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Deputy provides an end-to-end solution for managing your workforce. From employee scheduling to payroll integration, all provided as one solution. Do your scheduling using our web or mobile app and publish to your staff via email/sms/push notification with the option of having your employees confirm their shifts. Employees can clock in using Deputy mobile apps with geo-location tagging or they can use the Deputy Kiosk iPad app with face detection. Transfer your virtual timesheets to cloud payroll solutions seamlessly with full overtime calculations. Or download to file for excel or on-premise analysis. It's simple, it's easy and it's fast!

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 Reduce scheduling time impact on your business

We have over 170 staff in 6 regions nationally. We are looking to expand this to our international teams. We operate event merchandising at venues all around the country, however, we cannot install fixed hardware to have our team clock on and off for their shifts. The Deputy experience for our ...

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Reviewed 27 janvier by Anthony Morton


 Great Tool

This really helped me track the people that were working. I knew how many people I had working and what gaps I need to fix. I can always go back and see who was working that day.

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Reviewed 13 décembre 2016 by C.O.O & Co-Founder

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À partir de: $1.00/mois

Modèle: Abonnement, Essai Gratuit

Deputy offers a free unlimited trial and pricing from just $1.00 per employee per month! There are no long term contracts and a credit card is NOT required to begin with a trial.


  • Scheduling - simple drag & drop interface
  • Compliance - Filter staff on training and availability
  • Employee - Manage performance, communicate and engage
  • Tasking - Assign and Track tasks
  • Online - 100% web-based and access from anywhere, anytime
  • Mobile - Native iOS, Android and mobile web versions
  • Timesheets - Capture and approve timesheets
  • Reporting - track and review your data with widget & report
  • Leave - integrated approval & scheduling
  • Notifications - Email, SMS & push notifications
  • Employee portal - View shifts, tasks & leave/availability
  • Time clock - Use employee mobile as geo-locatable time clock
  • Payroll - Integrate with payroll softwares in one click
  • Time clock - iPad kiosk with face detection
  • Communication - via email, push notification, sms 2-way
  • Payroll - Forecast your labor costs
  • Open Shift - Handle no-shows/sick calls with quickly
  • Shift Confirmation - get your staff to confirm shifts
  • Calendar Sync - Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar, etc
  • Sales & Weather - Schedule based on business demand

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Administrations Publiques, Grands Comptes (> 500 salariés), Moyennes PME (50-499 salariés), ONG, Petites PME (<49 salariés)
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Android, iPhone-iPad, iPhone, iPad, Linux, Mac, Windows, Web, Windows Phone, Site Web Mobile
Allemagne, Amérique Latine, Asie, Australie, Canada, Chine, États-Unis, Europe, Grande-Bretagne, Mexique
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* Run multiple business and locations under one account.
* Save time on payroll processing and administrative tasks
* Communicate and get confirmation of read receipts
* Delegate tasks and track progress
* Reduce double handling of schedules and timesheets
* Visibility across your organisation and locations, anywhere, anytime
* Safe & secure data storage
* Regular product upgrades and enhancements for free
* No hardware or software required - just internet access

Qui est l'utilisateur type de Deputy ?

Businesses in a variety of industries can benefit from Deputy's many cost-saving features. From retail shops to medical offices, employees and business owners across the globe are using Deputy to ensure shifts are covered and workers are paid. For any business with five employees or more, the easy-to-use interface makes clocking in, clocking out, and communicating messages a breeze.

While Deputy can be employed in any environment, the features work best for hourly employees rather than salaried employees. It's the perfect app for any business owner who is challenged to manage multiple employees in a hectic business environment.

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Deputy automates the process of tracking time and attendance and scheduling employees for businesses of all sizes. The cloud-based time and attendance software is designed to facilitate communication between business owners, managers, and employees, helping busy professionals stay in touch even while on the go. Because it's completely cloud-based, workers can access their timesheets and leave requests from home or while traveling, as well as in the office.

