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Fast-growth companies like Intercom, Babbel, Invision, Tile and Declara, rely on Workable to build great teams. All startups admitted to Facebook's FbStart program are also using Workable to grow.

We value simplicity, choosing the features that matter the most. We haven’t wasted time trying to replicate old-world HR processes but to reimagine hiring with a focus on how we work today and how business has evolved.

We put all our focus on finding the right candidate. The hard part of hiring should be choosing the best candidate from a good shortlist instead of building that shortlist in the first place. Workable will help you spend more time with real prospects and less time screening duds.

We believe that conversation can replace complex workflows, allowing you to easily collaborate with comments and notifications — concepts that any Facebook user is already familiar with.

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 Excellent software makes the hiring process a breeze!

This is my first experience with Workable and it has performed beyond my expectations! We are a rapidly growing tech company and as such have increased our hiring needs. We are trying to streamline our hiring process and increase efficiency for those involved. With no training and just a brief ...

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Reviewed 26 octobre 2016 by VP of Marketing


 your inbox for all new candidates

i've hired more than a dozen people using workable in the last 6 months. it's convenient but you may find it a little expensive unless you're constantly hiring.

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Reviewed 16 août 2016 by

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À partir de: $50.00/mois

Modèle: Abonnement, Essai Gratuit

Annual and custom plans include discounts for companies hiring at scale. 
Pay per job plans are also available, providing full flexibility to increase or decrease the number of jobs at any time. 


  • Hiring & Applicant Tracking Workflow
  • Post Openings To Popular Job Boards Without Paying A Fortune
  • Branded Career Pages
  • Social Media Recruitment
  • Fully-Customisable Questions And Requirements For Applicants
  • Unlimited Collaborators
  • Lightning-Fast Resume Parsing
  • E-mail Candidates, Including Mass Mailing and Mail Templates
  • Hiring Τasks Αrranged Ιnto Α Straightforward To-Do List
  • Recruiting and Sourcing Reports
  • Seamless Integration With Gmail
  • Easily Import Your Existing Resume Database
  • Email & Phone support, Dedicated Account Manager
  • Google Chrome Extension For One-Click Candidate Sourcing
  • API

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Workable screenshot: Organized to-do lists and a mobile ready ATSWorkable screenshot: No more data entry with an easy resume uploaderWorkable screenshot: Mobile ATS - Plays nicely on your phoneWorkable screenshot: Recruiting, EEO and sourcing reportsWorkable screenshot: Dig in to your hiring velocity reportsWorkable screenshot: Historic and current pipeline reportsWorkable screenshot: Real-time recruitment productivity reportsWorkable screenshot: Get a quick overview of your current hiring activityWorkable screenshot: Easy collaboration with your colleaguesWorkable screenshot: All your candidates in one placeWorkable screenshot: Easily browse through your candidates' profiles


Utilisateurs types
Grands Comptes (> 500 salariés), Moyennes PME (50-499 salariés), ONG, Petites PME (<49 salariés)
Supports compatibles
Android, iPhone-iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows, Web, iPad, Site Web Mobile
Allemagne, Amérique Latine, Asie, Australie, Brésil, Canada, Chine, États-Unis, Europe, Grande-Bretagne, Inde, Japon, Mexique, Moyen-Orient et Afrique
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With Workable there is nothing to install, no set up fees and no learning curves. You will be up and running in minutes. It will help you to hire better by simplifying the real time-consuming tasks: browsing, screening and managing candidates.

Workable helps you promote your jobs without paying a fortune. You can post your open positions to the most popular free job boards, like SimplyHired and Glassdoor. When you need a bit more exposure we offer unbeatable discounts on premium listings, like Monster and CareerBuilder.

Offers “CEO's email address" customer service with friendly people who actually built the software will answer your email or pick up the phone.

Make better hiring decisions as a team: Ask colleagues or external recruiters to upload, review and screen candidates. Get email notifications and send in your feedback from your smartphone or tablet. Invite as many team members as you need and set up different teams for different roles.

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The most significant benefit relates to driving efficiencies in the hiring process. Similarly, multiple features within the solution, such as candidate comparison and collaboration, enable recruiters to simplify the hiring process. Finally, the interface’s simplicity and minimalism enables recruiters to focus on essential tasks, instead of being diverted to clutter.

A rich dashboard of analytics also help small businesses quantify their hiring efforts.

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Workable combines the power of LinkedIn’s 200 million professionals with Internet technology and SaaS pricing.

The benefits for job hunters is the ability to apply for roles with one click, while the benefit for the employer is that they can analyze and display structured data and use this in the screening process.

The solution focuses on simplifying one of the most time-consuming recruitment tasks - looking for and screening candidates.

Qu'est-ce que Workable ?

Workflow's recruitment solution uses a process that is simple and straightforward. As LinkedIn forms the basis of all operations within the solution, it is therefore vital to have a LinkedIn account to use the software. Immediately after logging into LinkedIn, you are prompted to create a careers page for your organization. This page serves two main functions: it acts as your main homepage on the Workable site and is also used to advertise openings by embedding this page on your company’s website.

Creating jobs within the solution follows a standard workflow of detailing requirements for jobs, establishing screening requirements in which you can assign rules for each of the job criteria, collaborating with co-workers and colleagues to vet applicants, and finally publishing the job to job boards and social media. Workable has already tied up with Indeed, one of the largest job boards on the Internet, to post your job automatically to their site.

Workable has several features to speed up processing of resumes. You can establish preset filters for resumes, as well as collaborating with co-workers and colleagues to mark up individual resumes with comments.

The solution also helps you identify and track statistics related to your hiring efforts through a range of analytics, such as sources for overall responses and best quality responses. This helps job advertisers cut costs by eliminating job boards that do not provide quality leads. The solution also sends you a weekly or daily activity update for all listed positions.

Fonctionnalités Clés

One of the more awesome features of the site is the candidate comparison browser, which enables you to compare multiple candidate profiles within a single browser instance. The layout is clean and accommodates multiple candidate profiles at the same time. In addition, it enables you to compare their qualifications against major criteria you have shortlisted for the job. Thus, it speeds up the hiring process.

The interface is simple, clean, and minimal. The homepage consists of two links: Dashboard and Activity. Explaining the concept behind the interface, Moraitakis says that they built a design “that helps you focus on what matters.” The designers seem to have succeeded in that endeavour. While my test account had little by way of details, Moraitakis informs me that most small businesses have packed dashboard with useful information, communicated in a visual format, minus clutter and confusion.


On the anvil are several enhancements, including integrations with other, major social networks such as Indeed Apply, Facebook and Github. Integrations with other, major job boards such as Monster, CareerBuilder and SimplyHired are also in the pipeline.


Workable uses tiered pricing, based on the number of positions advertised through the solution and support provided. Much like other SaaS solutions, Workable has a free version that can, with increased payments, scale up to an enterprise version. The enterprise version enables users to advertise up to 25 open positions and gets them premium support through multiple channels and a dedicated account manager.


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