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15 options de logiciels métiers disponibles

Milanote est un logiciel collaboratif dans le cloud, conçu pour aider les équipes créatives à gérer la création de storyboards, les briefs et rédactions créatifs, les cartes heuristiques, les prises de notes et le brainstorming. La solution permet également aux utilisateurs de créer des tableaux privés et de partager des projets avec les membres... En savoir plus sur Milanote
Celtx est une solution tout-en-un pour la production de films, de vidéos et de jeux qui permet aux clients d'utiliser une plateforme créative pour la rédaction de scripts. En savoir plus sur Celtx
Final Draft est un logiciel sur site conçu pour aider les scénaristes et les cinéastes professionnels à créer, éditer et gérer des brouillons pour des bandes dessinées, des scripts TV, des romans graphiques, des pièces de théâtre, des scénarios et plus encore sur un portail unifié. L'application permet aux équipes de trouver des idées, de... En savoir plus sur Final Draft
StudioBinder is a cloud-based management solution for filmmakers and production teams. En savoir plus sur StudioBinder
Fade In Pro is an on-premise screenwriting software that helps professional writers in broadcast media, performing arts, and other sectors, create, organize, and outline scripts from a unified platform. It lets staff members track document revisions, format scripts, set revisions colors, customize fonts, add watermarks, access screenplay styles,... En savoir plus sur Fade In Pro
WriterDuet is a cloud-based collaborative writing tool that provides a seamless experience for writers, editors, and reviewers to track changes, comment on specific parts of documents, and see who's working on what at any given time. With the sharing and collaboration functionality, users can share files via private links, add comments, @mention... En savoir plus sur WriterDuet
Highland 2 is a writing software designed to help screenwriters, novelists, and other writers automatically generate dialogues, recognize scene headers, suggest character and location names, and view a preview of what's been written. It lets university students automatically number notes, link multiple reference notes to the same value, add custom... En savoir plus sur Highland 2
Arc Studio is a screenwriting software for filmmakers and screenwriters looking for unique formatting and creative story-building tools. Key features include cloud backup, revision-tracking, offline access, multi-device, plot board, referencing, data export/ import, and collaboration. En savoir plus sur Arc Studio
Movie Magic Screenwriter is an on-premise software that helps writers in broadcast media, performing arts, theatrical production, and other sectors, format, outline, and bookmark scripts from a centralized platform. It lets staff members utilize instructional templates, American English thesaurus, and spell check dictionaries to create screenplays,... En savoir plus sur Movie Magic Screenwriter
Prewrite is a software that helps businesses with content creation. It's deployed as a SaaS solution and is used by companies who want to automate their content writing. En savoir plus sur Prewrite
Storyist is a writing environment that provides an intuitive interface and powerful tools to help you keep track of your story's plot, characters, scenes, and dialogue. En savoir plus sur Storyist
LivingWriter has made it easy to write and organize your book so you can spend more time writing and less time editing. En savoir plus sur LivingWriter
Slugline is a Mac-based screenwriting software which helps writers create and format scripts, prepare outline, add timelines along with colour-coded notes. En savoir plus sur Slugline
You start with a blank page and create the story by drawing connections between the different events in your story. The connections are made by drawing lines between the events, and you can easily add new events by clicking on a line and selecting a new event from the drop-down menu. En savoir plus sur Causality
Squibler is a screenwriting software that helps businesses create, modify, and visualize sections of the screenplay to gauge its structure and impact. The platform enables managers to track chapter titles, synopsis, progress, and character development. En savoir plus sur Squibler

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