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Avis sur Revel Systems POS

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REVEL Systems Failed My Client


I am hoping to resolve the current issue between Revel and the organization Rethreaded. This nonprofit made a calculated move to switch to Revel with promises your sales team was unable to deliver. I hope, for the future of Rethreaded and Revel, that this matter can be resolved. I would truly like to turn this into a beautiful PR story and not PR nightmare. Back in August, after a meeting with Rethreaded concerning their POS and CRM needs, I contacted QuickBooks looking for an integrated system to work with QuickBooks, while serving as a POS, and an ecommerce solution. QuickBooks suggested Revel be the solution to meet Rethreaded’s needs and believed because of Rethreaded’s nonprofit mission, working directly with Revel would prove to be a great fit. When I first contacted QuickBooks about their system options, they gave a quote to me which I shared with Revel. I asked for Revel to match or beat that quote. I was assured it could be done. I reached out to Revel looking to discuss my project and was connected with a sales representative. I explained to him what my most important needs were and forwarded him the quote from QuickBooks. These needs were clearly explained to be: complete integration to QuickBooks with the ability to track multiples sales channels (retail, wholesale, corporate sales, home parties, warehouse events, outside events, and ecommerce) with a total of 9 POS systems with one being stationary and eight working in a retail environment, the option to go off-site and ring up transactions via the Verizon mobile network, tracking inventory to the ‘ingredient’ level, and a CRM system that would allow us to track a person from becoming a customer and also be potentially a volunteer, donor, vendor, or employee. This was key – tracking the same person and marketed to in each role specifically. I also soon found out the promise of different sales channels would be a sticking point in Rethreaded’s relationship with Revel. The sales rep informed me that he was at the annual Revel Conference and would work directly with his supervisor to create a solution package that would fit my needs. I was always clear with them about Rethreaded and in an email on September 9th, “Allow me to put it like this, the reason we would agree to pay for you to install the system is my client felt like you cared about them and to create an amazing PR story for our local news (which has already agreed to cover the story).” Revel promised to exceed our expectations. After several weeks of going back and forth with questions and concerns regarding the Revel platform meeting all of our needs, they shared with us that Revel would be able to exceed all of our requirements. Furthermore, they shared that if we switched to Intuit credit card processing, Rethreaded would qualify for a rebate through Intuit that would cover almost half of our Revel conversion costs. On September 12th, He emailed me the Terms and Conditions of the Intuit Cash Back Offer. We went back and forth throughout the month of September concerning pricing, even though I was originally told my quote from Intuit could be met. I even went as far to pass along monthly invoice sent to Rethreaded. Rethreaded wanted to switch their system for improved features at a fair cost because of their nonprofit status. Revel seemed like a company full of solutions. Another solution presented was in the installation of the system. After they expressed to me that Revel was the number one POS system in retail locations, together we, saw the opportunity to train Rethreaded survivors to become experts on Revel’s front-end management system. This would allow them to further grow their career skill set and offer a better future. This was a key selling point of going with Revel, rather than building a proprietary system. Even terminology started changing. It is important to note that during the sales process, I kept referring to our POS systems as individual POS systems. He kept referring to them as order takers. My response was I am not looking at order takers but a POS system. He indicated that an order taker and a POS were the same system. The truth that came out was the systems were in fact different. In text message conversations and phone conversations, I kept redirecting Justin to understand that we wanted one stationary POS and eight mobile POS, the contract kept changing with me needing to clarify again and again. He quoted the entire package, including cases, and when I started reading the specifics I noticed cases were missing. He then reverted it back to the original, if I had been diligent my client would have suffered. I was led to believe that I would save time, effort, and money if I hired Revel for the installation and training. Furthermore, he informed me that it would be much easier if we paid an additional fee to have Revel do the complete install and training. They proposed that it would save time on the install which would reduce my budget cost and that by being trained by a Revel professional, the Rethreaded organization would have the ability to go live the same day. To conclude our sales process, the final step was the approval by the