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Jobber is a cloud-based field service management solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Designed and built to be fast to learn and easy to use, Jobber has all of the tools and flexible features needed for getting work done.

Jobber is an ideal solution for businesses in field service industries such as plumbing, landscaping & lawn care, maid service, computer repair, HVAC, pest control electricians, handyman, carpet cleaning, and more.

Jobber supports a wide variety of scheduled and unscheduled work flows, with both one off and recurring contract capabilities. Jobber's scheduling grid and map view ensure that teams are fully allocated and efficiently routed.

Jobber's billing system is tightly integrated with the scheduling platform, providing one click invoicing of one or more jobs with tracking and reporting that will ensure a business gets paid every time. Many of Jobber's users eliminate the additional cost of a third party accounting system.

Field service managers are able to keep track of every client interaction in Jobber so that the team has all of the information they need. Custom fields enable managers to track the specific bits of information unique to their business, and this can be seen in real time by the field service team on their mobile devices in the field, or wherever they happen to be.

Jobber gives users direct access to their customer information from any computer or mobile device. Robust yet easy to use scheduling, quoting and invoicing features helps businesses to stay organized and focus on doing good work. With additions and improvements made almost daily, Jobber is an actively and vigorously developed cloud based business system for field service businesses.

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 Didn't even get to sign up

I was on a trial period to use that ended. They asked if I wanted an extension and I said yes. Never heard back. Contacted them stating I would like to try a little longer to test the rest of the features and Kim told me I would have to wait until that Tuesday before she will call me.

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Reviewed 30 décembre 2016 by


 Great for what we need

This software has been very helpful in managing my mobile company! Jobber makes huge effort to update the software frequently to keep with users needs.

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Reviewed 29 avril 2016 by

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Encryption of sensitive data at rest
HTTPS for all pages

Access control

Multi-factor authentication options

Data policy

Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions
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Petites PME (<49 salariés)
Supports compatibles
Android, iPhone-iPad, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, Web, Windows Phone, Site Web Mobile
Australie, Canada, États-Unis, Europe, Grande-Bretagne
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À partir de: $39.00/mois
Modèle: Abonnement, Essai Gratuit, Open-source

Free trial, no credit card required!

$39/month for 1 user (paid annually)
Unlimited Basic employees
$9 per additional Pro employee
A range of Add-ons are available from Free to $9/month

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À partir de: $29.00/mois
Modèle: Abonnement, Essai Gratuit

HouseCall Pro

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ServiceTrade Commercial

À partir de: $59.00/mois
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  • Scheduling
  • Job tracking
  • Billing
  • Invoicing
  • Quote management
  • Electronic payments
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Mobile phone access
  • CRM
  • Mapping feature
  • Customized reporting
  • Real time data capture
  • Professional custom quotes/invoices
  • Customer list importing
  • Permanant secure data storage
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Powerful search tool
  • Xero integration


Jobber enables businesses to get organized, manage their customers and mobilize their workforce.

Jobber's powerful scheduling interface allows users to quickly and easily plan their days.

Jobber gives users instant access to their customer information from any computer or mobile device.

Jobber also handles quotes, billing & invoicing, job tracking, electronic payments, and QuickBooks and Xero integration.

The software is developed and updated almost daily.

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Analyse Produit

It wasn’t long ago that field service professionals were completely cut off from their in-office support teams. Schedules, client information, and maps had to be printed out at the beginning of each day, and last-minute changes were incredibly difficult to make. Now, mobile technology is making it easier for field service professionals to run more productive and profitable businesses. Jobber is an example of a scheduling, invoicing, and productivity platform designed specifically for field services.

Plumbers, landscapers, electricians, and anyone else who works offsite on a regular basis can use Jobber to streamline operations and reduce technical inefficiencies. The company’s mobile platform includes features for job scheduling, invoicing, client tracking, and time tracking, all of which are valuable for professionals who spend the majority of their time working outside the traditional office.

Qu'est-ce que Jobber ?

Jobber gives field service professionals real-time access to their customers’ information, regardless of whether they’re sitting at desktop computers or using mobile devices on the road. Jobber supports both scheduled and unscheduled workflows, along with one-off and recurring contract capabilities.