Instead of punching a timeclock or filling out paper-based timesheets and leave requests, businesses can centralize everything through Deputy. Businesses report significant savings on payroll costs using Deputy, apart from the additional savings they enjoy by reducing time and administrative costs.

Qu'est-ce que Deputy ?

Deputy promises to be an easy and powerful time reporting and scheduling app, allowing businesses to request time off and business owners to approve it. The social media-like interface encourages communication among all team members, avoiding the many issues that stem from miscommunication.

Many businesses find they can simply set up Deputy on a shared iPad, where employees can clock in and out to signal the beginning and end of shifts and breaks. Employees need only choose their name from a list and enter a pin to log their time. When an employee logs in at the kiosk, any pending communications can be read. The employees can also leave messages for supervisors.

Fonctionnalités Clés

Managing Schedules

Using Deputy's Rostering feature, business owners can schedule shifts in advance, ensuring all work will be covered even if someone is on vacation. To create a shift, managers just double click on the designated date and choose a start and end time for the shift, as well as the break length. The system will then prompt the manager to choose from a list of available team members, who can be added with just one click.

Once a roster is finished, the manager can publish it on the app or print it out and hang it on the wall. The next week, last week's roster can be copied and rearranged to meet that week's changes. Rosters can also be emailed or text-messaged to employees to keep them from having to come into the office to check them.

Manage Payroll

To make payroll easier, Deputy integrates with some of the most popular payroll processing systems. Employee schedules will be connected directly to these applications to ensure pay is processed in a timely and efficient manner. This helps reduce errors while also removing paperwork from the process.

This payroll integration will also make things easier at tax time. Businesses can use the information gathered by Deputy to process payroll taxes, whether they handle them independently or utilize a tax preparation service. Deputy also integrates with several popular project billing apps to make client billing easier.

Timeclock Replacement

Wall-mounted timeclocks have become outdated, but they served an important purpose. For shift workers, an on-site device that allows for easy punching in and out is crucial. Instead of relying on each employee to use a personal smartphone or tablet, Deputy Kiosk for iPad resides on a dedicated device that can be set up in a shared area, accessible to all workers.

Deputy also solves the problem of employees clocking in for each other by allowing the use of photo capture to verify an employee is actually on site when the start time is logged. For employees who have their own smartphone, an app can be used to not only clock in, but also use geo location to log the exact location of the employee clocking in.

Communication Facilitation

Deputy ensures business owners can easily communicate with all team members, with the ability to send updates to everyone at once. When tasks need to be assigned, they can be sent to team members directly within the app, which lets business owners communicate assignments as soon as they think of them. No more leaving Post-It notes on POS terminals or making last-minute phone calls. Once a task is complete, managers will receive a notification.

Through Deputy, managers can keep performance journals that consistently update staff of their performance. This consistent communication can help a business keep morale high, while also ensuring business owners are always aware of how a team is performing.


Thanks to Deputy's reporting features, business owners can access information on what team members are doing, including the number of rostered employees and the number of employees on leave. Deputy also provides information on which employees are celebrating birthdays.

Using the Roster vs Timesheet vs Sales report, owners can see how scheduling is impacting sales, whether positively or negatively. This can show how unscheduled overtime or unworked but scheduled hours are impacting a business's bottom line.


From payroll to point of sale, Deputy integrates with a variety of applications, allowing businesses to streamline operations to further save money. These integrations include payroll software like Xero, ZenPayroll, QuickBooks, project billing software like WorkflowMax, Wennsoft and POS software like Vend, Kounta and Shopify.

Deputy is also available in the Google Apps marketplace, which lets administrators install the software in a business's apps domain. Once there, users can install Deputy with one click.


A starter plan is available for free, but most businesses will prefer to upgrade to a paid plan for full benefits. The premium plan is only $1 per employee per week and includes unlimited employees and locations and the ability to send rosters via SMS and email.


  • Easy scheduling and managing of hourly employees
  • Deputy Kiosk allows employees to clock in and out using an iPad app
  • Ability to track employee behaviors and use photo authentication
  • Cloud-based interface allows access from anywhere
  • Reporting helps business owners determine effectiveness of scheduling

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