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Use When I Work to easily schedule and communicate with employees. Send the schedule to staff as a text message. When I Work includes free mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Also included is 2-way text messaging which allows employees to accept open shifts and request their schedule via text message. Activate Attendance and let your employees use the mobile time clock to punch in from their smart phones or set up an iPad as a terminal. Easily see which location your employees clock in from on the map and after you review the time sheets, you can finalize them with the click of a button.

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 Great for small business

We are a smaller golf course that had to schedule with weather as a factor. Our employees read their sched every day in case of changes. And they love swapping shifts to accomodate their social schedule.

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Reviewed 26 septembre 2016 by


 Great Scheduling Software/Application

I selected this app a few years ago due to it offering a 30 day free trial and being free to employees should I continue service (also no contracts with choice of low monthly or annual payments). I was impressed with the user-friendly interface and quick customer service responses that were ...

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Reviewed 23 juillet 2016 by

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Modèle: Abonnement, Essai Gratuit, Freemium

When I Work is completely FREE for companies with 5 employees or less. When I Work is offered as a subscription on a month-to-month basis. There are no long term contracts and a credit card is NOT required to try it out. Subscription is as low as $0.25 per employee per week ($1/month) and discounts are offered if you pre-pay for the entire year.


  • Employee Scheduling - simple drag & drop interface
  • Online Access - anytime, anywhere
  • Notifications - email, text message & push notifications
  • Communication - text alerts, group text, and 2-way texting
  • Time Clock - mobile phones, iPad, or PC (with Attendance)
  • Payroll - forecast your labor costs
  • Reports - track and review your data, export available
  • Calendar - iCal / Outlook Calendar / Google Calendar Sync
  • Templates - copy previous schedules for rapid scheduling
  • Trade Shifts - approve shift trades from your phone
  • Employee Availability - visible right from the scheduler
  • Payroll - integrations and easy export options
  • Mobile - FREE apps for iPhone & Android
  • Open Shifts - fill open shifts by text message
  • Multiple Locations - view all locations from one account
  • Job Sites - perfect for construction, home health care

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Almost everything you can do in the web app, you can do on your smart phone or iPad, allowing When I Work to fit into your life so you aren't tied down to your desk.

Qui est l'utilisateur type de When I Work Scheduling ?

When I Work was built to cater for organizations of all sizes although it is is most frequently used by businesses with 20 to 250 employees. Nevertheless, When I Work can be adapted to the anyone's needs, from large corporations with thousands of employees to small businesses with fewer than five employees. The software is applicable to any business seeking a better way to manage its hourly workers' schedules.

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When I Work is employee scheduling software that aims to streamline the entire employee scheduling process through its intricate technology and mobile tools. Along with managing the scheduling process, the solution provides employers with a straightforward way to communicate with their employees.

In addition to its simple staff scheduling features — which enable business owners and managers to create schedules for by-the-hour workers, taking variable shifts and time-off requests into account — When I Work scheduling software also provides a number of additional tools for attendance tracking and mobile employee communication.

Qu'est-ce que When I Work Scheduling ?

When I Work automates one of the most vital managerial tasks: employee scheduling, aiding in improving organization and communication among managers and staff. Minor errors will inevitably arise when creating schedules, no matter what internal processes are in place. However, the When I Work application equips with the right tools to manage these hiccups efficiently and effectively before they become an issue.

The application enables managers to review and edit shift schedules from their mobile devices, along with giving hourly workers an easy way to communicate among one another, as well as with their employers, via text and email. By opening up communication this way When I Work aims to decrease the likelihood of missed shifts, conflicting schedules, and unanticipated overtime costs.

Fonctionnalités Clés

Manage your staff schedule

You can set and manage your staff schedule by using the Scheduler Tool. Buttons to set positions, current location, and site, along with a publish widget button, are located on the left-hand side of the main page in the control panel.

The schedule is the basis of all processes within the When I work application. Managers are elicited to use the pre-designed schedule templates initially to get started. From here they can make adjustments based on weekly changes. When I Work will automatically alert you of any scheduling conflicts based on the preferences you will have chosen for the schedules you have set up.

Create and manage new employee shifts

The When I Work scheduling application gives you constant access to the status of staff availability. You can also see when employees have made requests for time-off, as well as fill open shifts at the last minute. You can then use When I Work’s various communication tools to notify employees of these changes, as well as when new shifts are available for them to take up.

You can add a new shift by clicking on any date in the Scheduler. You can manually set the time, along with any unpaid breaks or additional notes for the employee (e.g. “Don’t forget to clock-in when you arrive”). Click the Notify button to make your employee aware that he or she has been given an extra shift.

Send two-way and group mobile notifications

Both managers and employees can send notifications from devices using two-way text messaging and email alerts. Employees can configure reminders to be sent to their smartphones a few hours or days in advance of each scheduled shift.

When I Work also offers TeamTxt, another messaging tool that allows managers to send group text messages. It can also be used for manager-to-manager communication.

When I Work Attendance module

If you activate have When I Work Attendance (WageBase in the app store) in your account, you will be able to use the software's time clock tool to automate recurring schedules and track employee attendance. By using their desktop computers, tablets, or smartphones employees can update this information on the go.

When I Work’s Attendance module ensures that employees clock in when they’re scheduled to. If employees forget to clock in, actionable alerts are sent out to them. Alerts are also sent to managers to notify them when they’re close to paying overtime.

Employee time-off requests

When I Work scheduling software provides employees with an an efficient way to request time-off, allowing them they to request full days or partial days. You can then select whether this time-off should be paid or unpaid. Employees can also add notes for their manager to review when deciding over the requested time-off.


When I Work currently integrates with ZenPayroll (for When I Work Attendance) as well as the company's Time Clock and Attendance app, WageBase. However, the company are currently putting steps in place to build further integrations.


All When I Work plans are available with 30-day free trials. After that, businesses are encouraged to select pricing plans based on the size of their staff. Basic employee scheduling plans start at $29 per month (for up to 20 employees). This scales to $99 for up to 100 employees and then continues to scale as needed, at a rate of roughly $1 per employee. There is no monthly contract so you can scale up and down as your staff numbers change. This flexibility is particularly useful for businesses with seasonal employees, such as ski resorts or hotels.


  • Benefits for both employers and employees
  • Automate the manual handling of scheduling tasks for hourly workers
  • Instant 2-way communication and notification tools
  • Smartphone notifications when new schedules have been published
  • Employees can request time-off and managers can approve it

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