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NeeyamoWorks est un logiciel de gestion des RH qui permet aux entreprises de gérer diverses opérations administratives, notamment la gestion du temps, de la conformité réglementaire et des avantages sociaux, la vérification des antécédents, le traitement de la paie, etc. En savoir plus sur NeeyamoWorks
OMQ is a suite of cloud-based, artificial intelligence (AI) powered customer service solutions which offer businesses the tools to create custom knowledge bases and dynamic FAQs to encourage customer self service. The platform also automates processes such as ticketing and message response En savoir plus sur OMQ
SAP Service Cloud is a customer support software that helps businesses leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to resolve clients’ queries on a centralized platform. Managers can examine incoming service tickets, sort them into relevant categories, and assign tasks to available agents. En savoir plus sur SAP Service Cloud
CallVU est un logiciel pour call centers conçu pour aider les entreprises des secteurs de la finance, de l'assurance, des télécommunications, etc., à interagir avec les clients via des sessions numériques pour résoudre les problèmes, automatiser les processus de collecte de données à l'aide de formulaires numériques, etc. En savoir plus sur CallVU
timum is a web-based software, which is used to coordinate real estate sector appointments. The timum calendar can be integrated into ImmobilienScout24 and users can configure the times at which a particular property can be viewed. En savoir plus sur Timum
Enterprise Accelerator is a data analysis solution designed to help businesses utilize call recordings, transcripts support emails, chat conversations, and social media mentions to interpret voice interactions across multiple departments including call centers, marketing, customer experience, and sales. Administrators can monitor call outcomes,... En savoir plus sur Enterprise Accelerator
Noci provides you a world-premiere feature: the product recommendation tool. Sell like your in-store vendor would. Don't be afraid to go first, revolutionize your customer journey with Noci! En savoir plus sur Noci
Y Meadows helps enterprises serve their customers and employees faster and more effectively than ever before using AI and custom NLP models to automate tasks that slow them down. For example, Y Meadows AI solution can automatically route, enrich, and resolve messages with zero human intervention! En savoir plus sur Y Meadows
We streamline, automate and track inbound and outbound communication efforts between organizations and their customers. En savoir plus sur Saysimple
CSAT.AI is a CX platform that train agents, reviews interactions and digs deep into your CX – Automated with AI. The system provides a higher first contact resolution rate, increases CSAT scores, and reduce QA and agent training costs. En savoir plus sur CSAT.AI
Modernisez votre service client en augmentant l'engagement client, en améliorant le service client et en renforçant la fidélisation. Le service client vidéo peut reproduire l'expérience d'un support client personnel, tout en augmentant son efficacité pour vos clients et votre entreprise. En savoir plus sur Video Call Center
Cloud Contact Center by masvoz is a customer service platform that helps businesses manage interactions across various communication channels such as SMS, phone, web, WhatsApp, and Webchat. En savoir plus sur Cloud Contact Center
An end-to-end comprehensive AI platform to design, build, test, host, and deploy AI-powered bots of any complexity and level En savoir plus sur Just AI Conversational Platform
An AI-assisted asynchronous conversational messaging solution. Deploy intelligent automation and smart self service. Engage and assist your customers wherever and when they need. Liberate your digital conversations. En savoir plus sur Liberty Connect
Lost Returns est un logiciel web de gestion des objets trouvés conçu pour aider les entreprises et particuliers à rationaliser la logistique inverse des objets perdus. La solution permet aux équipes de récupérer les objets perdus et de les restituer en toute sécurité à leurs propriétaires. En savoir plus sur Lost Returns
CliPlace is a Customer Self-Service Portal that is integrated with the HubSpot Service Hub. En savoir plus sur CliPlace
Boost the reach, brand positioning and engagement of your communication with webinars and tv-grade audiovisual content and provide a great visual and interactive experience. En savoir plus sur Watchity
DeskOne is a practical and intuitive customer service software with more than 30 performance indicators for any support operation. En savoir plus sur DeskOne
Use Fusion Connect Contact Center as a Service (CCaas) to communicate with your customers the way they want, while your agents work from anywhere. CCaaS is flexible and scalable to deploy and includes tools such as a predictive dialer, IVR, ACD, and unlimited call queues, with options for omnichannel and AI-based self-service. En savoir plus sur Fusion Connect CCaaS
Gallabox empowers businesses to convert customer conversations into actions by employing WhatsApp Chatbots En savoir plus sur Gallabox
