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CoPlanner est une solution de gestion des performances sur site et sur le web, conçue pour aider les entreprises à réaliser des ventes, des investissements, des projets et à planifier des ressources à l'aide de la technologie de business intelligence. Ses fonctionnalités incluent des autorisations basées sur les rôles, la surveillance des... En savoir plus sur CoPlanner
HappyFox BI est une solution de business intelligence pour le support client d'entreprise permettant aux utilisateurs de recueillir des données spécifiques à l'entreprise pour la prise de décision basée sur les données. Ses fonctionnalités comprennent des rapports personnalisables, des informations exploitables, des tableaux de bord spécifiques au... En savoir plus sur HappyFox BI
Spendency is a cloud-based spend analysis solution that helps businesses create purchasing strategies, manage data, sort categories, and generate reports. The software includes data security features such as secure login, two-factor authentication, and encryption to protect against data breaches. En savoir plus sur Spendency
Firebolt offre rapidité et agilité à n'importe quelle échelle pour répondre à vos défis de données les plus complexes. En savoir plus sur Firebolt
Corporate Planner est une suite de planification financière et de gestion des opérations conçue pour aider les entreprises dans l'immobilier, la santé, l'automobile, la fabrication et d'autres secteurs à gérer la budgétisation, les prévisions, l'atténuation des risques, l'évaluation des performances, etc. En savoir plus sur Corporate Planner Sales
Competitive Insights is a competitive intelligence platform designed to help businesses track mobile user experience (UX) design changes and trends across multiple industry verticals such as mobile banking, home, and renters insurance, credit cards and auto insurance. En savoir plus sur Competitive Insights
PowerMetrics est un outil de business intelligence qui réunit tout ce dont vous avez besoin, que vous soyez une start-up en pleine croissance ou une marque mondiale axée sur les données. PowerMetrics permet aux fondateurs, aux dirigeants soucieux des données et à leurs équipes d'améliorer leur approche de l'analytique. En savoir plus sur Powermetrics
With AI technology and more integrations than any other driver management platform, Idelic makes managing safety easy. En savoir plus sur Safety Suite
Disruptiva Retail Intelligence Platform is a data collection, monitoring, and analysis tool that contributes to intelligent and automated management. Through its solutions, the objective is to increase retailers' conversion rates and centralize business management. En savoir plus sur Disruptive Retail Intelligence Platform
Stratifyd is an augmented intelligence and data analytics platform which helps businesses collect, analyze, and visualize unstructured and structured customer data in real-time. Using the AI-enabled speech analytics solution, customer care representatives can develop transcripts of call recordings. En savoir plus sur Stratifyd
Le module de BI (Business Intelligence) est idéal pour contrôler tous les indicateurs clés du processus de production en temps réel. Le nouveau BI présente un rapport d'usine interactif sous forme graphique. Le module affiche les rapports de manière simple et pratique et peut être personnalisé pour chaque secteur. En savoir plus sur Mapex QM
Critical Event Management by Everbridge helps reduce the impact of critical situations on people and the environment. The platform optimizes the flow of information, which enables the early detection of threats and appropriate responses so that damage is limited or prevented. En savoir plus sur Critical Event Management
Maestro Intelligence Hub is a cloud-based platform designed to help small to midsize organizations connect the frontend and backend applications such as ERP, CRM, accounting, or POS to streamline and evaluate operational processes. En savoir plus sur Maestro
AYLIEN is a business intelligence solution that utilizes text analytics to generate insights from news content. The platform can be used across the media monitoring, financial services, and information services industries for risk intelligence, media intelligence, product development, and more. En savoir plus sur AYLIEN
Looqbox is a business intelligence (BI) software that allows companies to set their internal data access permissions to different levels, from macro to micro-level details. By collecting data from multiple sources, the tool facilitates the searching and sharing of information. En savoir plus sur Looqbox
Business intelligence solution that helps compute net economic value by analyzing revenue, sales costs, margins, and adjustments. En savoir plus sur Margin Minder
Adlib is a robotic process automation solution designed to help businesses in finance, petroleum, energy, manufacturing, government, and other sectors automatically discover and classify documents from multiple sources to create structured data. Managers can recognize duplicate files, personally identifiable information (PII), and signatures... En savoir plus sur Adlib
Spearline's quality assurance platform proactively monitors critical business telecommunications services, allowing you to optimize your customer experience leading to business growth. En savoir plus sur Spearline
OrderMetrics is an eCommerce analytics software designed to help businesses evaluate profit and sales and pull data from Shopify, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and other tools. En savoir plus sur OrderMetrics
Logilica Insights is the developer-friendly analytics platform for engineering leaders. By fusing DevOps and Git analytics Logilica enables healthy delivery teams to move faster and more predictably. En savoir plus sur Logilica Insights
ZENPLOT helps businesses create data visualizations by using different layers including point clouds, line charts, and bar charts. Users can also link the data to any of their characteristics such as color, size, thickness, shape, and more to generate creative possibilities. Managers can export created visualizations in different formats including... En savoir plus sur ZENPLOT
MyReport provides its users with an efficient solution to centralize, analyze and share all data and make better decisions. MyReport succeeds in meeting both the requirements of IT services and the expectations of business lines (management, finance, accounting, commerce, marketing) with a high-per En savoir plus sur MyReport Business Evolution
