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There's a whole world of user behavior out there. Discover it for yourself. It's time to step into your customers' shoes. Our technology empowers optimization. En savoir plus sur Decibel
Tirez parti de tableaux de bord hautement innovants et interactifs pour les plateformes de centre d'appels Cisco Finesse, Genesys et Avaya. En savoir plus sur iVision Plus
Mingo is a fast, reliable, safe and intuitive MongoDB admin. Great features. Happy users. En savoir plus sur Mingo
Connect Dashboard Server Community Edition to any enterprise IT tool for powerful visualizations in minutes. Plus, you’ve got endless extensibility with the Web API tile, PowerShell tile, and SQL visualization capabilities. En savoir plus sur SquaredUp
Mosaic is a strategic finance platform that powers agile planning, real-time reporting, deeper analysis, and better decision-making for fast-growing startups. Consolidating data from ERP, CRM, HRIS, and billing systems, the platform provides a single source of truth across the business. En savoir plus sur Mosaic
Share, compare, and monitor your development team's test results data across all stakeholders. With Calliope as your single source of truth for your JSON or XML formatted test results data, your team will collaborate easier, test more efficiently, and reduce the number of bugs in production. En savoir plus sur Calliope.pro
upBOARD is a cloud-based business process management platform that helps businesses design, approve and digitize enterprise workflows, projects, assessments and other processes. Administrators can utilize the application to upload brand-specific best practices in a centralized library or choose from available templates to generate workflows. En savoir plus sur Praxie
DASH, built on Salesforce, is a dashboard that helps businesses create and manage data visualizations. It lets staff members build custom dashboards to view, analyze, navigate, and compare numerical data to optimize strategic decision-making processes. En savoir plus sur DASH
CloudRadial is a web-based client and ticketing portal designed to help Microsoft cloud solution providers (CSPs) and managed software providers (MSPs) streamline account management and service desks to boost client retention and end-user productivity. It lets service staff and clients access ticket information through dynamic forms, which can be... En savoir plus sur CloudRadial
Daily real-time dashboard for retail and B2C sales activities. En savoir plus sur Funneled
Lumernore Analytics is a business Intelligence software with no-code analytics. The platform helps users get actionable intelligence that is connected to their data - from all types of sources. En savoir plus sur Lumenore
Maple manages mathematical needs and allows calculations to be treated like like the valuable assets they are. En savoir plus sur Maple
InfinCE redéfinit le cloud d'entreprise. Elle transforme numériquement les entreprises en simplifiant la collaboration et la gestion des actifs informatiques. En savoir plus sur INFINCE
Maple Flow combines a simple, freeform interface and a math engine. En savoir plus sur Maple Flow
Nearway has smart forms, workflow, attendance control, news. With complete BI analytics and integration with your systems. En savoir plus sur Nearway
Within a few minutes, create your customized API portal and start sharing your APIs to partners and customers the right way! En savoir plus sur Blobr
Mettez en évidence l'impact de vos actions marketing avec des tableaux de bord marketing prédéfinis. En savoir plus sur Smartbi
Qokoon helps you get more out of your accounting data, by making it easy to analyze and report on business performance, trends, and opportunities, so that you can make informed decisions. En savoir plus sur Qokoon
With Datawalt, you will be able to access updated reports for each area, obtain a complete view of your company and better evaluate the performance of your operations for future decisions. En savoir plus sur Datawalt

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