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Aircall permet aux entreprises de mettre en place une solution de téléphone simple et collaborative en quelques minutes.

1. Choisissez les numéros dont vous avez besoin et obtenez-les instantanément, dans 40 pays
2. Invitez vos collaborateurs et definissez facilement comment distribuer les appels et qui peut utiliser quel numéro
3. Laissez vos collaborateurs choisir l'app qu'ils souhaitent (PC, Mac, Chrome, mobile) pour prendre, passer et suivre leurs appels professionnels.

Aircall synchronise egalement toute l'information des appels avec les autres logiciels des entreprises, de Salesforce a Zendesk en passant par Slack, Pipedrive, etc.

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 Our e-commerce official phone

As a industrial furniture manufacturer, we use Aircall for all our phone lines. BARAK'7 is active in 4 countries and Aircall makes our live so easy that I would highly recommend the service!

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Reviewed 1er décembre 2016 by


 Aircall Review

I have had a good experience with Aircall in these couple of months. Call quality is cool. The app for android has improved a lot since the first time that I used it. I love it because I can now receive calls directly to the app and I can also forward them to any phone number, if needed. ...

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Reviewed 29 novembre 2016 by

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Encryption of sensitive data at rest
HTTPS for all pages

Access control

Multi-factor authentication options

Data policy

Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions
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Utilisateurs types
Administrations Publiques, Indépendants, Moyennes PME (50-499 salariés), ONG, Petites PME (<49 salariés)
Supports compatibles
Android, iPhone-iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows, Web
Allemagne, Amérique Latine, Asie, Australie, Brésil, Canada, Chine, États-Unis, Europe, Grande-Bretagne, Inde, Japon, Mexique, Moyen-Orient et Afrique
Anglais, Français
Assistance en Ligne, Base de Connaissances, FAQs, Téléphone, Tutoriels Vidéo


À partir de: $15.00/mois
Modèle: Abonnement, Essai Gratuit

Starter - 15€ /mois/utilisateur
- 3 utilisateurs max
- fonctionnalités simple, ideal pour les entreprises qui démarrent

Premium - 30€ /mois/utilisateur
- Nombre d'utilisateur illimité
- fonctionnalités avancées de gestion des appels
- integrations CRMs et Helpdesk

Entreprise - 50€ /mois/utilisateur
- Nombre d'utilisateur illimité
- fonctionnalités avancées de reporting
- integration Salesforce

Competitors Pricing


Modèle: Abonnement, Essai Gratuit


À partir de: $45.00/mois
Modèle: Abonnement, Essai Gratuit


À partir de: $19.99/mois
Modèle: Abonnement

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  • Local phone numbers in 30+ countries
  • Queuing
  • Manage multiple numbers and users in one place
  • Working hours per user
  • Forward to cell phones
  • Custom music and messages
  • Call transfer
  • Voicemail by email
  • Mac & Web App for each user
  • Shared team activity feed
  • Shared contacts
  • Call reporting
  • Analytics
  • Shared Call inbox
  • Click-to-call
  • Call from any number
  • Call Cascading
  • Real time modifications
  • Unlimited concurrent calls
  • Desktop notifications


- Aucun nouveau matériel n'est requis : Aircall utilise uniquement des apps sur PC/Mac, sur mobiles, ou meme vos bons vieux telephones fixes.
- Vue partagée des appels manqués et des messages au sein de votre équipe
- Gestion des horaires de travail de chaque collaborateur
- intégrations des informations sur les appels aux logiciels de CRMs et Helpdesk, en un clic.
- Appels en interne dans l'entreprise gratuits
- Appels à l'international jusqu'à 30% moins chers que sur d'autres plateformes connues

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When customers call businesses, they’d rather speak with someone down the road than across this globe. This need for closeness can trip up businesses with national numbers, however Aircall has developed a solution that enables SMBs to be closer to their customers, regardless of their physical location. The phone support software helps small businesses improve the relationships they have with customers by using local phone numbers in 30 countries.

