal show up over the past year. So, trying to account for COGS can me was done but you will need to spend lots of hours and run a multitude of reports to make sense of the data. Your COGS entry will not be exact but close. For the bean COGS that gets you a close result does not work. You really need to have exact data. My big issue is that Stitch does not allow for daily COGS posting. Thus, if you're working on trying to provide financial updates to management, having them wait until the end of the month does not work. There are certainly lots of potential with this software but first, fix the back-end side.- the look and feel, no issues - the pricing, no issues - handling the movement of inventory units to/from the sales channels, no issues

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Daniel Gordineer

Overall one of the better solutions on the cloud but with its flaws

Reviewed 2016-12-01
Source: GetApp

We are grandfathered in from early stitchlabs pricing so we don't pay the $499 monthly price. Given that I miss out on upgrades as stitchlabs tries to phase out my $75/mo plan and force me to switch over. I use it with Shopify, Shipstation, Xero, Amazon, Paypal and Stipe. Eventually I will but not yet and here's the Pros and Cons why:Here's why I stay and you probably would choose this platform: It's the better one out there. I tried almost all of them for a trial period and gave each a good try except cin7 which required too much time to setup. It's avg but it works and support will attempt to fix issues if they can be fixed. The amount of bugs on other platforms outweighed any feature advantage they had over stitch. And overall I needed this to work which it did except the XERO invoicing. Any other PRO is completely outlined in product reviews professionally written I just needed to fill in some cons.

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Anonymous Reviewer

Stitch Labs Mediocrity for

Reviewed 2016-04-21
Source: GetApp

We manage multiple channels through Stitch. We've run into road block after road block. Everyone has order changes that come in after the initial order. While changes are easy to make, there's no way to automate sending order confirmations or shipping confirmations. It does integrate with Ship Station, which we've loved. But although they praised about that interface, if you have 2 packing slips/boxes associated with an order, it does not recognize that as 2 individual boxes in Ship Station. You end up having to Split the Shipment in ShipStation and then it closes the whole darn order in Stitch. If you have a partial shipment that goes out, you have to then update it in Stitch and in ShipStation. Stitch does not import the split shipment that you created in Ship Station. Lots of manual work. The QuickBooks integration is a nightmare. I wish you could map the fields the way you want them mapped. For instance, we have Companies and a Contact Person for each account. It only imports contacts and does not tie a company to a person. This is a nightmare on many fronts...both in QuickBooks, Stitch and ShipStation. Again, more manual entry required. Download a .csv, import to QB, try your best to get the info linked to an Account you already have created in QB. It's HOURS of fun!! (or DAYS of fun if you have a historical import.) We were also told about this barcode scanning and how easy it would make inventory counts. It is not functional. So,, unless you would like to add multiple other systems to supplement this product, then I would suggest going elsewhere. We're neck deep in it and after much time spent training employees and writing manuals on "How To" do things in Stitch, we're at a loss for words.-It's great to see all your orders in one place. -It creates a beautiful invoice. -We love the ability to import a Purchase Order and mark it as received into inventory. -We like it's dashboard capabilities

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Joshua Morris

Highly Recommended

Reviewed 2015-02-23
Source: GetApp

Our company, Luckless Clothing, has been searching for a service that can help assist us with tracking merchandise sales from within our storefront, as well as our online marketplace. StitchLabs not only meets those needs, but exceeds them. They've been such a valuable asset to helping us manage our inventory, and not waste valuable man hours hand counting our stock of well-over 150 items. You can only imagine how confusing it was counting stock three times a week, wasting hours upon hours making sure that we weren't selling items online that were sold here in store. It was an utter nightmare, and Stitch helped us alleviate those pains. It is extremely easy to integrate into your website, or into nearly any platform you currently use like Storenvy, Etsy, or other big sales marketplaces. In addition, Stitch does a fantastic job integrating into our Square Stand for our in-store sales, and helps us keep up to date information and purchasing trends for all of our sales channels. I would recommend anyone to use Stitch if this is an issue that you struggle with. -FANTASTIC inventory controls, easy to update products by downloading .CSV and then re-uploading it for mass changes to stock. -The REPORTS section is incredible. It does all of the comparisons, product tracking, and sales information for you to see what's been selling the best, analyze profits, and shows you so much more! This is by far one of the best assets to being involved with Stitch. -Allows for multiple sales channel information, so you can work on multiple websites and see which channels are performing better. -Gosh, there's so much more; such as having the ability to work with drop shipping products from wearhouse's, implementing shipping websites to help you work with mailing labels, and ordering products with their invoice services. Overall, Stitch is a FANTASTIC PRODUCT! I highly recommend this to everyone.

