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e-Boekhouden.nl est une plateforme permettant aux entrepreneurs de consolider la comptabilité, la facturation et la gestion des stocks. Les responsables peuvent fournir un accès à leurs clients, employés et comptables pour gérer diverses tâches, notamment des paiements, demandes, devis, révisions de factures, etc. En savoir plus sur e-Boekhouden.nl
Kleisteen is an online accounting software for Dutch SMEs, entrepreneurs and accountants that provides tools for project administration, invoicing, inventory management, time tracking, and more. The system integrates with a range of major banks, including ING, bunq, Rabobank and Triodos bank. En savoir plus sur Kleisteen
Silvasoft is an accounting solution, designed to help businesses in the Netherlands and Belgium manage bookkeeping and invoicing. It also offers support for business management, with tools such as time registration, inventory tracking, personnel management, project management, agenda & a CRM tool. En savoir plus sur Silvasoft
Center Expense is a real-time expense management and corporate card solution that helps mid-size companies manage employee expenses. It eliminates the need for expense reporting for employees. All expenses are checked by AI-powered audit engine. Live analytics and reporting show spend as it happens. En savoir plus sur Center Expense
Finexio est une solution de paiement en tant que service basée sur le cloud qui aide les entreprises à gérer les comptes fournisseurs et à traiter les transactions électroniques. Les professionnels peuvent utiliser le portail en libre-service pour partager des rapports analytiques et des données de rapprochement avec des fournisseurs ou des... En savoir plus sur Finexio
Axonaut est une solution cloud tout-en-un qui facilite la comptabilité des indépendants et des TPE. De multiples fonctionnalités sont proposées pour accompagner les entrepreneurs au quotidien : Comptabilité - Facturation - CRM - Trésorerie. Les tarifs sont abordables, dès 29,99€ et une période d'essai de 15 jours est offerte. Axonaut est une... En savoir plus sur Axonaut
Mister Compta est un logiciel accessible en ligne qui couvre la comptabilité, les objectifs financiers et la relation client. Il permet la gestion de la trésorerie, des devis, de la facturation, de la TVA et des notes de frais. Il n’est pas nécessaire d’avoir des connaissances préalables pour utiliser Mister Compta. En savoir plus sur Mister Compta
QBILLY is an accounts payable (AP) automation software designed to help small to midsize businesses, accounting firms, and non-profit organizations manage various administrative operations including invoice approvals, payment processing, and more on a centralized platform integrated with QuickBooks. En savoir plus sur QBILLY
Karlia est un logiciel de gestion de la relation client (CRM) qui aide les entreprises à gérer divers processus administratifs tels que la prospection, la comptabilité, la facturation, la gestion de projet, les communications avec les fournisseurs, les achats, etc. En savoir plus sur Karlia
AI-powered Accounting Bots handle routine tasks for your team, helping you grow faster and get more stuff done. En savoir plus sur Auditoria SmartFlow Skills
InvoiceHippo helps small business owners and large companies to maintain business administration and create quotes online, send invoices or upload receipts. En savoir plus sur Invoicehippo
osFinancials is an accounting software that provides businesses with features, such as the administration of journals, general ledgers, debtors, creditors, and stock. Extensions are offered through plug-ins and specific solutions are available for various branches including retail and catering POS. En savoir plus sur osFinancials
ERP Sankhya is a web-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software designed to help businesses in service, wholesale, retail, agriculture, and other industries manage processes such as finances, sales, accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, recruitment, and more. En savoir plus sur ERP Sankhya
Elexio Church Accounting helps churches, ministries, and nonprofits manage payroll, online donations, memberships, and more. The built-in digital ledger lets users update journal entries, view data using drill-down capabilities, and create and store financial records in a centralized repository. En savoir plus sur Elexio Church Accounting
Evencard is a receipt management solution that performs sales audits on purchases made by credit card via delivery applications. It enables centralized control of their operations via a platform that supports integration with POS, ERP, and TEF systems. En savoir plus sur Evencard
Created in 2007, Gestan is a complete business management software. Facturation, gestion de projet, CRM, comptabilité, gestion de stock ou encore gestion des interventions, le logiciel Gestan permet de structurer et de développer son entreprise. En savoir plus sur GESTAN
