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GetSecured is a data protection program designed to help businesses detect vulnerabilities and data breaches. The platform acts as a comprehensive security scanning tool to find breached data, web app/AWS cloud vulnerabilities, exposed servers, and compliance issues. En savoir plus sur GetSecured
A software solution that helps businesses automate data security and compliance through discovery, mapping, labeling, risk mitigation, and protecting data assets. En savoir plus sur Polar Security
Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is an antivirus solution for Windows PCs that provides real-time browsing protection and prevents threats such as Trojans, ransomware, and spyware from invading the user's machine and putting their privacy and data at risk. En savoir plus sur Advanced SystemCare Ultimate
Rzilient est le partenaire de gestion iT nouvelle génération des petites et moyennes entreprises. Nous proposons une plateforme SaaS d'iT management complète, tous services inclus (online + offline), nourrie par une AI prédictive pour des économies en euros, en temps, en carbone. En savoir plus sur Rzilient
BroShield is a computer security and parental control software that helps individuals and families block inappropriate sites, schedule screen times, restrict activities, receive suspicious activity alerts, and more from within a unified platform. It allows users to monitor activities in real-time, restrict adult websites, set up web firewalls,... En savoir plus sur BroShield
Risk Assistant is a cloud-based cybersecurity solution that helps businesses of all sizes prevent financial losses. It provides effective defensive measures to protect a business by evaluating and tracking risk levels. En savoir plus sur Risk Assistant
The easiest password manager you've ever used. Using a smartphone instead of a master password makes heylogin 2-factor secure by design. Just one swipe and you're logged in to any website. En savoir plus sur heylogin
Adaptive SSO Authentication & FIM Solution Hitachi ID's all credential self-service identity authentication management for passwords, security questions, smart cards, tokens, etc. Request a demo. En savoir plus sur Hitachi ID Bravura Pass
Prove's Phone-Centric Identity platform helps companies mitigate fraud while accelerating revenue and reducing OPEX across mobile, desktop, tablet, contact center, and in-store channels. En savoir plus sur Prove
Protect computers and devices in your IT network from malware by removing administrative privileges and limiting the actions that can be performed by a standard user. Eliminate standing privileges & enforce JIT access. Control application usage and track activities using comprehensive audit trails. En savoir plus sur Windows Privilege Manager
Secure Remote Worker addresses the challenges faced by BPOs & Contact Centers enabling them to create a secure and compliant remote working environment that allows them to scale faster. En savoir plus sur Secure Remote Worker
The ASPIA platform enables automated and simplified security assessment and vulnerability management. Using ASPIA, enterprise security workflows can be automated and orchestrated to measure and improve efficiency and accuracy. En savoir plus sur ASPIA

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