Pavelify builds tools for businesses, customers, and prospects such as live chat, email ticketing, cloud appointment scheduling, and customer catalogs, unifying business workflow, enhancing team productivity and efficiency. En savoir plus sur Pavelify
Send Messages in Bulk on WhatsApp Business. Increase customer retention, generate leads, make buying easy and reach customers and employees on their favorite chat app. Report on targeted personalized Whatsapp marketing campaigns from a simple interface. En savoir plus sur Sweesh
MaestroQA is a QA software with built-in quality analysis and agent coaching tools designed to help call centers improve customer experience. En savoir plus sur MaestroQA
Vistio is a cloud-based live on-screen guidance software, which helps organizations across the insurance, government, or utilities sector manage customer interactions and control the performance of contact centers. En savoir plus sur Vistio
Zowie est un ensemble d'outils de service client pour les entreprises qui vendent en ligne. La plateforme offre une analyse gratuite du potentiel d'automatisation, une boîte de réception omnicanale et diverses intégrations, notamment à Shopify, Magento, etc. Zowie peut faire office de système de service client autonome ou améliorer les outils... En savoir plus sur Zowie
Expertflow Contact Center integrates voice, chat, video, web & social media channels with market-leading AI and CRM solutions to automate and enhance customer experience. We equip agents with knowledgebase and CRM integrated bots and tools thus considerably reducing call handling time. En savoir plus sur Expertflow Contact Center
tbXMS is an enterprise grade network monitoring and network management platform. The goal is to be a truly distributed, scalable management application platform for all aspects of the FCAPS network management model. En savoir plus sur tbXMS
Manhattan Active Omni is a cloud based solution that helps businesses in the retail industry streamline operations related to order management, customer engagement, point of sale and more. It is a digital self-service portal that lets organizations handle multiple order fulfillment methods, including ship to home, pick up in-store and single day... En savoir plus sur Manhattan Active Omni
We'll enable you to smartly categorize your customer chats to provide personalized and targetted information to all groups and stakeholders, a Customizable chatbot that allows businesses to manage customer interactions via automated responses, reports, broadcasts, and more. En savoir plus sur Trring Me
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service is an omnichannel solution that scales to meet changing needs, helping teams provide world-class service. With a combination of software and services, it helps businesses create exceptional customer experiences from purchase through ongoing care. En savoir plus sur Dynamics 365 Customer Service
HGS Contact Center AI offers cloud-based contact center tools that help streamline processes, improve agent performance, and optimize the hiring & onboarding framework. With HGS Contact Center AI, you pay for only the features your business needs. Schedule a free demo to learn more. En savoir plus sur HGS Agent X
L'assistant vocal de service client automatisé de RedRoute gère les demandes simples et répétitives des appels entrants du support client. Son bot vocal automatisé offre une expérience de type Alexa qui peut fournir des résolutions plus rapides aux demandes simples tout en donnant aux agents en direct plus de temps pour gérer les problèmes plus... En savoir plus sur RedRoute
SOGEDES.X is an omnichannel cloud solution for inbound, outbound, and blended contact centers. The solution enables companies to inspire customers across channels and to manage customer relationships easily and effectively. En savoir plus sur SOGEDES.X
Wandle is an application dedicated to the management of personal services. With the support of our team and an available interface, you will be able to manage your customers from their creation until their payment. The application also allows you to calculate intermissions, record schedules and validate hours. En savoir plus sur Wandle
Tracey est une solution d'analytique de données optimisée par IA (intelligence artificielle) qui permet aux entreprises de suivre leurs colis, d'optimiser l'ensemble de leur processus d'expédition et de mieux contrôler les livraisons en comparant les transporteurs, en utilisant des prévisions optimisées par IA, etc. Le reporting personnalisé vous... En savoir plus sur Tracey
Cloud-based contact center solution that provides a unified platform for managing all your customer communications in one place: phone, email, text messages and social media. En savoir plus sur Web Customer Service Solution
Plutomen Connect is a robust AR-led assistance software through which frontline workers can collaborate with global experts through video sessions, chats, and calls . En savoir plus sur Plutomen Connect
Sirius is a Conversational AI platform that delivers real-time support through natural language. The solution helps reduce repetitive inquiries, improve customer experience and minimize operational time with automated self-serve chatbots and smart virtual agents. En savoir plus sur Sirius

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