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Omar Beblawi

One Solid App

Reviewed 2015-02-16
Source: GetApp

I have been using Stitch for about six months now to power my online retailing business and I am very satisfied. Stitch is powerful stuff and it can be a little tricky if you're new to understand just how powerful it is, but in a nutshell, it is the connection between your inventory and the various channels you market it through. Used properly, stitch is a strategic piece in the puzzle that creates your business and easily replaces thousands upon thousands of dollars a month of human-error prone old world processes. I happened to join at a time when Stitch was making the upgrade to the new interface, Stitch 2.0, and this was a major upgrade and an ambitious only. There were bugs initially and I watched the team manage the transition with a mix of upfront communication (there was a big bug at one time and the CEO reached out, explained it and they got it fixed when they said they would), actual fixes (folks are working hard there) and a one-click "back to 1.0" ever present button if the whole thing was too much for your specific situation. I was impressed how smooth the transition ended up being given the mission-critical nature of the service on the one hand and the size of upgrade on the other. Finally, the support team, even are available on IM during working hours or by email - my plan doesn't have phone support. I have found they are able to take my poor wording, translate it into something quite simple, summarize and reply. Every time I had a question, I got a reply within 24 hours and a clear one at that. Again, impressed. In summary, the software represents a core function and empowers you to do a lot (and focus on the right stuff). The team that produced this and is supporting is a solid one - the bugs get fixed, support is clear minded and goes the extra mile to simplify not-so-simple concepts and top management is willing to own a problem and fix if it comes. A word of advice: don't try to make stitch your financial piece too - your data and flows need to be perfect for that and unless your machine is perfect it is much simpler to rely on something like Xero for your financial picture. That said the Inventory Financial Report in Stitch is an important piece and will help you understand CoGS from one period to the next - but if there are any "exceptions" in your workflow the stitch projection need to be ignored (they simply reflect poor data in your system which will invariably be there). For example, stitch will take your current inventory levels and using historical average cost and revenue for these SKUs give you a potential profit figure. This has always been off for me, but that's because my averages are off (thanks to a promotion, data entry or whatnot). My point is unless you're data is 100% solid (and your workflow makes sure it remains that way), Stitch is NOT your CFO in the cloud, even though your CFO will learn to love Stitch to do her job. Bottom line: once you find inertia with Stitch you'll wonder how you did without it.- Rich functionality - Support team is there for you - Xero integration that just works

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Weiwei Jian

Do not use stitch if you sell on ebay

Reviewed 2014-06-24
Source: GetApp

I read about the great reviews on the internet about stitch labs. Guess what, I tried it twice in 6 months time; it turned out to be a waste of time to say the least. The biggest bug stitch has is inability to work with ebay listings (they require all ebay listings to be 30 days duration. We followed their rules - delete all GTC listings and created them under 30-day duration. Yes, right we lost our sales history, like how many sold under GTC listings). Even you have changed all ebay listings to 30days, still it will cause problems for your ended listings with GTC duration - stitch will auto list those that you've ended. We had this situation 6 months ago and 6 months later they still have not fixed it, which caused quite a chao to our ebay listings and business - I had to manual delete each of the activated listings forced by stitch in every 10-15 minutes. I guess stitch should have not advertise it integrates with ebay while it's not yet, to say the least. In addition to this issue, we also observed that there are sometimes a system down on their server - we noticed that orders pulled from stitch and shipped via shipstation did not get updated status back to the marketplaces. This was frustrating because (1) we were not sure if those orders were actually shipped or not; (2) orders can be marked as shipped late if tracking is not uploaded in 1-2 business days. There are some other smaller bugs they may have, but those are the biggest two. I understand no system is perfect; however, I do not think a company should advertise service/products for sale if they are not ready for the public. I really wanted to love stitch but to me my experience with them was a total disaster. Emailed them about our bad experience and problems we found. No apologies ever said. Extremely disappointed. I wouldn't recommend stitch labs to anyone who sells on ebay. Thanks and good bye to stitch - there are plenty of programs out there that does not require 30-day duration listing on eeasy to use great customer support

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Anonymous Reviewer

Woocommerce Integration is a Joke.

Reviewed 2015-05-13
Source: GetApp

After being lured in by all the promising reviews, I have absolutely had it with Stitchlabs. The promised integration with Woocommerce is fickle and mostly non-functioning. Support has been terrible. The interface itself would be useful alone, if it wasn't so buggy and if the product lists were easier to search. Oh my goodness, there is nothing as painful as not being able to sort products except by looking up one at a time through the search. That is a HUGE hurdle and extremely aggravating. I really, REALLY wanted to like it. I just can't. It makes me stress just thinking about using it. They will take your credit card number right away on the phone. They MIGHT return email support after 3-4 days. Sometimes the interface works without freezing up. You learn how to type out all your product names real quick.

