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Sellsy est une suite de solutions en ligne CRM et ERP pour entreprises avec des fonctionnalités comme :

CRM pipelines
Gestion du temps et facturation d'heures
Travail d'équipe et gestion de tâches
Support client
Achats et gestion des stocks
Solution pour point de vente

Sellsy est aussi connectée avec d'autres SaaS (Logiciel en tant que service) reconnus comme Google Apps, Dropbox, Mailchimp et beaucoup d'autres.

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 Démarche commerciale très limite... 
Vendor responded

En pleine recherche de logiciel en ligne, je consulte Sellsy. La plus chère de ma top list mais je me dis qu'il faut tester pour ne pas regretter ! Après de multiples et cordiales relances tél et mail du service commercial (coucou Arthur !), je décide de payer le prix FORT pour un mois de ...

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Reviewed 7 août 2015 by


 Sellsy is not what it was. Look at the competition.

Hello everyone. I rarely take the time to give my opinion on the solutions that I use, but then I had to do it. Sellsy user for 3/4 years, I could follow the development of this tool. At first it was good (Invokit) startup atmosphere, interesting developments for a price of € 22 / month if ...

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Reviewed 29 août 2016 by Un utilisateur vérifié

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Encryption of sensitive data at rest
HTTPS for all pages

Access control

Multi-factor authentication options

Data policy

Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions
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Utilisateurs types
Indépendants, Moyennes PME (50-499 salariés), ONG, Petites PME (<49 salariés)
Supports compatibles
Linux, Mac, Windows, Web, Windows Phone, Site Web Mobile
Allemagne, Amérique Latine, Asie, Australie, Canada, Chine, États-Unis, Europe, Grande-Bretagne, Inde, Japon, Moyen-Orient et Afrique
Anglais, Français
Assistance en Ligne, FAQs, Téléphone


À partir de: $50.00/mois
Modèle: Abonnement, Essai Gratuit, Open-source

- Abonnement Sellsy (à partir de 40€/mois), pour 5 utilisateurs

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À partir de: $499.00/mois
Modèle: Abonnement

Salesforce Sales Cloud

À partir de: $25.00/mois
Modèle: Abonnement, Essai Gratuit


À partir de: $25.00/mois
Modèle: Abonnement, Essai Gratuit

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  • Track CRM opportunities with pipeline view
  • Mobile apps (Android and iOS)
  • Invoicing and business documents
  • Powerful API
  • Shared tasks and calendars
  • Store emails in client records (with attachments)
  • Comprehensive client records
  • Purchases and expenses management
  • Live margin calculation
  • Inventory management
  • Google Apps, Dropbox, Mailchimp connectors
  • Helpdesk ticketing system
  • Timetracking and billing
  • Wordpress, Prestashop and Drupal leads collectors
  • Prestashop ecommerce plugin
  • Live chat and discussion walls
  • Fine tuning of user access level
  • Connected cash register system


Sellsy has been created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, and you can feel it. The user interface is really easy to use and requires very little training: your staff will enjoy using it.

Sellsy offers features generally available in separate products: by choosing Sellsy, you'll skip the hassle of connecting various SaaS solutions together.

Alternatives à Sellsy

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The team behind Sellsy has upped its game once again with a point-of-sale extension that goes along with Sellsy's intuitive CRM software. Businesses that use Sellsy for online invoicing, collaboration, time tracking, and help desk management can also rely on the platform to unify inventory between brick-and-mortar and e-commerce stores and manage transactions using the Sellsy cash till.

The complete sales management system includes features for CRM pipelines, invoicing, time tracking, teamwork, task management, help desk management, and purchases and inventory management. The solution helps businesses keep track of profits in real-time, with instant reports for previewing margins project-after-project and keeping track of the hours spent working on individual business tasks.

Qu'est-ce que Sellsy ?

Sellsy is a soup-to-nuts platform that offers the necessary tools that business owners need to run their companies. Since its debut, Sellsy has provided users with CRM, invoicing, teamwork, time tracking, inventory management, and help desk solutions. In late 2013, the company debuted a point-of-sale system, as well. Quickly dubbed the “cash register from the future,” Sellsy’s POS connects to Mac, PCs, and tablets. Users also have the option to take advantage of a complete add-on product range that includes receipt printers, barcode scanners, and cash tills.