executive board of Rethreaded. The board requested a meeting with Revel’s representatives, in which they would give a complete demo and answer questions/concerns about Rethreaded’s workflow and Revel’s ability to meet those needs. During that call, we went through a number of questions. I left the meeting feeling confident and even emailed them after the meeting saying, “I feel the meeting was very productive and answered all of Rethreaded’s questions…” The Board meeting with them supposedly answered our questions. Here are some issues we went through during the meeting: Jason asked if Revel would be able to group products into either sales channels or product groups. He responded that, yes, Revel supports this with the option to build classes of people to make everything more specific. He further stated that automated reports would be emailed daily with the ability to track by sales channel and product group. The sales channels were defined as retail, wholesale, corporate sales, home parties, warehouse events, outside events, and ecommerce. We were also informed that commissions could be recorded on a transaction by transaction basis driven by who was logged into the device. Retail channels for Rethreaded were discussed. Once again (and without any reference to a price change), myself and he with the Board were assured a wholesale, retail, home channel, and any other sales channel would be possible. We were told directly by him that the person ringing in a transaction would simply need to login by event type. These tasks can only be achieved by having multiple establishments which equates to your Enterprise package. This price difference was never discussed. We were led to believe it was all included in what we were getting. Customer tracking translates to funding for Rethreaded. As mentioned earlier, Jason and the Board were also adamant that customers needed to be categorized properly. Rethreaded needed to assign customers to the right categories. Often the same person belongs to multiple groups whether they be a customer, volunteer, employee, or a donor. If not, the cost of switching systems would not provide enough return on investment to Rethreaded. As a nonprofit, every single dollar they make can be directly translated to getting women out of sex trafficking. For some clients what may be a lost sale or commission to Rethreaded could mean a lost opportunity to employ another woman or help a person get out of the trade. Rethreaded was never made aware of the additional costs of an Enterprise system. Finally, they led us to believe these capabilities were in the package we were purchasing and never indicating there would be an additional cost beyond the initial installation. The entire call led us to believe that the Revel representative coming to the training would teach us the CRM. Jason asked about the ability to scan barcodes, he responded that the M-Tab reader had the Bluetooth scanning capability built-in. Upon receiving the M-Tab scanner, we were sent scanners that did not have the built-in capability for barcode reading. **Simply put, this was one of many times your company dropped the ball.** I was led to believe the Revel Training Expert would be my answer to every installation and training concern. His overall answer to getting everything setup the way we asked was, “That is why you are hiring the Revel expert for training.” Myself, the CEO of my company, the Board all believed that the Revel Installation would be the situation where all of our issues were solved. If it fell under the umbrella of installation or training, the on-site Revel installer would handle all of the setup issues. After that meeting, Rethreaded and I had complete confidence that Revel was the solution for us. We went into the final approvals of hardware and service packages. During this time of looking at the hardware, Justin had failed to include all items that were originally quoted to us by QuickBooks. When He sent over the final quote, he had removed several of the M-tab readers and cases. In our email on September 28th, he acknowledged his mistake and included the missing hardware. During our sales process, several times, I had to point he back to our first conversation and the quote I originally sent from QuickBooks. Throughout the process, it seemed like he was trying to upcharge me past what I had been originally quoted. (On a personal level I appreciated the true care extended to us during Hurricane Matthew as the path of the hurricane went right through Jacksonville). It was only my diligence on pricing that saved Rethreaded, a nonprofit organization, unwarranted expenses. When I received the final quote on September 28th, I directly asked him how much the shipping costs would be and made him aware again that Rethreaded was a nonprofit business that is not charged tax. He responded that shipping would be high. I expressed this was a high price but recognized the necessity of accepting. I found out days later that Revel had charged me the tax and clumped it into one fee as a shipping fee. Once it was discovered, I was credited back the taxable fees (after several emails) and I was charged the correct shipping amount. **Once again, this shows your company trying to make another dollar and dropping the ball.