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Solutions logicielles d'e-commerce pour les grandes entreprises en croissance
La plateforme logicielle d'e-commerce Magento fournit des solutions de boutiques en ligne pour les grandes entreprises en croissance et peut être utilisée pour gérer les opérations front-end et back-end. En savoir plus sur Magento Commerce
Redéfinir la vente en ligne
Bigcommerce est une plateforme SaaS de vente en ligne tout-en-un destinée aux entreprises en ligne établies et en croissance qui recherchent une solution performante dans un package convivial. En savoir plus sur BigCommerce
Plateforme d'e-commerce B2B en open source
OroCommerce est un logiciel d'e-commerce B2B en open source destiné aux moyennes et grandes entreprises, intégrant des applications CRM et tierces. En savoir plus sur OroCommerce
Cloud-based eCommerce tool for managing B2B & B2C channels
Kibo eCommerce is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses manage multiple sales channels, online orders, and marketing campaigns on a unified platform. Using the integrated headless commerce module, organizations can handle front-end and back-end operations and social media pages. En savoir plus sur Kibo eCommerce
eCommerce platform to manage orders across multiple channels
SAP Commerce Cloud is a multi-channel eCommerce platform designed to help businesses of all sizes create progressive web applications (PWA) with a shopping cart, checkout, search and navigation capabilities. En savoir plus sur SAP Commerce Cloud
Headless eCommerce tool for omnichannel order management
Slatwall Commerce is a headless eCommerce software that helps businesses create a product catalog, manage orders, track inventory, handle product promotions, and more. Staff members can configure product packages, sell merchandise, distribute event tickets, and manage subscriptions. En savoir plus sur Slatwall Commerce
Headless eCommerce platform with a RESTful API
OrderCloud is a cloud-based headless eCommerce software, which helps businesses of all sizes create customizable eCommerce, marketplace and order management applications via RESTful API. Developers can configure product variants and multiple pricing structures for buyer organizations. En savoir plus sur OrderCloud
eCommerce software for healthcare, consumer goods & retail
Spryker helps enterprises design, launch, and manage digital marketplaces. The customizable templates with slots enable businesses to update and edit content for the homepage, categories, product stock-keeping units (SKUs), footer, page titles, and other website elements using predefined sections. En savoir plus sur Spryker
API & microservices-based headless commerce platform
Elastic Path is a headless eCommerce software designed for businesses in the retail, manufacturing, automotive, gaming, wholesale, and other industries. Administrators can monitor consumers’ buying trends, cart items, or shopping history to provide personalized promotional offers and coupons. En savoir plus sur Elastic Path
Headless commerce platform for custom digital experiences
commercetools is a headless commerce platform designed to help businesses in automotive, electronics, retail, telecommunications, entertainment, travel and other verticals create and deploy interactive shopping experiences for customers across all digital touchpoints. En savoir plus sur commercetools
Cloud-based headless eCommerce management software
Shogun is a headless eCommerce management software that helps businesses create web pages across eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Magento, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. It lets employees create and edit page templates with custom images, text, colors, and themes. En savoir plus sur Shogun