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Avec le Sales Cloud, vous pouvez gérer vos opportunités, répondre à vos leads, visualiser vos prévisions de vente, automatiser vos campagnes marketing, et consulter vos tableaux de bord et console de ventes où que vous soyez.

Grâce aux nombreuses fonctionnalité du Sales Cloud, vous pouvez également héberger et partager tous vos fichiers, compléter vos fiches clients en exploitant les informations des réseaux sociaux, donner à chacun de vos commerciaux l'accès à toute l'intelligence de votre entreprise, offrir à vos partenaires un espace de collaboration avec vos équipes commerciales, approuver des demandes en temps réel et mettre en place des processus d'approbation souples... et bien plus encore !

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 Orienté process, solide et pratique

Salesforce est accessible dès 4€ par mois ce qui est pratique pour une petite structure qui souhaite utiliser un CRM solide à moyen/long terme. Par ailleurs je l'ai aussi expérimenté dans des versions plus développées avec beaucoup de spécifiques et des injections de données depuis un site web ...

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Reviewed 24 septembre 2014 by


 Daily Salesforce Review

I enjoy working with Salesforce Sales Cloud quite a bit. It is a great, user-friendly CRM interface that has a ton of capabilities with it. I would recommend to any business

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Reviewed 20 décembre 2016 by Sales Development Representative

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Encryption of sensitive data at rest
HTTPS for all pages

Access control

Multi-factor authentication options

Data policy

Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions
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Utilisateurs types
Grands Comptes (> 500 salariés), Moyennes PME (50-499 salariés), Petites PME (<49 salariés)
Supports compatibles
Android, iPhone-iPad, iPhone, iPad, Web, Site Web Mobile
Allemagne, Amérique Latine, Asie, Australie, Canada, Chine, États-Unis, Europe, Grande-Bretagne, Inde, Mexique, Moyen-Orient et Afrique
Allemand, Anglais, Espagnol, Français, Italien, Russe, Suédois
Assistance en Ligne, Base de Connaissances, FAQs, Forum, Téléphone, Tutoriels Vidéo


À partir de: $25.00/mois
Modèle: Abonnement, Essai Gratuit

Éditions disponibles
-Contact Manager (4 €/utilisateur/mois)
Gestion des contacts, jusqu'à 5 utilisateurs

-Group (27 €/utilisateur/mois)
Vente et marketing de base, jusqu'à 5 utilisateurs

-Professional (70 €/utilisateur/mois)
CRM complet pour les équipes de toutes tailles (incluant envois d'emails et campagnes)

-Enterprise (135 €/utilisateur/mois)
CRM personnalisé pour toute votre entreprise

Performance (315 €/utilisateur/mois)
Extension CRM pour accélérer les performances

Competitors Pricing

Nutshell CRM

À partir de: $20.00/mois
Modèle: Abonnement, Essai Gratuit


À partir de: $12.00/mois
Modèle: Abonnement, Essai Gratuit, Freemium


À partir de: $25.00/mois
Modèle: Essai Gratuit, Licence Perpétuelle, Open-source

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  • Communities for sales
  • Marketing and sales leads
  • Email integration
  • Opportunities and quotes
  • Build and run innovative apps
  • Forecasting
  • Engage customers everywhere
  • Approvals and workflow
  • Social accounts and contacts
  • Chatter
  • Analytics
  • Mobile to stay connected
  • Contact Manager
  • Real Time Visibility
  • Dashboards
  • Workflow


- Décuplez vos ventes
- Adaptez le Sales Cloud à vos besoins métiers
- Simplifiez la collaboration en interne et les interactions avec vos partenaires et clients
- Travaillez où que vous soyez et quel que soit votre terminal
- Suivez votre activité en temps réel

Alternatives à Salesforce Sales Cloud

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As one of the largest and most well known CRM solutions on the marketplace, Salesforce is highly regarded thanks to its suite of tools designed to help businesses sell more and grow faster. Salesforce has introduced hundreds of features that give professional users ways to connect with leads, accounts, contacts, and important business information all from within a unified web-based system.

Designed for sales, service, and marketing professionals, Salesforce runs on the Salesforce1 Platform. Regardless of the device they are using, professionals are able to log calls, respond to sales leads, track ongoing opportunities, and check dashboard statistics. Salesforce also providers its users with strategic ways to collaborate with teammates in real-time.