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Anonymous Reviewer

Stitch & WooCommerce barely supported. non stop issues.

Reviewed 2015-07-10
Source: GetApp

I jumped on board as soon as stitch launched the woocommerce addon in excitement, quickly hit the wall with integration and execution. problem after problem, connection issues, import issues, and hell to get support! one of our issues was importing our large order history - we thought this was crucial for reporting. in the beginning i learned very quickly i had to pay extra for phone support - the online chat was buggy as hell, i had left dozens of chat messages and got replies back off and on. when i did get in touch they were helpful and nice, but would often pass the issue on to their "engineers" which NEVER got back to me. i had to get support to manually push hundreds of orders as they would not sync! Even after i paid for phone support you have to book calls!!! good luck getting same day support! Currently i am dealing with an issue i reported months ago - with no response from any engineer, any sales that come through with coupon codes used do not get marked as paid, instead are marked with partial payments. to finalize the orders so they can be packed in shipstation one has to manually go into orders - awaiting payment - and go into each order and add a payment for the missing few pennies ( stitch cannot calculate the numbers correctly! ) the only reply was that this is part of stitches core functionality and most likely not be changed!!!! How can an ecommerce site operate with no coupon codes? it takes hours to manually add payments to each order! i have verified this with stitch staff and they are making zero effort to fix the issue. if this can be corrected i would be amazed but i cannot hold my breath. I don't understand how any other companies could operate with these bugs. Love the design & interface

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Phillip Young

Awesome Product! Easy & Seamless Integration

Reviewed 2015-06-11
Source: Capterra

We were spending countless hours keeping our inventory up-to-date across three platforms. Unfortunately we were doing all this manually. Not only were we wasting a lot of time on non-revenue producing activities, but we were also not able to keep up with sales at times and ended up refunding items that were not in stock. Not a very good business practice. Then along came Stitch. We have about 1000-1200 different SKU's. With the help of Stitch's customer service, we were able to export our items to an Excel file, do a little manipulation to them, and import them into stitch in a couple of hours. Unfortunately for us some of our SKU's weren't the same across all three platforms so that took a little while to correct. This was something that just happened over the years of doing things manually. This was a problem we created, but Stitch's folks helped us with ideas of how to get this corrected as well. In all it took about a week to get everything up and running. It was a little painful but most of that was caused by us and how we had all our SKU's entered. But after the initial pain was over, I could not be happier. Not only does all of our inventory update across all platforms when a sale occurs, we are selling MORE because our inventory is real time on all. Before we would limit inventory on a platform or two because we didn't want to sell something we didn't have. Not only are we saving money on keeping up with inventory manually, our revenue is also increasing. How can you beat that? Stitch also allows you to create purchase orders. You can pull in the items that are low stock right into a PO. You can setup your vendors right in the software as well. Once the PO is complete, you just share/email the PO to the vendor right from the software. This is another time saver for us. The best part of this is the receiving process once the order arrives. You just "receive" the items that came in and BOOM....the inventory is updated on all your sites. This is one of my favorite features. Before - we were spending hours on receiving stock and updating across platforms. Now we can spend that time marketing, looking for ways to improve our business, and keeping our eyes on the competition. I can go on and on about this product. In short, you should give it a shot. I'm sold! My only regret is we didn't find out about it sooner.

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À partir de: $499.00/mois

Modèle: Abonnement

Plans start at $499 and move up from there according to your unique business needs.

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  • Auto sync online and offline sales channels
  • Powerful reports & analytics for smart business decisions
  • Create and manage product bundles to increase volume
  • Integrate with eBay, Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, Etsy
  • Integrate with PayPal, Square, and ShipStation
  • Manage accounting with QuickBooks and Xero integration
  • Analyze sales down to product option with custom reports
  • Dashboard to see quickly see order status
  • Multi-user, multi-location capable
  • Export data to CSV, PDF, or Google Drive
  • Automatically create and save purchase orders
  • Application integration
  • Ship orders
  • Low stock alerts
  • Order routing
  • Performance insights


CENTRALIZE INVENTORY, DATA, AND OPERATIONS across all channels and fulfillment locations.

AUTOMATE AND INTEGRATE critical inventory, operations, sales, shipping, financial, and business systems.

