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La plateforme YSoft SAFEQ offre une solution intégrée comprenant la gestion de l'impression pour toutes les principales marques d'imprimantes multifonctions, des flux de travail de saisie de documents automatisés et la gestion de l'impression 3D. En savoir plus sur YSoft SAFEQ
PaperCut is a cloud-based print management software that offers solutions for businesses of all sizes to manage print security, cost control, and more. The software is built to work with all printer brands & platforms, and enables native printing from any device, including iOS, Android & Chromebooks En savoir plus sur PaperCut
PressWise est un MIS web tout-en-un et un logiciel d'automatisation des flux de travail conçue pour les entreprises d'impression. La solution comprend des outils d'estimation, des vitrines en ligne, des modèles et catalogues personnalisables, ainsi que des fonctions de gestion des missions, de traitement, d'expédition et d'exécution de commandes,... En savoir plus sur PressWise
PrinterOn Enterprise est une solution d'impression web qui permet aux entreprises de gérer en toute sécurité leur flux d'impression, de la soumission des tâches à la publication. Le logiciel prend en charge l'impression à distance, l'impression par tirage sécurisée, l'impression de bureau et l'impression mobile et permet une authentification... En savoir plus sur PrinterOn Enterprise
Print Manager Plus is a print management solution that aims to give businesses unprecedented access, control, and insight into their organization's printing to enable cost cutting and waste reduction. The software includes live printer auditing, quota and budget tracking, rule setting, and more. En savoir plus sur Print Manager Plus
ezeep is a cloud-based print management solution designed to let businesses manage multiple printers and allow printing without requiring end users to download drivers. The software enables printing from any device, including iOS and Android phones, and lets guests print from their own devices. En savoir plus sur ezeep
Sentinel is a web-based modular print management solution that can be customized to meet the printing, scanning, and copying needs of any organization, from small business to large enterprise. The system includes pull printing, rule-based printing, print reporting, print quota management, and more. En savoir plus sur Sentinel
uniFLOW is a modular printing and scanning management platform that covers office printing, mobile printing, document scanning, device management, and production printing. The software includes functionality for web submission, process workflow automation, job re-routing, batch processing, and more. En savoir plus sur uniFLOW
netZcore PRINT is a print and copy management solution designed for public schools, college and university libraries, public libraries, speciality libraries, and government institutions. The software allows administrators to monitor printing activity, control usage, recover costs, and more. En savoir plus sur netZcore PRINT
PrinterLogic is a cloud-based print management solution designed to keep print jobs on local networks behind company firewalls, and centrally manage all printers, drivers, and settings. The software also offers advanced print, copy, and scan activity reporting, secure release printing, and more. En savoir plus sur PrinterLogic
Equitrac Express is a print management & cost recovery software designed for libraries and educational institutions including K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. The solution allows users to set print quotas, allocate costs, collect payments, define print rules, generate reports, and more. En savoir plus sur Equitrac Express
InfinityCloud is a secure SaaS print management solution designed to simplify print driver management and remove the need for print servers. The software lets administrators define role-based access controls, view printing logs and users stats, manage secure pull printing, and more. En savoir plus sur InfinityCloud
Print Conductor is a print management and automatic document printing solution designed to allow users to print large volumes of documents containing multiple file formats without the need to open each file. The software offers customizable settings for specific file types and also individual files. En savoir plus sur Print Conductor
Print Job Manager by PrinterAdmin is a centralized print management system for education & business environments designed to simplify and automate the administration of shared IP, local and Windows server printers. The software supports print tracking, secure pull printing, printer alerts, and more. En savoir plus sur Print Job Manager
Simplify3D is a 3D print management software that allows professionals to create print files, generate pre-print simulations, and conduct mesh analysis, among other operations. It allows administrators to set up, control, and switch between multiple machine configurations from within a unified platform. En savoir plus sur Simplify3D

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