** The onboarding process was not made clear. Upon signing our agreements, I received an avalanche of emails for an onboarding process. After reviewing the avalanche of emails, I sent him an email and spoke with him on or about October 18th, stating that if I followed everything requested in the emails for onboarding, then I saw no need for Revel to come and do the install and wanted to go about getting a refund for the installation and training as I felt I could do it myself. I requested a documentation that clearly outlined what came with the install, I did not receive this for two days. I also requested a meeting with them regarding cancelling the install and getting a refund. During that call, I was informed by them to do my best in completing the initial 8 steps of the onboarding. Anything else, I was assured would be completed by Revel’s installation team. They assured me the best option was to have an installer from the Revel team come out and still save me the headache the install. I was sent the wrong routers and also iPad minis which I had to ship at my cost. Once I got the equipment, he also contacted me to inform me that he realized that the network routers he originally sent to run our Revel system was not adequate to run our Revel system. Having to send additional equipment **Once again dropping the ball showing another mistake that was made by your sales team.** Rodrigo was essential in assisting with installation, yet he still couldn’t meet the promised timeline. In addition to the training, I once again brought up my concern about creating the sales order process, the ingredients, and how that would be set up as well as the CRM. I was reassured that the Revel training and installation team would handle all of that and do a superior job. Upon the day of installation, I had the privilege of meeting with Rodrigo and quickly discovering that if I had done the whole onboard process that my system would have already been set up and the only thing he would have had to do is train me. Instead of doing the entire process, I was assured by them to relax and the day of the install would go smoothly. On the day of the install this was quickly found not to be true. After going through the install with Rodrigo, it confirmed that if I had done the entire onboarding process I would have not have needed to pay for the install or training. Furthermore, after working throughout the day with Rodrigo, at several different points of the install, he informed us that Revel would not be able to do key functionality that we had requested – like sales channels. He stated that we would have to have additional establishments and I would need to talk with my sales reps about how to activate those establishments. This was the main reason we selected Revel and decided to change systems at all. Upon receiving the hardware, I left everything in the box for the day of the install. I only pulled out the main iPad so I could complete the minimum necessary steps for onboarding advised by them. The day of the install, I brought the equipment and Rodrigo opened the box. Rodrigo led me to believe we were given one extra M-tab and case.TI informed him of the extra equipment only to be told by Rodrigo later, that he had made a mistake, it was not extra equipment. It was the actual M-tab and case that would hold the iPad currently running Rethreaded’s current POS system, Vend. Rodrigo can confirm that I had no extra equipment so at this point in time, we demand that invoice #210571 for immediately removed from our account. During the day of the install, all we could accomplish was the install and a 50% training on the backend. Nothing was trained on the front end, nor was the system able to go live as promised during the whole sales process. **Once again dropping the ball showing another mistake of your sales team.** The webinar training provided by Rodrigo should not be charged to my account. Rodrigo went over and beyond trying to resolve all of the issues that the sales reps had created. I am grateful for his offer and kindness but it still did not meet what was offered/promised during the sales process. In addition, Rodrigo did a front-end training via webinar which we documented and used to create a custom training document for Rethreaded [click the link for the document]. This webinar training should not be a charged as a part of the install and training because this is offered for free to anyone signing up for Revel (as it was not done at Rethreaded’s location). When I returned hardware sent to me, I did not receive the refund in a timely manner. I still don’t have the money back. He sent us the incorrect iPad Minis. He was completely aware and directly told that these iPads would need mobile data capability, preferably with Verizon capability. Instead he sent us the Wi-Fi only iPad Minis. In the replacement process of the iPad Minis, he requested for us to return the wrong ones and that I would be charged for the new ones in the meantime. I hesitated to do this because I felt that there was no need for the duplicate charge. I paid out of my own pocket to ship it, expedite it, insure it, and for signature confirmation. Upon delivery, I did not receive the refund as promised. In fact, the refund only started because I followed through on tracking and determined the package had been delivered. Your company signed for the unopened products on November 9th. On November 17th, I was told by him that we would get our refund in three to five days. By November 25th, I had been handed off to a brand-new person who was then telling me I would need to wait an additional 3-5 business days. I escalated the issue with my bank and they gave Revel a full week to resolve the matter. As of today, the matter has yet to be resolved.