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Optanix is an AIOps software that helps businesses monitor IT infrastructure, manage network performance, generate predictive analytics, and more on a centralized platform. It enables staff members to utilize multi-perspective and root-cause analysis to detect issues, take corrective actions, and prioritize tickets, among other operations. En savoir plus sur Optanix
Cimpl est un logiciel de gestion informatique conçu pour aider les entreprises à gérer l'inventaire du réseau et à répartir les coûts sur divers appareils de télécommunication. La solution permet aux gestionnaires de trouver, d'évaluer, d'acheter et de gérer des fournisseurs en fonction des performances du transporteur. En savoir plus sur Cimpl
Level empowers IT professionals with the flexibility and security to manage, monitor, and control their company's devices from anywhere in the world, directly from their web browser. This solution was designed to work with Windows, Mac, and Linux. En savoir plus sur Level
Zenduty is an incident management platform that gives you greater control and automation over the incident management lifecycle. Zenduty centralizes alerts, notifies the right people reliably, and enables them to collaborate, take rapid action and resolve incidents faster. En savoir plus sur Zenduty
DeskRoll is a web-based remote support software designed to help businesses access devices using any operating system and mobile devices. With two-factor authentication capabilities, the system allows teams to connect to Mac and Windows devices. The platform enables employees to use secondary accounts and user lists and open multiple connections... En savoir plus sur DeskRoll
Komodor est une plateforme native de Kubernetes qui permet aux développeurs et aux équipes de garde de dépanner efficacement et indépendamment. En savoir plus sur Komodor
SuperOps.ai is a PSA-RMM platform powered by automation and made for modern-age MSPs. Packed with features like asset, policy, patch, and client management, SuperOps.ai is on a mission to build the next-gen MSP platform. En savoir plus sur SuperOps.ai
Appaegis extends zero trust from application access to data access governance to reduce risk, apply real-time control to access, and provide granular visibility to access and availability of critical assets. En savoir plus sur Appaegis Isolation Access Cloud
Microtica is a self-service cloud infrastructure creation and application deployment solution. Through the developer portal UI, developers can access a library of battle-tested components, create and replicate Cloud environments, and deploy applications through self-service. En savoir plus sur Microtica
Cybersprint is a security platform that allows companies to visualize their digital footprint and identify online access points to their business systems. The software searches all possible public entrances via the internet: social media, IoT, mobile apps, and the dark web. En savoir plus sur Cybersprint
ComSci IT Financial Management (ITFM) software helps organizations manage and communicate the cost, quality, and value of the IT services they deliver to the enterprise. En savoir plus sur ComSci
Empowering software development teams to collaborate through actionable highlights on people, processes, and software quality. Keep using your favourite tools to gather the metrics that will help you improve your development and delivery processes. En savoir plus sur Axify
CPTRAX for Windows provides real-time enterprise-wide alerting and auditing for Windows servers, workstations, and Active Directory environments. The platform allows organizations to monitor permissions changes across file systems, file and print shares, server authentication, group policies, and user activities. En savoir plus sur CPTRAX for Windows
IsDown is a monitoring tool that will help you keep track of all your service's status. It lets users send instant notifications in email, Slack, or Discord when a service is experiencing problems. En savoir plus sur IsDown
IRIUM SOFTWARE provides ERP solutions dedicated exclusively to dealers, distributors, repair agents, rental companies and importers of equipment in the agricultural machinery, public works, handling, heavy goods vehicle and recreational motorbike sectors. En savoir plus sur Irium-software
Patented SaaS AIOPs platform that can simplify the management and delivery of virtual desktops and apps on both private and public. En savoir plus sur EuVantage

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