There's a whole world of user behavior out there. Discover it for yourself. It's time to step into your customers' shoes. Our technology empowers optimization. En savoir plus sur Decibel
Turn unknown in-store traffic into sales with the help of C2RO PERCEIVE™, a privacy-aware AI video analytics software solution. En savoir plus sur C2RO
Zing Data is a business intelligence solution designed to help users connect and analyze multiple data sources, collaborate with teams, and visualize results. En savoir plus sur Zing Data
Boostrs est un moteur de cartographie des compétences API-first. Nous augmentons vos solutions RH avec des données de qualité et des algorithmes d'IA primés, nous gérons vos données métiers, compétences et formations pour façonner l'avenir de votre entreprise. En savoir plus sur Boostrs
At Corofy, our goal is to enable brokerages to leverage our broker intelligence to optimize revenue, follow market trends, and understand their agent journey. En savoir plus sur Corofy
Biuwer is a modern cloud data analytics platform that helps SMEs share data across an entire organization. It can analyze all your data and streamline the decision-making process. En savoir plus sur Biuwer
Mosaic is a strategic finance platform that powers agile planning, real-time reporting, deeper analysis, and better decision-making for fast-growing startups. Consolidating data from ERP, CRM, HRIS, and billing systems, the platform provides a single source of truth across the business. En savoir plus sur Mosaic
Magnitude Angles for SAP est un logiciel complémentaire pour les systèmes SAP qui vise à simplifier le reporting de base de données SAP. Les données SAP sont extraites et interprétées, puis des rapports sont générés en affichant des informations sur des tableaux de bord personnalisables avec une fonctionnalité d'exploration. Le logiciel est... En savoir plus sur Magnitude Angles
Octimine is a cloud-based machine learning and predictive analytics software solution. En savoir plus sur Octimine
Solidatus allows users to manage their data and unlock its true business value. Solidatus’ advanced lineage-first data management technology visually connects and maps data relationships across the enterprise – and across time – delivering a complete view of a user's data. En savoir plus sur Solidatus
LimeGear offers business intelligence and performance management tools exclusively for mortgage lenders. With real-time information, you can transform strategy into actionable insights that provide your employees with the information they need to be more productive. En savoir plus sur LimeGear
CB Insights is a market intelligence software designed to help businesses of all sizes analyze data points across venture capital, private equity, corporate development, investment banking, and other related enterprises. En savoir plus sur CB Insights
Knowledge Studio est une solution de machine learning et d'analyse prédictive conçue pour générer des informations de données exploitables. Le logiciel basé sur IA (intelligence artificielle) peut aider les entreprises à gérer les risques de fraude et de crédit, les chaînes d'approvisionnement, les analyses marketing et les conceptions de cycle de... En savoir plus sur Knowledge Studio
Infegy Atlas is a social media marketing and analytics software designed to help businesses manage clients, monitor competitors’ activities, and build brand reputation. The cloud-based platform allows marketing teams to manage keywords, convert leads into customers, and generate custom reports via a unified platform. En savoir plus sur Infegy Atlas
Ensure Mobile App allows Healthcare Organizations to manage membership, hospitalizations, referrals, claims and revenue from one central platform En savoir plus sur Ensure
Termi is an AI-enabled chatbot solution for legal and professional services firms. It allows users to search for data and documents in any connected application by simply typing questions. En savoir plus sur Termi
TURBOARD is an all-in-one business intelligence suite that equips anyone in an organization with a data analytics toolset to empower all levels with actionable intelligence. It's differentiated from the competitors by powerful companion modules and large functionality set. En savoir plus sur TURBOARD
Lumernore Analytics is a business Intelligence software with no-code analytics. The platform helps users get actionable intelligence that is connected to their data - from all types of sources. En savoir plus sur Lumenore
Maple manages mathematical needs and allows calculations to be treated like like the valuable assets they are. En savoir plus sur Maple
TaholaCloud lets you monitor and control your business on any device in any location, track your KPIs, and drill down through the detail. Use for menu reviews, basket analysis, price elasticity, store and product performance, staff management, loss prevention, and detailed transactional analysis. En savoir plus sur TaholaCloud
Maple Flow combines a simple, freeform interface and a math engine. En savoir plus sur Maple Flow
Rinalogy Search is an interactive search that finds what each user is looking for, quickly. Providing a robust intelligence layer that adds features to other search systems and platforms, Rinalogy Search bridges data silos by using a single query to find relevant information in multiple data sources En savoir plus sur Rinalogy Search
Logiciel permettant d'estimer les coûts (ou toute autre valeur) à partir de l'historique de l'entreprise En savoir plus sur CCOSTAT
Obviously AI is the fastest and easiest tool to build AI models in minutes, no coding required. En savoir plus sur Obviously AI
Trademo Intel empowers businesses with trade intelligence to get insights into critical data that helps position themselves in the global market, understand and track competitors, streamline business development, and manage trade risk compliance. This solution is suitable for shippers, logistics com En savoir plus sur Trademo Intel
Orbit Analytics offers a flexible operational reporting and analytics solution with comprehensive dashboards and self-service capability. En savoir plus sur Orbit
Insights to drive viewer engagement, increase revenue, and reduce subscriber churn. En savoir plus sur Verimatrix Analytics
KLIKER is a market intelligence app with real-time data shown on one screen in real-time. Log in to KLIKER to check you brand's performance, your offer's competitiveness or competitor's activities. En savoir plus sur KLIKER

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