Beyond providing small businesses with local phone numbers around the globe, Aircall also offers advanced phone support solutions, such as call cascading for teams, shared call inboxes and follow up lists, queuing, analytics, and shared contacts. Aircall’s business users can make and receive telephone calls on their computers or smartphones using the company’s mobile app. Small businesses ultimately sound more professional when they use Aircall’s phone support software.

Qu'est-ce que Aircall ?

Aircall provides simplified, professional phone support for businesses of all sizes. The company’s software is designed for startups and customer support teams with between five and 50 people. Most Aircall users work within the technology space, with international and remote operations teams becoming frequent users of the software.

A major piece of Aircall is a desktop app that professionals can use to make and receive telephone calls on their own PCs. The software saves its users time on follow up calls, and integrates with most existing CRM solutions. Businesses that use Aircall can immediately become “local” in multiple countries, all at one time.

Fonctionnalités Clés

Call Cascading

Using call cascading, Aircall distributes calls across entire teams or groups. The software either does this in sequence or all at the same time, depending on the settings that the business has chosen. Users have the option to change the cascading order, with a single click, at any time.

Call cascading is one of the ways that you can optimize the time you spend on the phone and connect with callers who might not otherwise leave a voice message. Assign a phone number to multiple people in your company and then define a “priority order.” If the first person who receives the call doesn’t pick up the phone, the call will automatically be routed to the second person in line, and so on. This ensures that prospects always reach someone on the phone, even if their primary sales contacts are outside the office or on another call.

Shared Call Inboxes

Aircall encourages its users to work as teams, with shared call inboxes that offer a complete view of any calls that require a follow up from the business. Users can archive a call when it’s been returned, which lets everyone in the group know that a follow up has been made.

When you log on to your Aircall dashboard and view your shared call inbox, you’ll see a list of all the calls your team has received from potential customers, along with information about whether a follow up is required. You can return calls through Aircall’s desktop or mobile app, and then mark calls as returned once your follow ups are complete. This lets your colleagues know that no more work is required.

Shared Contacts

Great sales teams know that collaboration is imperative to business success. Aircall facilitates this collaboration with shared contacts. Users can share the contacts they create within Aircall with their departments or teams. This ensures that everyone knows who is calling each time the phone rings.

Although you’ll want to share most of your contacts, Aircall also offers a feature that allows you to keep some of your contacts private. This may be beneficial if you have VIP clients or customers whose information you’d rather not share with certain people inside your company.

Local Numbers

Aircall offers its users instant local phone numbers in 30 countries. Rather than calling a national toll free number, customers can dial local telephone numbers when they contact a business that uses Aircall. As a result, customers feel like they’re working with neighborhood businesses, even if the organizations they’re speaking to are actually located across the globe.

Review Aircall’s country coverage, and then chose which local or toll-free numbers you’d like to select. You can port existing phone numbers to Aircall, and route your new numbers to the same location. All incoming calls can be answered from your desktop or connected mobile device.


Aircall offers web hooks and Slack integrations. Future integrations with Zapier and Zendesk are planned, as well.


Aircall will soon be adjusting its pricing to reflect upgraded features and tools for SMBs. The phone support solution will start at $29 per month, for up to three users. Additional users cost $9 per user, per month. The company also offers a premium plan for $99 per month and an Enterprise plan for $399 per month.


  • Phone support built for small and mid-size businesses
  • Frequently used by startups and customer support teams
  • Top features include call cascading, local numbers, and shared inboxes
  • Collaboration tools were designed with simplicity in mind
  • Decreases the time your team spends following up on missed calls

Qui est l'utilisateur type de Aircall ?

  • Experience level: All levels
  • Industry: All industries
  • Business size: Small businesses, mid-size businesses, startups
  • Departments/roles: All departments
  • Budget/point: Starting at $29 per month, for up to three users
  • Example customers: Admitis, PipeTop, Cybèle, Mis Clicks
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