**Someone dropped the ball on this one.** QuickBooks ProAdvisors could not perform what was promised to be by Revel. Meaning, what I was promised was not possible. After the install and training was complete, I contacted my sales rep asking him about setting up additional establishments or how to clearly define my sales channels. My exact words as of November 15th were “I shared my concerns several times during the sales processes that Revel sounded good but I was very concerned that it wouldn’t be able to be configured to our needs…only to have every objective overcome by him or yourself reassuring me Revel was the answer for our needs.” Rethreaded never would have switched if different sales channels weren’t included. I was informed by both of them that my QuickBooks expert would have to configure that on the QuickBooks side. I hired QuickBooks Certified professional and ProAdvisor. During her time of setting up the proper mapping for QuickBooks, she clearly shared with me that there is no way to set up sales channels because there were no sales channels set up by Revel as originally requested. He directed us to work directly with Revel’s QuickBooks specialist. We tried for several hours while my own expert was on site and working with Revel’s team – with no success. At that point, I needed to confirm my beliefs that the only way that the sales channels could be created is through establishments. Establishments are only offered in the Enterprise package. An additional QuickBooks ProAdvisor confirmed Revel could not deliver as promised without a considerable price hike. To confirm I had set up everything properly and integrated Revel, we contacted advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor and Certified Revel POS Consultant. He confirmed that I was completely correct and that the only way I could establish sales channels were through additional establishments and that yes this was an Enterprise feature. He agreed this should not be an enterprise feature considering this is the same business, same tax ID, and same entity just to be able to track all of the sales channels. I shared all of the details I had gone through with the sales process as well as what the installation was to do, he then advised me that I was completely on the right track and this wasn’t the first time he had seen a Revel install go the wrong direction because of the sales rep giving misleading information. Rethreaded was misled during the sales process. Upon confirming my discovery, I reached out to them to bring it to their attention that I had been misled during the sales process and that I confidently believe Revel should provide the enterprise service offering at no additional cost. I believe a number of mistakes were made by him, not because of his abilities as a sales person, but because of his inexperience with your product. When these mistakes were detected, he backpedaled on his terms. The only reason I continue to work through this process is because his ability as a sales representative has been phenomenal. He was a sales representative that didn’t understand this product and had a pushy sales manager, like a used car salesman, leading him in the wrong direction. I would like to offer the following solution to this issue: I can reconcile this issue right away, as long as M-tab scanners can be exchanged for a Bluetooth capable option and Rethreaded is offered 18 months of the Enterprise plan. I formally request that for the life of the 18-month contract, that the enterprise functionality, or the ability to add additional establishments, is given to Rethreaded at no additional costs – under the condition that it is still run under the same tax ID and reseller’s certificate. This would not be a condition if Rethreaded opened an additional sales location. I request CEO of Reve to meet with the women of Rethreaded either in person or via video chat to speak about the trials, tribulations, and successes of being a woman-owned business and the success she’s had in the past three years. All would be to give hope to the survivors that they can achieve whatever their hopes or dreams may be. As mentioned many times via email and by phone, Revel was of great interest to us not only for their product offerings but for their woman-owned business status. This serves as an inspiration for Rethreaded’s survivors. I know this would be an advantageous meeting for both Rethreaded and Revel. In the event that my request cannot be met, we would like a full refund for every penny spent with Revel to include: hardware, software, training, installation, shipping, and any additional fees incurred by my company of loss of time or efforts. REVEL HAS FAILED TO AGRRE TO FAIR TERMS AND NOW WON"T ACCEPT A REFUND. Keep in mind Revel dragged out the 30 day refund period to defraud be out of the ability to exercise my right to a refund.


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