By integrating a billing system with its scheduling and routing platform, Jobber has been able to decrease the number of clicks the average professional makes when sending estimates or invoices to customers. Automated invoices can be sent as soon as a job is complete, while recurring invoices are distributed at regular intervals to customers on subscription billing plans. All payment details, including check numbers and notes, are kept in a centralized location, which makes it easier for managers to keep tabs on their business data with detailed financial reports.

Fonctionnalités Clés

Scheduling Jobs

In-app scheduling tools allow both in-office and offsite employees to track the progress of daily schedules and make changes on the fly. Job scheduling can be made on a one-time or recurring basis. (For example, a landscaper may see Client A every Monday, while he may see Client B just once a season.) Schedulers can assign one or more employees to each job, knowing that Jobber won’t allow for double-bookings or over-assignments.

Use the drag-and-drop scheduling grid to assign your own workforce as clients call in for service. You can check each team member’s schedule to see who is available at a specific day and time. Jobber also gives you the flexibility to schedule jobs without assigning a particular employee until a later date. The system allows for real-time updates and changes, which means your field service professionals can be re-routed and their schedules adjusted if a client cancels at the last minute.

Invoicing Customers

By integrating an invoicing and billing module into its field service management platform, Jobber has decreased the work involved in sending bills to customers. The solution offers a follow-up feature that ensures invoices never slip through the cracks, along with recurring billing options for companies that see certain customers on a regular basis.

Set up your invoicing system from within Jobber, including details like pricing schedules and invoice frequencies. Jobber sends invoices by email automatically, and the platform will let you know if there is ever a problem with delivery. When clients forget to send payments, Jobber sends automated reminders at the intervals you select. It also includes features for payment tracking and integrates with electronic payment partners including Paypal, Braintree, and Stripe.

Real-Time Routing

Time spent on the road is time that businesses can’t bill for, which is why Jobber takes its routing features seriously. The application uses route optimization to put unscheduled jobs into the best order by location, decreasing the time that professionals spend driving from jobsite to jobsite each day.

Use the drag-and-drop job ordering feature to put unscheduled jobs into a more suitable order using a digital map. You can make changes in real-time if a client reschedules or cancels an appointment. You can also add-on GPS tracking to improve operational efficiencies for your field service technicians.

Task Management

Task management is an important feature for workplace productivity. Using Jobber, field service professionals can keep tabs on what’s going on inside the office, even when they’re working on the road.

Assign tasks to your team, or yourself, making sure to include deadlines and details whenever possible. When you complete tasks in the field, your in-office staff is immediately notified. If you forget to complete a certain task, Jobber will send you an automated reminder before the task is scheduled. Calendar synchronization is another feature that ensures tasks are completed on time whenever possible.

Customizable Reports

Reports help businesses determine what they’re doing right, and what they’re doing wrong, along the path to maximizing productivity and efficiency. With Jobber, users are able to create customized reports that target virtually any aspect of their businesses.

Click on the “Management” tab to create a report for your business, making sure to select which type of report you’d like to automatically generate. Historical reports allow you to pull past data and review how your productivity or income levels have changed over time. You can also create invoicing reports, transaction reports, and even client communication logs. Reports can be exported as CSV files.


Jobber integrates with a number of external business applications, including electronic payment services such as PayPal, Braintree, and Stripe. Users can also integrate Jobber with accounting platforms from QuickBooks and Xero.


Jobber charges a flat $39 per month for everything a business needs, with no contracts, no setup fees, and no training costs. Although Jobber includes two login users and unlimited employees for that price, businesses will have to pay $9 a month per additional login user. Add-on features, such as GPS tracking, chemical tracking, and time sheets are available at an additional price, as well.


  • Streamlines operations for field service companies

  • Mobile interface includes full back-office functionality

  • Includes features for job scheduling, invoicing, client tracking, and time tracking

  • Helps field service professionals run more profitable businesses

  • Automated invoicing tools increase on-time payments


Qui est l'utilisateur type de Jobber ?

Jobber was developed for professionals in field service industries, including those with landscaping, residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, pest control, electrical contracting, alarm installation, painting, plumbing, and renovation businesses. Although most Jobber users are small businesses (SMBs), the solution can also work for medium-size field service businesses, as well.

Within the businesses that use Jobber, professionals in all different areas can take advantage of the features the platform provides. For example, front office administrators may find the scheduling and calendar tools useful, back-office accountants may find the estimating and invoicing features useful, and offsite field workers may find the route optimization features useful.

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