Qu'est-ce que Salesforce Sales Cloud ?

At the heart of Salesforce is a CRM solution that provides ways for professionals to successfully manage their relationships with customers. Salesforce provides tools for learning about customer behaviors, which in turn help businesses develop healthier, stronger, longer-lasting relationships with their most important customers.

Over the years, Salesforce has branched out. It now provides users with advanced features that go outside those of a traditional CRM solution. For example, Salesforce now offers social media and social enterprise elements within its cloud-based business application. Mobile, Chatter, and Analytics features are just a few of the benefits that Salesforce provides.

Fonctionnalités Clés

Scoring Leads

Using lead scores, sales teams can follow up with their highest impact leads, while their marketing teams take the time to learn which campaigns are leading to the best results for their companies.

Through the Leads tab, you can get a complete view of all of your most recent sales leads. Click on any lead for more detailed information, and collaborate with colleagues to reel in leads and close more sales. Salesforce allows you to work as a team, and it gives your bosses (such as VPs and CMOs) a better feel for how the sales pipeline is actually flowing.

Predicting Sales Cycles

Using Salesforce’s forecasting tools, businesses are able to plan and predict sales cycles. Collaborative Forecasts are also useful for managing sales expectations.

As an account administrator, you are able to create up to four different types of forecasts for your organization. Switch between forecast types by clicking on the titles. You can also view forecasts and related opportunities by forecast category. For example, if your company uses product families, then you can see forecast summaries for each product family that you use.

Sharing Knowledge

Sales and marketing professionals who use Salesforce are able to connect with their teams through the solution’s enterprise social network, Chatter. Using Chatter, teams can communicate and work more efficiently by utilizing social feeds.

Feeds sit at the heart of Chatter, providing you with a straightforward way to keep up with projects, topics, and teams from within a collaborative environment. In addition to providing you with a method for easily communicating with colleagues, Chatter also finds the information and experts you need. The enterprise social network recommends relevant contacts and files based on the deal or case you’re working on right now.

Finding Better Sales Leads

With Sales Cloud, users are able to find their best sales leads and get complete and accurate contact information for thousands of companies. Companies can align their sales and marketing managers around the same leads and opportunity pipelines, and they can connect with new accounts to close more deals in minutes rather than hours.

Find useful contacts based on keyword searches for any company or website, and get up-to-date company profiles courtesy of Dun & Bradstreet. Leads are automatically routed to Salesforce users, and scheduling time to qualify leads is a straightforward process through the integrated calendar system.

Mobile Capabilities

Salesforce provides professionals with the ability to close deals from anywhere. Download Salesforce’s apps to a mobile device, and you can stay on top of the latest information.

Open the Salesforce app to get a 360-degree view of your upcoming day, or to dial into a call with your team or an important client. Using Salesforce on mobile, you’re able to get real-time insight into your pipeline and your current ranking on the sales leader board. You can also get answers from teammates before company meetings, and keep your entire team in-sync when it comes to important contact details.


Salesforce integrates with more than 50 popular business apps, including (but not limited to) Kayako, JIRA, Intacct, HappyFox, and SurveyGizmo. Through the Customer Platform, Salesforce has made new APIs and tools available to enable businesses to build connected apps that integrate with the Salesforce platform, as well.


Pricing for the Sales Cloud starts at $5 per user, per month (for the Contact Manager plan), and ranges all the way to $300 per user, per month (for the Performance plan). The company’s most popular plan is the Professional plan, which costs $65 per user, per month.


  • Most well-known CRM solution in the marketplace

  • Helps businesses sell more and grow faster

  • Connect with leads, accounts, contacts, and business information

  • Collaborate with teammates in real-time

  • Mobile tools for staying connected


Qui est l'utilisateur type de Salesforce Sales Cloud ?

Salesforce is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses, encompassing virtually every industry, size, and geographic location. The company has developed an industry focus in key areas such as financial services, health care, life sciences, communications, retail, media, the public sector, automotive, higher education, and nonprofit groups.

Although Salesforce was built to be utilized by everyone on a company’s team, it has become most useful for professionals in the sales, marketing, and services departments. A few of the company’s most well known customers include Wells Fargo, Chipotle, Avon, Delta Air Lines, and the City of Boston.

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