CUSTOMIZE OPERATIONAL WORKFLOWS to meet and scale with your unique business needs.

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An online inventory control solution designed for growing multi-channel retail businesses, Stitch Labs simplifies operational challenges and provides users with a more holistic understanding of how their businesses are performing. The software automatically syncs a retailer’s inventory, orders, and sales across all channels, resulting in streamlined operational efficiencies and more strategic business decisions.

Ideally suited for multi-channel retailers that utilize one or more online sales channels, Stitch Labs is also frequently used by brick-and-mortar retailers, as well as wholesale channels. Key features include inventory syncing, multi-warehousing, FBA stock control, order management, analytics, accounting integrations, publishing listings, purchasing, and forecasting.

Qu'est-ce que Stitch Labs ?

Stitch Labs offers a way for multi-channel retail businesses to simplify operations through the use of centralized inventories and powerful forecasting tools. Business owners who use Stitch Labs are able to create more time in their days by streamlining and automating manual inventory tasks. They can also get access to sales forecasts and actionable insights, which can then be used to make smarter business decisions.

Ultimately, Stitch Labs provides its users of a clearer view of where their businesses are at and where they are going. Inventory reporting features—such as product reports, sales forecasting reports, historic stock logs, and sales channel reports—become an integral component in diagnosing a retailer’s strengths and weaknesses. Stitch Labs is also able to simplify the order management process with shipment tracking, historical order imports, wholesale management, and even drop shipping capabilities.

Fonctionnalités Clés

Inventory Syncing

Stitch Labs is able to keep stock availability updated across all online sales channels. Updates are made in real time as orders come in from customers on the web.

If you’re a retailer who sells on multiple channels, you’ll understand the value of inventory syncing right away. Let’s assume you have 30 pairs of red socks in stock at your warehouse. When an order comes in from Amazon, Stitch Labs will automatically update your inventory on the other channels you sell on. These channels could include Shopify or eBay, among many others.

Order Management

Businesses that sell on multiple channels—such as Amazon, Shopify, and eBay—often need support for managing sales and inventory changes. Stitch Labs serves as a central command center for all order management issues. This helps drive the process forward and improves efficiencies for retailers that need help managing product shipping and fulfillment.

To prevent customers from slipping away from your business because of poor order management, Stitch Labs, allows you to centralize your orders before they get sent to shipping with the use of shipping integrations, such as ShipStation or Shipping Easy. You can also manage your wholesale orders along with traditional retail orders, without the need to switch between multiple online systems.


Retailers that use Stitch Labs are able to quickly generate new purchase orders (POs) based on accurate sales forecasts and stock level alerts. The software's purchasing module streamlines the buying process, increases transparency about what stock is awaiting shipment, and ultimately improves supplier relations.

By creating a PO in your Stitch Labs account, all the pertinent information—including current product availability, typical purchase volume, and cost—will be available right away. To determine what stock is awaiting, view the Awaiting column in the Main Inventory view.

Forecasting Reports

Stitch Labs is able to provide its users with a proprietary forecasting algorithm. This algorithm can be used to predict upcoming sales volumes, which in turn improves purchasing and operations for any retail or wholesale business.

The longer you use Stitch Labs, the more accurate your forecasting reports will become. You can review your latest sales forecast reports to see estimates of when your inventory is expected to sell out. Using this information, you can connect with suppliers in a timely manner and avoid back-orders or sell-outs.


Stitch Labs integrates with Quickbooks, Quickbooks Online and Xero. The web-based solution can automatically send sales, purchasing and inventory asset numbers into these systems.

Stitch Labs also integrates with sales channels such as Amazon, BigCommerce, eBay, Etsy, Magento, Store Envy, Square, Shopify, SparkPay, Vend, and WooCommerce; shipping solutions like ShipStation and Shipping Easy; payments providers like PayPal, Stripe, and; and analytics apps such as Google Analytics, Lokad, and Google Drive.

An API is available, and Stitch Labs is working closely with partners that are building additional integrations.


Pricing for Stitch Labs is available on a tiered basis, with functionality tailored based on the size of the business.


  • Centralized online inventory management solution
  • Ideal for growing multi-channel retailers
  • Provides a strong operational foundation
  • Simplifies the operational challenges of growing a multi-channel retail business
  • Focused on reliability, support and continual client education


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  • Experience level: All experience levels
  • Industry: Retail and wholesale
  • Business size: All business sizes
  • Departments/roles: All departments
  • Budget/point: Prices start at $99 per month
  • Example customers: Chubbies, Nomad, Flash Tattoos, Farm Fresh Co.
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