Businesses that utilize Sellsy's integrated tools benefit by being able to optimize their processes, with features that enable visual reporting and data filtering. Users can even add custom fields to filter their own data and adapt Sellsy to their existing business workflows.

Fonctionnalités Clés

Connected Point-of-Sale

Sellsy provides its users with a smart cash register for their points-of-sale. Clients can opt to use their own gear, or they can choose from Sellsy's product range, which includes receipt printers, barcode scanners, and everything else necessary to create a complete POS system.

Using Sellsy's POS allows you to unify your inventory between POS and e-commerce. Stock lists are the same whether someone is browsing your inventory online or in a brick-and-mortar store. Meanwhile, because the POS is integrated with the rest of Sellsy's platform, you can monitor sales in real-time and know exactly where you stand financially at any point. Create client records from your cash register without worrying about entering any complicated records. An email address alone is enough to start building relationships with customers through Sellsy's connected CRM.

CRM Pipelines

Sellsy's CRM solution works to help teams function in a unified environment while keeping employee satisfaction at the forefront. Leads can be collected straight from a website or Sellsy's connected POS solution. Sellsy's CRM also includes tools for task management and emails management, as well.

Use Sellsy's Wordpress, Drupal, or Prestashop modules to automate your opportunities, and click on the "pipeline view" to see the real-time status of all your business opportunities. Sellsy uses visual indicators to provide you with insight into how your actions are impacting the bottom line, with a drag-and-drop interface that you can use to quickly move opportunities through the sales pipeline.

Invoicing Capabilities

Powerful invoicing tools are one of the ways that Sellsy differentiates itself from competitors in the marketplace. Small businesses can use Sellsy to create professional-looking estimates and invoices with integrated branding features.

Sellsy's invoicing module offers the capability to manage all different types of documents in addition to client invoices, including estimates, orders, credit notes, payment invoices, and delivery slips. Sellsy automatically sends recurring invoices to clients who've signed up for subscription services. You can also send reminders to clients who are late paying their bills.

Time Tracking

Time tracking is a fundamental tool for businesses that are interested in tracking employee performance. Without a firm grasp on how much time their employees are spending on projects, it can be nearly impossible for managers to evaluate the true ROI and the margins for an individual project.

Throw out your Excel spreadsheets, and start using Sellsy's time tracking features instead. When you track your time with Sellsy, that data gets imported seamlessly into your monthly invoices. This allows professionals to directly bill their clients based on the time spent working on specific projects. Sellsy offers a native Mac application, which makes it even easier to track time through the platform. Time tracking features are available on the web, along with Sellsy's mobile applications.


Sellsy is an open solution, which means businesses can utilize Sellsy's API, in addition to a growing number of third-party integrations. Specifically, Sellsy integrates with Gmail and Google Apps. CRM add-ons and e-commerce integrations are available with popular business services like Dropbox, MailChimp, WordPress, Drupal, MailJet, Joomla!, and PrestaShop.


Sellsy’s pricing is based on the specific options that individual users require. As a result, no two businesses will pay the same rate to use all of Sellsy’s tools. Main subscriptions start from $30.90 per month, with teamwork tools billed at an additional $7.50 per user, per month. Sellsy accepts payments via credit card and Paypal and allows users to cancel anytime.


  • Helps businesses keep track of profits in real-time.

  • Unify inventory between brick-and-mortar and e-commerce stores.

  • Sellsy is built for small and mid-size businesses.

  • Point-of-sale extension that goes along with an intuitive CRM solution.

  • Keep track of the time spent working on specific client tasks.

Qui est l'utilisateur type de Sellsy ?

Intended for use by small businesses, freelancers, mid-size businesses, and non-profits, Sellsy already has more than 3,700 customers. The sales management platform was built for companies that manage clients, send invoices, or rely on time tracking tools. The POS solution is a feature that Sellsy's small business clients are able to take advantage of, as well.

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