Libeo permet aux dirigeants de TPE-PME, directeurs financiers et experts-comptables de centraliser, valider et payer leurs factures fournisseurs en un clic et sans IBAN, sans avoir à se connecter à leur banque. En savoir plus sur Libeo
Fluence is the only financial close and consolidation software for mid-sized companies. Thanks to our strong partnership with Vena, we also offer an intuitive, unified FP&A platform to manage virtually any finance and accounting process. En savoir plus sur Fluence
Envoice is a complete expense reporting and purchase management solution for small/medium-sized businesses and practices. En savoir plus sur Envoice
Cashflow is a complete accounting software in the cloud for small businesses. Cashflow works best for businesses that need more than just bookkeeping. En savoir plus sur Cashflow
OpenEnvoy is the only solution that audits every invoice, line item, and surcharge before you pay. We help companies eliminate supplier fraud before it actually happens, resulting in recovering billions of dollars in wasted spend. En savoir plus sur Open Envoy
Constellation1 is a front office, back office, and data services for brokerages, franchises, and multiple service listings. It simplifies the process of searching and implementing the right real estate technology by providing a portfolio of solutions tailored to the real estate industry. En savoir plus sur Constellation1
STRATOW Purchase is designed to help businesses streamline operations related to the creation of purchase requisitions and trace multiple requests. En savoir plus sur STRATOW Purchase
Osome is the one-stop shop for all your accounting and bookkeeping needs. Osome will assign certified expert accountants to handle all your bookkeeping and accounting through their automated software (web & mobile app). En savoir plus sur Osome
Import accounting information from different information sources and even manual insertion of figures. Exports the results with a friendly design and sends them to DATEV Audit for the issuance of the report. En savoir plus sur DATEV Consolidation
Cloud Financials is a cloud-based accounting management software designed to help businesses in education, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, and other industries handle administrative operations such as purchasing, reporting, bank reconciliation, accounts payable, and more. Supervisors can drill down into financial reports and streamline workflows... En savoir plus sur Cloud Financials
Accounting Software designed specifically to meet the requirements of local business practices and challenging environments in Southeast Asia En savoir plus sur QNE Accounting Software
neo.tax is an accounting software designed to help startups check eligibility for tax credits, link accounts, and file claims for returns. The platform allows managers to link accounts, track expenses, and verify eligibility to file credits. En savoir plus sur neo.tax
Stay in control with all-in-one software made for fast-moving, inventory-based businesses. En savoir plus sur HARMONiQ
Nimble Staffing is the exclusive software designed by staffing industry experts to meet staffing accounting and bookkeping needs. En savoir plus sur Nimble Staffing
Hotlier Books is the industry’s fastest growing cloud-based hotel accounting software and bookkeeping service provider, precisely designed for the Hospitality Industry. En savoir plus sur Hotelier Books
CYMA Financial Management System is Windows-based accounting software that helps mid-sized businesses manage payroll, accounts payable/receivable, general ledger, inventory, bank reconciliation, human resources, and more on a centralized platform. En savoir plus sur CYMA Financial Management
Zybra is a web-based accounting software designed to help micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME) streamline invoicing, payment processing, and expense tracking operations. It enables organizations to handle cash flow statements, generate custom reports, and schedule recurring payments via a unified platform. En savoir plus sur Zybra
EZtax GST is an accounting software that helps businesses manage invoices, expenses, taxes, vouchers, purchases, contacts, and more from within a unified platform. With the built-in dashboard, team members can generate visual charts to monitor monthly orders, P&Ls, invoices, and other key metrics. En savoir plus sur EZtax GST
Sandbox Platform delivers powerful and cost-effective ERP software to small businesses. They take the approach of building a unique environment for each client, making it easier for clients to be trained and onboarded into their solution. En savoir plus sur Sandbox Platform
CollBox is a web-based debt collection solution designed to help small and midsize businesses streamline accounting, accounts receivable, and bookkeeping operations via a unified platform. It enables employees to identify past-due accounts and interact with accounts receivable specialists or collection agencies. En savoir plus sur CollBox

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