Logiciels de Gestion d'Abonnements

Qu'est-ce qu'un logiciel de Gestion d'Abonnements ?

Membership management software is used by member-based organizations such as clubs, non-profits, trade unions and other associations to manage their contact databases and member interactions. Membership software is used to update and store member information. It can be used to create, renew, upgrade and downgrade memberships. It can also used to build member websites and to stay on top of member communications with features such as email campaign management tools, online community discussion boards, social media interactions, as well as tools to manage phone and postal communications.

Membership management software is also commonly used to organize events. These apps can be used to create event invitations, sell tickets, manage subscriptions to events, organize and manage event calendars, and automate follow-up communication with attendees after events. Interaction, file sharing and collaboration tools form key parts of membership software. These apps can be used to generate and distribute promotional material, as well as informative content such as files, videos, images and presentations.

Most membership applications will also facilitate with fundraising activities. These apps will let you create and manage donor records, as well as to track new and recurring donations and pledges. They often integrate with multiple payment systems such as PayPal for easy online donation. Some apps will provide grant management features to track applications, proposals and rewards, as well as to process funds. Membership management software often features financial management tools to automate accounting processes, manage budgets and generate reports.

You can also use these tools to track member progress in educational programs and certification paths. Most of these applications will integrate with your website, blog, forum, help desk, CRM and CMS. Some applications will also provide a customer support module to better manage customer requests.

Membership management software is used by a range of organizations, from museums to industry trade groups. Applications are often designed to suit a particular industry, these commonly include non-profit membership management, chambers of commerce software, education and alumni management and association management software.

The reporting tools common to membership software will provide you with a better understanding of member engagement, satisfaction, and interaction, as well as revenue analysis and other custom-defined metrics. In-depth reports can be generated and exported to show board members or leadership teams.

Fonctionnalités et Bénéfices

  • Build branded websites
  • Manage contact databases
  • Upgrade, downgrade and renew memberships
  • Event management and ticket selling
  • Automate member communication and distribute content
  • Track member progress, activities and interactions
  • Grant management and proposal tracking
  • Funds processing and online payment
  • Customer support and reporting